Comcast Ventures Bullish On Bitcoin | CNBC

Comcast Ventures’ Managing Director Gil Beyda says whether or not bitcoin is at $10 or $10,000, his crew is bullish on blockchain and its utility to main industries in addition to to approaching elections.
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Comcast Ventures Bullish On Bitcoin | CNBC

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  1. the herd will never learn ..keep on fooling people and sell them at high they deserve it

  2. This is exactly where a incredibly well peer reviewed backed crypto like Cardano come in….

  3. blockchain = slow database therefore , ;blockchain as a service' means slow database as a service hehe

  4. Horizon State leading the way on the voting blockchain front! so under the radar… $HST

  5. In America we can finally follow Wallet address and see who pays our politicians

  6. Didn't the banker say bitcoin was a ponzi scheme. LOL — I think it is obvious that people are demanding a decentralized monetary supply.

  7. ohhhhh soo NOOWWWW cnbc shillin crypto lol

  8. I try to own a little bit of everything from XVG – Bitcoin.

  9. This guy has no clue what he's talking about. The only blockchain that matters is bitcoin.

  10. I was monitoring GBTC as it recently corrected back to 10, and I didn’t pull the trigger. I could kick myself for not buying that gift horse.

  11. They should stop staying "Disrupt" and start using "Enhance".

  12. I make my money when I brought bitcoin at $1.20 but now I won't put 10k to get a no value coin instead I will put my money on silver and gold but it was a nice ride, I sold all at 19k

  13. 10 years later.. no industry disrupted.. bank wires still slow.. at least sepa stepped up their game with instant tx's for free. but it will take some time when all euro banks addopt this.

  14. WanChain is that killer Blockchain protocol that all of those killer apps will build on

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  16. Should purchased more in feb

  17. look up Decentralized ID (DID) GREAT PROJECT FOR VOTING!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. This guy has no clue.

  19. Crypto will help so many poor countries who's people have been taken advantage of by corrupt banks and governments. Everyone else should invest now

  20. Blockchains are NOT immutable. Only those that are secured by sufficient proof of work are. Like Bitcoin.

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  22. I see you Electra (ECA)! <3

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