Bitcoin’s Bounce is Telling You 2 Important Things

Bitcoin’s latest rally has two essential meanings which we have to perceive. I clarify within the video.

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  1. Where did you get those averages? In tradingview simple and exponential are much higher.

  2. OI! Your 200MA is wrong! That's the 300MA. Do you really know how to run charts? Or is this just being handed over to you by your paid analysts who are also wrong.

  3. ok everyone let's turn that fiat into bitcoin!!!!

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  5. Can you please use the tradingview charts? Your charts don't look good and your 200MA is way off. We are still under the 200MA

  6. Verdiene Während du surfst nebenher Bitcoins:

  7. Who signed up for the premium membership? Which one will be the next Bitcoin? Well its got to be an infrastruture blockchain project. Wanchain? Fusion? Cardano? Eos? Credits?

  8. Was Hardly a bounce. Not much of a spring in that bounce if you ask me.

  9. Knowledge is power, France is bacon.

  10. Since when you're such a supporter of BTC Alessio? I remember a few years ago you've been trashing all crypto concept…

  11. Absolutely fucking nothing! Bitcoin is a waste of time. Get out now if you're invested. RUN! RUUUUUUN!

  12. There is too many next bitcoins and none of them are likely to succeed. That's bit of a premium membership bait so I don't really like it. I still enjoy your videos but don't like the advertisements for courses that much

  13. You are going to lose a lot of subscribers when you realize that Bitcoin does not trade like other assets and IS going a lot lower. the brief cross which it is currently having above the 200 day moving average is not going to hold. Stick to traditional markets, Crypto doesnt suit you.

  14. Hey alessio really big fan of urs! but it think we can't start new bull run so soon after 2 year long bull market and only 4 months bear market. i think that pump was manipulated shot squeeze and people started to fomo in. just a bull trap to eat sheeps.

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  16. 1:40 – what does that green line really stand for? It's definitely NOT the 200 MA…!

  17. Hey Alessio could you explain the Bart Simpson hair patterns on bitcoin? Vertical rally, several small ups and downs and then vertical correction

  18. You are an idiot. You shouldn't be giving anyone advice on anything.


  20. I'm only here for bitcoin videos, there good because i can compare them to tone vays video's he thinks we're in a bear market….thx.

  21. @allesio Rastani, I agree with your analysis. We haven't made a new low in months (70 days to be exact) and the recent retest of the 6k area with the considerable bounce seems to indicate a defined range of 6k-12k which would set a very nice wyckoff accumulation area.

  22. i heard it could go down to 1300 that be nice so i could buy some. Hi there 🙂

  23. I expected technical analysis not Yada Yada!

  24. Hey Alessio… What's your view on GunBot crypto trading bot available at

  25. thank you Mr Rastani for the vid as always

  26. What's the name of the song used in the beginning of this video

  27. Which SHITCOIN is going to overtake Bitcoin now? LOL

  28. Alessio – as soon as you start peddling premium content I am no longer listening or following. However folks dont call him out on everything because its not like he telling you to trade his winning system or what have you he most often is pointing out things he sees in the charts and thats a good thing especially if it dofferent than what YOU are seeing – alessio stop peddling content and make your money trading real numbers and show you followers the real wins and real losses this will deserve more cred that selling premium rip off crap like all the rest

  29. Ebola comment: "absolute nonsense" – superb ….love it. I never believe anything I hear or read from mainstream media.

  30. But can Tangle replace Blockchain before it even takes off?

  31. It seems that someone has an interest in staying above 6k.

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  33. What was the 'second' important thing that bitcoin chart is telling us?

  34. We're still way below the 200 DMA, wtf are you talking about?

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  36. I was respecting your opinions till you start to talk about a premium shit whatever…


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  39. Alessio you are a blessing on youtube I have Came across ignore the naysayers you are the best because you talk with proof of education

  40. GREAT content. Thanks Alessio. -Joakim, Australia

  41. hello Alessio! i've been talking with "alessiocrypto1" on tg is that you?

  42. That’s very accurate and good call on BTC. I’m happy to see every vid of yours in the future.

  43. 25k for bitcoin will be cheap by year end 2018

  44. base, holding height sounds like climbing mountain