WTF Just Happened With Bitcoin? 20% Up In 1 Hour! [Bitcoin Analysis Today]

Bitcoin evaluation at this time: The value of Bitcoin simply jumped 20% in simply a few hours. I exploit technical evaluation to make a Bitcoin value prediction. I did not discover any Bitcoin information that’s straight associated to this bull run. However, Bitcoin is up at this time and to see what my Bitcoin evaluation tells us, watch this video!

Please watch: “Bitcoin “Brief Squeeze” Defined Merely & The Proof”


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  1. I don’t understand why anyone would be shorting bitcoin at these low levels. Selling low is not a good strategy.

  2. Mount Gott selling some more BTC is something to watch out for. But looking good.

  3. dring water dude ur sound kill me

  4. bear market is over fore syre in this month like every oherd years from 2014

  5. Not yet bullish… Will be bullish in May, but improving 🙂

  6. how old are you?
    are you one of the teenage millionaires? Good on you boy

  7. Bear market over. It’s a seasonal move. Q2 has historically always been a bull market since 2011

  8. Hey Carl, what do you think about the forecast? Do you think that forecast tables are ok? or just are a bear trap? Please answer me.

  9. go back to 2014, there's a spike up that is similar to what we had early march to mid 8k but we are 30% correction so at least then, it dropped further down, will see if it repeats

  10. still waiting with cash to buy-in, I think it's going lower

  11. Now, following the entrance of George Soros, the Rockefeller family, and the Rothschild, backbone members of the the Illuminati, this week, whose only intention is to control all aspects of money in the world and bring it to their pocket. Either they think they can make money, or want to destroy Bitcoin. I am not a member, so i do not know which, but it is in their favor, NOT YOURS!

  12. I don't think the bear market is over

  13. Soros just got excited dropping billions on BTC 😀

  14. Please stop moving the chart around so much while you're talking.

  15. it time to buy and hold

    go for long term

    you we I'll never lose

  16. bitcoin will rise up to USD 30,000 before end 2018

  17. bitcoin still under experiment stages.

    today USD 8,000 still under value of bitcoin

    just buy and hold

    technology Vs regulation

    think what Bill Gates said

    nobody cant'd stop bitcoin grow up today and future.

  18. today the new momentum of digital money.

    take action now

  19. That was not good. We are going down 1 more.

  20. "If people think we hit the bottom they will start to get back into the market again"
    -The Moon

  21. Hard to say when there's strong reason to suspect manipulation and reasonable evidence to back it up, the TA's are kinda worthless since Futures got introduced which have turned this into a more speculative game and the "powers that be" can swing it any which way they like… If this is a turn back into a Bull market, what really changed to justify that other than hype and speculation… IMHO, most if not all Crypto's are still way overvalued for their actual worth at this point in time. Personally, I remain cautiously optimistic on short term profits, but will remain skeptical on a full blown Bull market until it's more apparent which means I'm not chasing the price and not looking to maximize profits at the risk of losing money, and so FOMO doesn't apply to me knowing it's always easier to get back when it's safer to do so, than to speculate and gamble losing more when it turns. Long story short, I think the Bear is grazing and will come back, but if not then great to the more risk takers.

  22. How do you have your scale set up Carl? can you show me the settings? log or auto I see this current pattern above the main trendline. I'm looking on a daily correct?

  23. It's called a bounce from the bottom of a downtrend channel. It means fucking NOTHING. Just as fast as that money came in it will come out when people take profit. Just another bull trap and hype. So stupid. Make a video and get excited when we break $11,700. You do realize we are still in a huge bear market and a death cross is still right on top of us.

  24. Bitfinex scamming shorts out of their money by the use of tether ….. it's really, really shady crap. That's what that jump was.
    Dude, do your research before making a video and saying, "xyz must be the only explanation." It was Bitfinex using USDT.

  25. I find this run very interesting!, in my opinion, i don't think its the Actual bull run, especially reading from the indicators, so i believe the best is yet to still come around :D, but hey, ANYTHING is possible 😀 that's the joys of Crypto right!

  26. 12/6/18 ready to happen again