Bitcoin Goes BOOM! $30B In One Hour, Altcoins Take Off, EOS, Ripple, Fundamentals – Ep182

The bulls simply dropped the hammer BIG time! Let’s discuss what is going on on + what’s to return.


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  1. Thank you Carter for your great insight into the market world. I'm really thankfull for your videos. I have never interested in this whole economy stuff. Just got hooked lately, accidentialy by need to buy something from the DWeb. It was just after the whole Christmass/November banana time 🙂
    Lately started watching your videos and they are being so helpful to me. Finally someone who explain a little bit more about the market and how it works and what is going on around it. Really appreciate it. Your insight on the Big Guns coming to to the market and how they might play it was so brilliant to me. I didn't know how much there's going on behind it. And that's probably only the tip of the iceberg.
    Thank you.

  2. I'm bearish on BTCUSD Shorts…

    AirDrop in some hours for Kucoin holders!!!

  4. My Man! With us through thick and thin. Much respect!

  5. Party time in banana town.

  6. Thanks for the video. What do you mean that when markets go up it starts to become more competitive (last few bits from your video)?

  7. Another great vid mate. I chucked a bit more in and 9hrs after you published this everything is still pumping up!!! My portfolio is finally in profit for the first time today ????

  8. Best layman's description I've heard of how short positions work. Thanks!

  9. Santander is a spanish bank

  10. Banana time? That's what I said to my date! 😉

  11. A single whale will not change the BEAR trend.
    This spike will be remember as a failed manipulation.

  12. what happened to big numbers x big numbers??? It is the macro visionaries who truly break out into transformational wealth. I am dabbling with some trading and TA but with a very small percentage of my portfolio. it seems you are consumed by it. is it possible you are following a road that leads to a place where 95% of traders under perform the market. dopamine reveals itself in many forms my friend.

  13. You really need to do more research on EOS. First of all EOS will never do an airdrop, however a lot of other DAPs will be doing drops to EOS tokens. Also the airdrop is basically giving stake in a Block Producer. EOS will continue a massive run for the next year at least.

  14. Just want to point out the coinmarketcap calculates trade volume, not money coming into crypto.

  15. I believe eos will be the next neo but not any time soon. Already sold off yesterday will buy back if after inevitable dump.

  16. ADA NEO EOS all in the top 7 soon. I think investors will invest in quality going forward.

  17. When you scalp the short moves, are you dropping proceeds into USDT ? Seeing my portfolio boost by 30% today was paralyzing. I wanted to scalp some profits, but was reverse FOMO'd into HODLing … Worried that I would miss out on long term gains, and in the interim sat and watched 5% flitter away.

  18. Thanks for shedding some light on the craziness

  19. Agree with your sentiment on Ripple. Bought some bags of XRP and XLM yesterday before the pump, and glad I did. Didn't scalp any profits though. That's the next factor in the equation, I need to decipher.


  21. Jesus christ that rise flipped me off when i saw it on the library computer screen, its great

  22. Thank you, Carter, for another great show! You make an excellent point about short sellers getting forced out of their positions. Technically, during a "short squeeze" like this, the people with short positions actually are buying back the borrowed 'shares' they originally sold. They are actually forced to become buyers. This is either as a forced liquidation on leverage as they go to zero on their account (as you mentioned) or also (a part you left out) from a stop order to buy back shares if it hits a certain price as their "stop loss". Essentially, it just adds to the amount of buyers in the market making it even more bullish.

    Short sellers just got rocked pretty hard today and you know they're nervous about their positions. Bulls showing strength!! 2018, here we go!!

  23. The bubble of unclearity popped.

  24. NEO airdropped Ontology, pretty legit #22 cmc

  25. This is definitely banana town time

  26. Please keep in mind that the huge volume is triggered by humans they have long-term plan to surely reach their goals. Does not matter how much it will cost for them! It will a personal fight for them. this means we will see more Spikes like this in the next weeks…for sure. Everybody was looking for a signal perfect timing huge volume you can change the whole Market within 30 minutes…

  27. Santander is in Spain, Brazil haha, but you are an american, is not like your world knowledge is very good, but you do know Bank of America where it is that s still good :). And you still understand a few things about finance so will still watch you, good job for most of the points in the videos..

  28. i woud like to CLEAR the notion LOG or NON LOG chart.. what does it mean when is log or when is not log line ? wich is real chart ?

  29. you need to explain that ripple is a company that owns 62% of the XRP token, but they are not the same thing. XRP is a wothless token, Ripple Labs is the company that is working with those banks.

  30. a friend of mine says that (btg) bitgem will hit the $ 30 dollar next week. he is now at 9 $ So there is also just a few of it. XD

  31. Good job Carter. Similar than Coin Trend from Germany. Love your videos!

  32. Carter: have you seen all the scammers for 'Ashton Clegg' – whoever the feck scam artist he is – leeching on to replies from your genuine audience? Fecking bottom-feeders, man. Bomb them back into the rocks, man.

  33. You don't mention the Mt Gox bankruptcy trustee and his selling spree.

  34. Damn Carter you sounded drunk. Then I remember I play your stuff at 1.25x. ….

  35. Thank you so much Carter for your reminders fundamental investing rules in very interesting way and relating them to whats happening in crypto. Cant thank you enough for your investing wisdoms and macro analysis…keep up the good work! 🙂

  36. If any of you good people wanna help me please send any amount to this address:


    Thank you in advance and God bless you!

  37. 14JYE4kBw4T7RTeCnGkTWmNbE2Q6pgcSSN let's get this$$$$$$$$$$$