Bitcoin Chart Analysis April 12 2018 – 2nd Wave Up Incoming?

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  1. Everytime I see it getting hot, I get ants in my pants until my nightly fix from James, that smartens me right up, Thanks bud…

  2. Best video yet I was cracking up this TA is priceless!

  3. I don't think you are an idiot. I was ready, and traded this, but am still cautious

  4. You're not looking at volume
    "Sentiment Bullish"????
    Only 5% own bitcoin and those over 35 years of age 1%
    95% don't own it and the majority of them don't have a clue what it is.

  5. Excellent technical analysis JD! What I hear you saying is, in the midst of movement and chaos keep a logical sense inside of you.

  6. Spot on JD I’m on your camp something is wrong big red flag will be going down to sub 5000 soon

  7. bearish trap. no meaning to wait to buy btc

  8. for longterm btc holder, ta is no meaning.

  9. I really and truly the most honest guy out there
    Keep on whit the good videos !

  10. Thanks as always JD – I assume a stack of shorters got absolutely destroyed last night. I agree with you that I don’t think it is the bottom. We shall see 🙂 thank you

  11. great video…. we will back to 5k sooooooon

  12. James, great video as always.

    I have a stupid question. What are your thoughts on Bitcoin price for the year? I’m not in Bitcoin. I’m all in on Litecoin but I know Bitcoin drives the market.

    Your videos are awesome I’ve got learned a lot. You are very calm & knowledgeable. I panic a lot with the volatility. Your videos are very informative. Thank you.

  13. JD Marshall most of the people I will say 95% in this space doesn't won't the TRUTH all they think is the moon if TA in crypto is meaningless then so do the stocks and forex wherever they see a big green candle then up to the moon easy money woow .

  14. Im pretty concerned about t next potential for another big drop/reversal of this spike. Could be t "shake-out/fake-out-before-the-break-out." Im hoping ur right. thx. Yours is the most straight-forward, level-headed analysis out there.

  15. Thank you James! You truly have the most honest and sound TA on YT.

  16. I got absolutely destroyed with my short, as JD says, looking to ride the wave now.

  17. Great analysis as always. Wait for these vids each day.

  18. Been destroyed on the short side too. Let's not ignore that fact.

  19. Love your analyses! When is today’s video coming out? You were spot on the 7700 increase yesterday and the guppy rally today.