The “Secret” Reason Bitcoin Keeps Going Down… (This Is Bad)

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  1. Strange that now the article has been suspended on Medium… It was like he predicted too which further makes this story even more interesting. You can still see it on Steemit: Make sure to follow me on telegram for constant news updates on the blockchain:

  2. Buy trusted ones and dump the ones who think are the bad ones especially Cartel, drop them list top trusted ones

  3. Evil does what it does. The reality is the practical functionally of bitcoin and alt-coins has to happen for a better economical situation to manifest.

  4. OKex exchange volume is faked just like the other "new" exchanges in that part of the world
    reading those charts is like astrology

  5. they are right futures are a tool used to manipulate and control the actual amount of coin out there available to buy and instead give you a contract which is a fancy IOU and the price of the contract is easy for companies to manipulate there is another really good video that can give insight to how these operations take place its nice job though

  6. Yeah that's what happens when you give a robot citizenship, derr!

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  8. Please donate me some bitcoin.

  9. Btc crashed because the sheeple lost their minds and were buying with credit cards, selling their homes, selling their souls to buy in then………….REALITY!

  10. Think a lot of insider trading and look coinbase which have been doing this.

  11. Bitcoin has real value because it solves problems in the existing financial system including more efficient and faster transaction speeds, peer-to-peer technology, limited supply limitless demand and prevents double spending to name a few…Don't listen to the noise, do your own research!

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  13. New to all this very interesting.

  14. I agree. All you have to do is watch the price. The price hovering right now near 8,000 and when it reaches around 100 to 200 above 8,000 it drops below to 7.999. It's too artificial.

  15. I never sell and never will even if it drops to $1,000. With hyperinflation already starting the dollar is the worst thing to be in. The value of the dollar is already only worth 3 cents and will drop to 1 cents this year I believe. If it hits 1 penny in value the whole system crashes. I've stopped my 401k and put money into gold, silver, food and Bitcoin. The dollar is too scary, scarier than cryptos.

  16. This all just a shell game, the real goal is to implement this kind of monetary system so they have total control over us. Go ahead and speak out against the system when that system has total control over your finacial life, your ability to buy, or sell, they cannjust bankrupt you in a nanosecond.
    If you want to try, and make money in crypto by all means invest, and buy now while its down… duh, but dont ever let crypto become the only means to buy, and sell….

  17. You're videos remind me of Crypto Investor's videos.

  18. Last year it took them over 5 trillion dollars worth of futures contracts dumping on the market, to suppress the metals. I just see things as being on sale. Someone once said, buy when there's blood in the streets. In other words, when things with true fundamental value are so hated and debased, that's when you buy it. The gains will be phenomenal.

  19. The news and Wall Street all work together. People have been documenting this for decades

  20. Thank you for stating the Control Factor, I believe also

  21. you and the guy that wrote the article dont understand supply and demand, when a lot of drug lords and terrorists were using the bitcoin in 2017 the price rocketed, but with ileagal drugs on the decline replaced with prescription drugs and wars in many places once controlled by issis and other terrorist organizations happened, the crypto currency demand fell, as more normal usage of the curencies takes place over the next few years crypto currencies will find a true lvl. just wait hold on to your coins and see were it lands, selling now could be the worst decision you make ever.

  22. these dumps are investors speculating and selling out as they lose faith in the currency, also some investors invested with a time frame to sell all these things contribute to rise and fall of currencies in the paper world too, its not a conspiracy its just how ppl act when they get scared and see a small change in value, criptocurency is a long term investment, id say buy and keep it for 10 years.

  23. to make any sence of futures market you would need to know what was going on at the time these metals and comodities rose and fell, gold and silver are used for buffering currencies and jewelry and industry, if you cant look back and see what was the driver for the rise and fall the graph makes no sence, and meaans nothing.

  24. There is nothing wrong! The Price is to high for the Value! Value is actually at $7.000=6000€.

  25. wake up people! cryptocurrency is the direct threat to the FED.. of course they manipulate gold, silver and oil. Gold is also a direct threat to their IOUs "DOLLARS' and yes they will try to scare people off of our tech. and they will use the blockchain to build their competing cryptocurrency THE FED COIN!!! here of it?????

  26. Never heard of bitcoins until it topped then all the PM's pundits started touting it then straight down . pump &dump that's its name.?

  27. bitcoin going to 2500$ in july plz widraw u r money save u r self

  28. Great video and I totally agree. Just think about it. This tech could just destroy the banks and elites. So why would they let it continue to grow and become more popular? Credit cards stopped us from using them to buy the coin and it just seems there is a big push to call out crypto coins and they as in elites will just not let this work. Its just like big oil and free energy. I believe that humans have the tech to produce free energy for the entire world but the elites make to much money from oil and will squeeze it for every drop they can at the cost of destroying the earth, killing humans (which is another goal of theirs) and lets not forget that all of this is a system of control. Its used to control the masses and limit our potential as humans. If we have everything we want and are happy then we have more time and opportunity to pay attention to the elites and world events and possibly get involved. As it is now most people are just struggling to survive and feed ourselves and keep a roof over our heads and heat our homes. If you dont believe what I am saying then your nieve or just deluding your self.

  29. Been in btc over 4 years. Its always been manipulated. If you are not a manipulator, you are a gambler. You have more info if betting on a horse. Ride the trends.

  30. It's the IMF…… International Monetary Fund

  31. Thank you so much King Crypto for sharing the article. (didn't watch your video, sorry)
    When you think you're woke but you fall back down into another deeper level of a nightmare…
    This is biblical times man, either we're gonna win big for freedom or be peasants for a longer time.

  32. We need stability so that news cannot affect the price, we need lightning network to be fast tracked and for online retailers to start accepting bitcoin as a currency. Once this happens none of this will matter mass adoption.

  33. I don't know why you seem indignant or insulted by this activity.
    Other channels have been reporting market manipulation for awhile now. This is nothing new.
    This is an extremely young, and largely unregulated market. It's the wild west. Of course the land barons, the cattlemen, the gunslinger, the gamblers, and the railroad are going to be players in the Wild West. That's its nature.
    Anyone who expects Bitcoin to somehow be above dishonesty and shenanigans of all types is simply kidding themselves.
    I guess that the good news is that the SEC and the DOJ are now sniffing around bitcoin like hungry dogs and soon those hungry dogs will pounce on the less scrupulous of the bad element in the market. It's not "if", but "when" and to some extent that's already started.
    So rest easy. These things happen. These challenges are overcome and worked through.
    Just keep in mind that in such a young market with the potential of Bitcoin, the upside far outweighs the additional risk of the impact of bad players.

  34. So we’re not actually taking about how something is manipulating reality and the currency from another dimension then lol I got the things the title all wrong then .. but never the less something is fucking with reality and is inter dimensional most likely archons or other negative entities

  35. AI controls everything EVERYTHING you know and have learned all your life is a lie we’re living in an augmented reality

  36. A wealthy land owner back in the day once said, "When there's blood in the streets, buy real estate."

  37. A study shows that 1/3 of all Bitcoin is owned by 1,600 wallets. At 107 billion dollars (June 13th 2018) that's an average of 22 million a wallet. Figuring out what that means and how to manipulate the market is beyond me but I thought that was telling.