Bitcoin Now Faces a Dangerous Test

Bitcoin is now at a crucial degree. It should defend this degree. This is what it is advisable to watch…

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  1. crypto technology is great,so be always bullish,the world structure is preparing for nextmove up ,especially big boys as soon the regulation finished succesfuly

  2. historically ,every time when the correction is,the new wave up is much more stronger in bitcoin

  3. Its a massive H&S pattern

  4. If only people scrolled to the left and saw BTC historical chart…. Thanks you for keeping the crypto community well informed.

  5. HODLThanks make a me more confidence

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  7. I’m 80% down on my investment but I’m here for the long term so I’m not worried at all, I believe in the technology. Anyways it is the money I can afford to lose but it does hurt to see my 30k investment down 80%. I’m still young so if I lose it all I can always make it up again at some point in my life. No point in killing your self over money. Money comes and money goes but life and family are the most important assets of all. Good day to all.

  8. Please update if /when you get confirmation of a reversal. So many times its a trap. I dislike charts would rather just buy/hold but this has a lot of merit (due to the simplicity).

  9. Grande Alessio , could talk about economy , stocks , FIAT——> MORE .

  10. i think the 200 ma on day chart ur showing was 300 day ma not 200 day

  11. Btc is sure to test 3-4k level, the only question is if it will test 9_10k before gettibg rekt

  12. The green line isn't 200ma,it's the 300

  13. Man your 200 MA is way below where it should be. Unless you are referring to SMMA 200. Could you please confirm?

  14. Thank you for your time and education

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  16. you can put these charts into your ass. few peoples what decide it's like that forgot analyze here

  17. Love your videos and explanations

  18. Bitcoin will be going down to check the 6k support level within a week. Excellent money to be made

  19. Short dax30 today. Will be going down.

  20. I know with 100% certainty bitcoin will be under $1000 before the end of the year because it has always happened before.

  21. Great analysis, thank you.

  22. well its a clear dead cat bounce ….

  23. Thanks for your take. I value it very highly. I had to do somewhat of a double-take though, Alessio, when I heard you mention the reptilian brain!! haha 😀 That is too funny… yes, maybe some of the 'elite' bloodlines and the secret Antarctic residents, but no, not those with real human DNA.

  24. You could buy physical Bitcoin, Ripple and ETH from Amazon. They're awesome!!!!!

  25. Some see a rally and some just say that 200 days ago, bitcoin was rising and now we are over that era, so what?
    There is no rally in bitcoin! The trend line is down and nothing more can be said! You can see God in the charts or you can see a dragonfly. It doesn't mean anything! If you think it does, make a prediction and let's see if you're right! 70% of all guesses are wrong, no matter how many Fibonaccis, you use, see or apply to your predictions! Most of you guys are broke which proves one thing: YOU REALLY DON'T KNOW THE FUTURE! Nobody knows the future and only fools try to apply all this magic to a chart! The rally is over and the chart says we are in a down trend. GET USED TO IT! Bitcoin will rally in a couple of years, if we are lucky! What bitcoin does depends upon what the buyers think, feel and are led to believe! The enemy has total control of the media and they put out anything that benefits them! When the bond market goes into a nosedive, the stock market follows and when they can't print enough money to save the bond market, they opt for saving the stock market! In the past week we saw a 700+ fall in average prices and The Fed got out their 'checkbook that never bounces a check but causes a lot of inflation' and they started pumping money into the stock market to stave off the inevitable and so we are going to have more of the same and the crash has been delayed! Bitcoin does not enjoy this favoritism! It's more of a free market, something we don't see much of, but the bit crash is coming and when it does, money moves out of stocks and bonds and into bitcoin and that's when the next rally will be underway! People will buy because the price is going up and bitcoin will be in vogue again!

  26. Sell and wait for bottom.

  27. Been below 200 average for weeks you idiot where have you been. Big grizzly bear market.

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  29. so you are saying if we bounce we go parabolic again in the middle of this bubble? the bubble you mentioned long time ago? hahahaha

  30. Awesome!! Just wondering if you have written any books on TA?

  31. bitcoin is here to stay. no need t worry about its swings.

  32. U're very helpful, thx a lot. As I'm newbie in crypto. Now I can read chart lot better. I'm trading daily and very into 1 min chart scalping (as I feel it more saver but it took alot energy n time) any technical suggestion?

  33. Thanks for Videos, Could you please tell us how bitcoin work.
    Junaid from Dubai

  34. We should not be catching falling knife & we should be buying when others are selling? I am confused. I am sorry to say, when the predictions/fundamentals or technicals dont work even after 24x7x365 days analysis, its a shame & everything looks nonsense. You have lost 20 yrs back in IT bubble but missed completly on the moral of the story…whats the point here? You cant be on both sides of the fence & later say I said so like many other amateur traders. You are a senior trader so guide people with clear directive going one side if you trust in your study else…many others are doing it & you are doing it to.

  35. I'm watching this analysis again two weeks later and I must admit that it was correct!

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