Bitcoin $250,000 by 2022?!

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  1. 10-100x potential:
    SunContrac SNC Decentralized Energy Market
    Banyan Network BBN Big Data Network
    Moozicore MZI music streaming service

  2. I think everyone knows bitcoin is “faceless”. That’s what makes it great

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  5. How can you believe in something that had such an unclear origin? I’m sorry for these guys that put a lot of money into this. Now they have to preach others to buy and spread rumors that it will go up so they can attract more naive people to buy. That’s the way they don’t lose all their investment. They need more “become rich with no effort wannabes” lol

  6. I think it's going to be 251367,20 on 12 July 2023

  7. Jeremy come on man. The fact you're not recognizing in this video is crypto is CURRENCY NOT AN ASSET. These aren't "outlandish price calls". Think about the stock price of Google, Apple, Amazon. Have any of them compared in year over year pricing in any way?

    Crypto is a CURRENCY that will change the world. I don't know which ONES (sorry BTC enthusiasts) but there will be MANY in the future. BUT I PROMISE 100% Bitcoin, and other crypto's will be the USD/EURO/RUBLE/GBP/CAD in the future.

  8. I totally ignore those crazy crypto price predictions. You couldn't guess apple's stock price a year from now, let alone something as frantically volatile as bitcoin. In my eyes, the numbers get views, so that's why people make those videos. Any videos with good, honest, but negative substance toward crypto get swarmed by hate. Including yours often :/

  9. Pump and dump all the way, that guys trying to create hype to make it relevant again

  10. Stop talking about crypto, you sound like a moron

  11. if some one predicted that baseball players would make over a million dollars a year in the 30s they would of said your out of your mind now look lol. Btc will be that price and higher but it just takes time . Who knows it very well could be 250000 in four years easy.

  12. of course there is a conflict of interest, as you point out, but if you think there is something like a "face of bitcoin", man… you don't get it!

  13. I dont know about $250k but what i know is btc will be decrease every 4 years. We will see i can see $30k but time will tell.

  14. Seems very biased when this Tim Draper guy owns 30,000 bitcoins puchased from the silk road at FBI auction. Very like he is just trying to increase the price for his own benefit.

  15. the technology can be replicated for cheap…. banks would never use it just use the underlying technology….. there are hundreds new coins every week…… many of these coins can be faster or better functionality/cheaper transactions…. yes bitcoin is a ponzi scheme (if i made a coin called pyramid ponzi scheme and had an affiliate marketing aspect to it than it litterally would be same thing pretty much..) but than it would be too much pyramid to the ponzi…

  16. You keep saying you could "debate" Draper, but you don't offer any arguments against his claim. What does your math show Bitcoin will be worth in 2022?

  17. Bitcoin bots spaming in the comments to push the price.
    fuck off bots, keep your scam, nobody buys this shit that has NO REAL WORLD VALUE !
    it is just speculation and a scam

  18. Bitcoin has been around for over 10 years and what can you literally do with it besides speculate?
    If I go to a grocery store and try to pay with bitcoin, they will laugh at me. If I go to any car dealer in my area and try to pay with Bitcoin, they will laugh at me. All of the speculators obviously have money… DOLLARS invested in BTC and want DOLLARS out of it! That's the beginning and end of it. No one wants Bitcoin, everyone wants sweet, sweet cash..

    Step aside for one second, put your fantasies aside and ask yourself WHY bitcoin is worth what it's worth! Something that is supposed to be so valuable as a "currency" should be accepted almost everywhere within a decade, BTC is not accepted at 99.999% of businesses worldwide. How is this something that is worth $250k a coin again?

  19. I mean, according to Metcalfe’s law, Bitcoin should be around $250,000 in 2022. Just look up Metcalfe’s law Bitcoin.

  20. You finally earned my subscription

  21. he has 30k coins…. crypto is strictly a media based investment. when there's hype about it, it shoots up. when theres fud around it, it shoots down. hes trying to hype up his own investment. I'd give him more credit if he didnt have (or at least disclose) any coins. i dont think it hurts bitcoin though because people just follow trends and make decisions based on other peoples moves so it doesnt hurt it

  22. There is about 200 billion needed to reach a marketcap of 4 trillion. So I think this is doable even in a shorter period of 4 year. But Bitcoin isn't a company so it cannot lose or have more profit. Bitcoin is what it is right now or it get updates like faster transactions or lower fees. Even when you consider the devaluation of the dollar will give bitcoin more value in dollar terms.

    I think bitcoin isn't really bigger than the internet but it is big and the technology behind it is bigger than the internet when you think about a decentralized internet like with dapps which Ethereum is working on. That's also why I am almost more bullish on ethereum than bitcoin also because it grows faster. But I am for sure there will be a lot more growth in this sector and it will also have impact on the global economy in the long term due taking over services by blockchain technology it will be worse for the economy but it will be great for global development and decentralized regulation.

  23. Ripple will be bigger than bitcoin

  24. Is DogeMiner and things like that a scam?

  25. Does he mean bitcoin (as in crypto) or Bitcoin, I wonder.

  26. All bitcoin is used for is to trade bulk drugs … I really do not understand why the media does not cover this and report on it. Its a huge crime machine. HUGE. Hence the volume traded

  27. Come back to this jokers video in about 2 years… He will be making videos about how to buy cryptocurrency

  28. I was actually gonna say the same.. He is prob letting everyone know so ppl can hype it up and then sell off.. lol

  29. Buying bitcoin is the same as buying lottery tickets…

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  34. Ethereum is flawed. So what is Bitcoin? is it a currency? a commodity? no one knows.

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  36. It will for sure hit 100k within 2 years so can’t see 250k unimaginable

  37. Bro do you not understand the amount of debt the world is in? Fiat currencies always hyper inflate and collapse. Every one since the beginning of time