Bitcoin Testing A Key Technical Level | CNBC

Dealer Brian Kelly discusses whether or not a bitcoin breakout is coming, and find out how to earn a living in bitcoin money.
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Bitcoin Testing A Key Technical Level | CNBC

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  1. First they hate you then they join you. The media is absurd lol

  2. Bitcoin is very Bullish buy as long it is Cheap ….

  3. mining by info@grahambitcoinmining. com…He is legit and operations are perfect…Still can’t believe it and I am so happy working with him..Great job Graham👍

  4. Currency is just one small aspect of what blockchain can do. Wait till people realize that blockchain can do everything a database can do but better. What things run on a database? EVERYTHING! All cryptos will interoperate with each other anyway, there will literally be thousands of tokens validated on various blockchains. Get ready for decentralized email, file sharing, social networking, ride sharing, and the holy grail…government.

  5. All media will be telling you to buy the top 10 because thats all their funds are buying. They will be the first to dump it. Just so you know.

  6. Oh yes. Can't wait until money decentralizes power muahaha

  7. NANO = 100$ Coin by end of the year!

  8. invite a bitcoin maximalist like Trace Mayer and he will crush that panel.

  9. Why did i think he was far away then he just walked over lol

  10. It's gross to watch people liked this discuss crypto. They kept asking about companies to invest in because they clearly don't believe in crypto and he mostly recommended companies that have gone down

  11. Lol where did beeks get the shirtn

  12. Just if someone randomely wanted to donate some BTC: 33fPtJYAJjQJkFZRTdzmXsuAa7eyJd7Zsg

  13. what about cardano? Up 90%

  14. This FAKE NEWS crap network found something substantial to talk about. crypto currency. Check it out, it’s their most view videos. That’s because while they are Talking crypto, everybody’s got a break from all the rest of their BS fake news…

  15. 😊😁😄HAHAHAHA cryptoballer??? LauLz 😂😂😂😄

  16. Everyone shoulder buy digixdao

  17. don't bother with Bcash…anyone who dived and learned profoundly about crypto comes to the conclusion that Roger Ver probably had good intentions but did some fundamental mistakes. And pretty much the majority of the scene agrees 100%. Bcash will be around for a long time I guess as sort of a good payment crypto, but will die eventually whereas BTC has the best chances to actually become sort of a digital gold ppl trust, paired with 2nd layer solutions is extremely usable at the same time.

  18. Cryptocurrency is amazing, im 24 gonna be a millionaire 3-4 years start mining 💰

  19. best to learn how to trade before you put positions on

  20. 1-5200 is same distance as 5200-22000 lol

  21. The token holders will be the ones that benefit the most moving forward. Maybe having more redundant storage could be a "play" without owning the asset. But the token holders are the ones that are truly in the ecosystem. If you don't own EOS, Cardano, Neo, etc. You are just going to be sitting on the sidelines watching the digital assets move around in the digital space. All the incentives go towards token holders in exchange for them securing the network. If you want to own the next Youtube, Uber, Facebook, you have to buy their token, which will be built on top of EOS, Cardano, etc. Owning the next gen tokens IS the play, it is essentially owning the network, it's owning the internet. If the internet was a stock, how much would it's value be?…Exactly.

  22. Visit Binance at now plus save your money while investing simultaneously