LIVE with Bryan Micon, talking Seals with Clubs, Poker, and Bitcoin Cash


Introduction – (zero:00 – 2:00)
Background – (2:01 – 9:47)
Wild West Cryptocurrency/Regulation – (9:48 – 13:13)
Technical Evaluation/View on Cryptocurrency – ( 13:14 – 21:35)
Comedy in Cryptocurrency – (21:36 – 28:00)
Construct on the chain you want – (28:01 – 33:56)
Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash – (33:57 – 47:20)
Craig Wright – (48:09 – 55:02)
Seals with golf equipment/Poker – (55:03 – 1:02:44)
Poker ICO’s – (1:02:45 – 1:07:17)
“Bitcoin Core” – (1:07:18 – 1:10:36)
Hanging out with Roger Ver – (1:10:37 – 1:17:55)
Deflationary foreign money/Hodling – (1:18:49 – 1:25:52)
Privateness cash – (1:25:53 – 1:40:00)
Governments – (1:40:01 – 1:43:18)
Governments – (1:43:54 – 1:52:40)
Silk Street/Unlawful Commerce/Legal guidelines – (1:52:41 – 2:09:40)
Cash Bryan Likes – (2:09:41 – 2:13:00)
Flying Drones – (2:13:01 – 2:21:31)
Final ideas – (2:21:32 – 2:23:14)

Bryan Micon is without doubt one of the first poker gamers to embrace cryptocurrency and beforehand was the face of widespread bitcoin poker website Seals With Golf equipment.

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  1. This was good, he has made me look and do more research on bch…. Still not a fan, but who knows…


  3. Anyone who says they dont trust/understand TA has no idea wtf they are doing. Back in 2010-13 TA was useless on crypto, yes, nowadays its very relevant and follows the same patterns as the stock market. I stopped watching the second this clown said he doesn't believe in TA. I have a VERY hard time believing Bryan has been in crypto since 2011….

  4. I am getting kind of tired of the misconceptions going on about "Dark Web Currencies." The most used altcoins on the dark web by a LARGE margin are DASH and Litecoin. Period.

    Usability comes before privacy apparently, and DASH has good privacy and usability. I am actually unsure of where the incorrect assumption of "Monero actually being used" comes from when it has half of the daily volume DASH has. In fact Monero is the least used according to this study:

  5. man, this guy is so balanced in his way of thinking, such a good podcast

  6. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid

  7. Love it and the series! Keep it up Doug~ can’t wait for the next one.

  8. Those old fucks didn't even know how Facebook makes money how the hell will they understand crypto. SMH.

  9. Timestamp for the poker shit?

  10. live chat was ridiculously negative and impatient… wtf lol. I really enjoyed this pod, good layed back convo that was informative.

  11. Doug, who is your make-up artist for the show?

  12. I think when you talk about bch you have to talk about "the developer" not "the developers". In terms of interesting computer science I have yet to see a single interesting idea come from that camp. They have formed an anti-intellectual cabal based around the rejection of interesting computer science in favor of tribalism and emotion. They do not even have a formalized improvement process for their own coin 6 months later. I guess when you are almost entirely controlled by a handful of people then an improvement process to vet ideas may not seem necessary. You just make a decision and nobody else has a say in it. However, when I evaluate the legitimacy of a project that degree of centralization is a big turn off. If in the future if that changes and matures over time and they drop the frauds like CSW and dump the offensive patent troll bullshit then I may reconsider. BCH has a long way to go.

    As far as the guest goes, he seems like a nice level headed guy but every time I hear non-developers give their opinions about the computer science of scaling bitcoin it makes my skin crawl. I know that may sound like I am appealing to authority but in reality I am not looking for degrees or resumes for authority. I am looking at their evaluation of the science of scaling distributed systems. The knowledge displayed here was so simplistic as to misrepresent the true complexities of the problem.

  13. This guy really is old school, you guys should read "Digital Gold" Bitcoin was born from Libertarian values and ideas amazing book

  14. Great podcast Doug. This one was randomly my favorite interview that you have done so far. My opinion on that Bryan Micon guy has completely flipped 180 degrees, he honestly seems like a very likeable / knowledgeable guy. Even though he's a BCash fan, I now understand the reasoning and I can respect that. This interview really has me looking at the crypto space in a much more objective light. Great job Doug (and Bryan), honestly, it was a great conversation.

  15. Great interview, but how the Hell could you not ask about Micon's financial situation. Everyone listed ing wants to know if he is broke, has 10 million, or somewhere in between. For him to not have multiple millions would be the big story here, and why do I have a sneaking suspicion that when the dust settled with the legal issues, that Micon was broke. And that is before the ru up of the last year, and he had huge legal bills when the price was in the hundreds.
    He also put up a GoFundMe when the shit hit the fan. If he really had a ton of coins a few years ago, he would have paid for his own defense, without that lame attempt. With that being said, Micon came across very well here, and is quite likeable and articulate. But the question needs to be answered. Did Micon actually blow his once in a lifetime opportunity with bitcoin? My guess is that he did. Nobody would chose to live where he does, raising a kid, if they had millions in bitcoin and no overhanging legal troubles. At least not Micon.

  16. Why refer to bitcoin as "core" its bitcoin, BTC

  17. This was a great video. I watched it last night. Superb guy deffo gonna keep up to date with him and made me think a little differently about some things. I actually share a lot of the same views as him. This was probably your best content yet Doug. Bloody good call mate 🚀🔥

  18. Increasing the block size will never work. With mass adoption (10 000 transactions per second) the block size would have to be 1.3GB which adds 30GB a day to the ledger and you will have a 10TB+ ledger after a year. Who is gonna host and process all that? All you will get is centralization and then you might as well use VISA

  19. I think you need to invite Antonous, and have similar discussiun with him on goverments, silk road erc. and probably it will open you are mind widely, and you would realise how wrong you were in these context.

  20. Great show Doug! Thumbsup, as always

  21. I guess he never heard of the android Eclair wallet running on lightning. It can't be simplier!

  22. Can we get DAN LARIMER on your show Doug!? EOS coming out in less than 3months.

  23. Great interview! Micon is a good guy, and I'm glad he's doing well.

  24. Is he not allowed back into the states?

  25. People who think Crypto is "Deflationary" right now, don't understand that it only starts being deflationary in 2140, until then 12.5 Bitcoins every 10mins are made

  26. So where can I buy one of those pills as cryptos poster??? Anyone know?

  27. I'm not really a crypto guy, I play poker, but this was a great general interest podcast. I imagine some crypto guys want just crypto content but I find it interesting.

  28. It's a sin that I can only give 1 like

  29. I stopped watching after he started talking about the narcissism thing, I thought he was an idiot. Fast forwarded a bit further, and really enjoyed the entire thing. I like the guy and would want him on again.

  30. LOL, I didn't know this guy existed anymore. I only remember him from the ESPN footage of the WSOP where he did the Thriller dance 😀 .

  31. Crack for rich people 😂💯

  32. Great interview Doug, super subjects!

  33. Great interview… 🙂
    The desire for privacy does NOT imply criminality! 🙂

  34. Polker listen to this guy…build on your fav coins and stop clown attacking XVG!

  35. Laws also exist to protect others. If a dude does PCP then bites the face off of someone else then it is a problem. It is not you doing you with your body at that point.