Used GPUs flood market as Ethereum crashes – Should you buy one?

Used GPUs are flooding websites like Ebay. I’m going over the information and professionals and cons of buying them.

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  1. Don't buy them. They hurt us, we hurt them back now. They can shove those up their ass.

  2. I would never buy a used GPU from miners. If they overclock them, the chances of them breaking is high. If a GPU wasn't overclocked, put into a hot environment. Yes it will last a while. You are putting faith into the seller being smart enough with tech to know this. Although… For $60 you could risk buying 2-3 of them. For $200? Hell no!

  3. it's a shame that cryptocurrencies crash but the miner deserve it for driving gpu-prices up for us gamers

  4. "Psst, hey kid, wanna buy a used card that's been running at 150% 24 hours a day for over a year?" ~ Not Shady Crypto Miner

  5. as of this comment ETH rose by 10%

  6. Zotacs 10/10 the best about warrenties, they sent me a 1080 after my 1070 burnt out they are so cool ; A;

  7. The fact that I have to pay $600 for a $200 tells me to say "fuck em". Let them eat their costs. I'll wait a bit for the regular prices to go down.

    My last two cards went out due to the fans. The fans die, the card overheats, and bad things ensue. In both cases the bearings in the fan froze. These were good cards too.

  8. I dont like when people say "dont buy used gpus" well a-holes . I bought my R9 380X XFX from a Miner . I went to his house and i bought it straight away from his MINE for 200 bucks . The graphics card has noo problem and it runs perfectly till today .

  9. What a nonsense fad… Mining a code to make fake credits. Waste your time playing games instead.

  10. Dude I live in India and I just checked Amazon an EVGA Gtx 1060 is worth 59000 right now which is like 900 dollars, still waiting for the price drop here!!

  11. I would hope these miners suffer a heavy loss on sale.

  12. Is not a matter of the cards being good or bad, its a matter of fucking miners fucked up the GPU prices, so now they can just stick them in their butts and mine shit with them.

  13. They can keep their GPU, this is like the motorcycle that only has damage cause it tipped over in the garage. The only good thing I see is that it may force retailers to drop their prices as the supply increases

  14. Ethereum didn't crash, it's way up in fact. Same with BTC. The difficulty is down though so there's less miners. It's likely they're being sold early while the price is high because the dag size is increasing.

  15. Hey we have the same kind of tower. I love this tower.

  16. I am one of those people that recently upgraded but refuses to pay the current prices. So yeah, 5GH cpu with a …… gtx 960…… Still, i rather play on a lower resolution for a few months than get ripped off. Thinking around June this year will be the sweet spot if this trend continues. I don't like bitminers anyhow, apart from the few that soak up waste electricity from hydropower or geothermal plants so let them lose money.

  17. Anything using lead-free [Pb-free] solder is a gamble. Going from room temp to GPU operating temp will have different expansion/contraction rates between substrate and the attached ASICs. As such, even though the Ebay seller might be honest, I would never purchase any used electronic on Ebay.

  18. i bought a 1050ti directly before all this mining crap blew up.

  19. What i don´t understand is why cryptomining needs a GPU at all, most mainboards have a GPU integrated which should be enough for what the miners require.
    Or am i underestimating the graphics power needed for mining?

  20. I love to watch how ppl are angry cuz of VGA prices! wtf!? can't play minecraft in 8K!? 😀

  21. I wouldn't buy used card from miner just out of principle. I am not going to support them in anyway if i can help it.

  22. gearedinc is a miner. don‘t listen to him. he doesn‘t kno da wae!

  23. And another comment section bashing on miners as if they were the only reason for overpriced gpus…

  24. Fans aren't the main concern. The main concern is modded bios (without safeguards) Tortured VRM's and vcore voltage mods such as shorted leads (modwires) and/or removed or altered resistors

  25. It is best to avoid buying any used card if there is a chance it was used for mining, there are reasons why the video card makers tell people they are not designed for those workloads. With any board design where you are working with high frequencies and high current loads, you have to make compromises on longevity in terms of thermals of supporting components.
    Ceramic capacitors have aging characteristics where their ESR increases and their capacitance decreases, often falling out of specs for the bypassing needed by certain components, then all of a sudden, a few months to a year after you have the card, you start getting random artifacts or blocks on your screen, or other stability issues. Cards designed for gaming are laid out differently than ones designed for constant heavy workloads and power delivery often uses different component selection and different duty cycles to balance performance and longevity.

    When mining, you end up with many supporting components spending all of their time near their thermal limits as they get their own temperature delta above the conducted heat from the GPU and VRMs, and their aging characteristics become accelerated.

    Beyond that also keep in mind that after this long on the market, you would be seeing new cards of that generation for 30-50% under MSRP depending on the sale going on.For example, a while back when I purchased my GTX 970, I got it for $249 on sale, and also qualified for the class action refund. I would not purchase a card used for mining, unless it was a bare minimum of 80% below MSRP.

    Anyone buying a used card for more, is not only hurting them self, they are sending the wrong message to the miners, thus increasing the likelihood that they ruin the next generation of GPU instead of pushing towards dedicated ASICs, in addition to increasing the MSRP on future cards since they will effectively roll in mining hazard pay into the MSRP of future cards. This happened after the original bitcoin mining craze where high RMA rates caused video card makers to jack the prices up of the next generation of card t cover going over budget for previous generation RMAs, as well as providing for some protection for another RMA rush. As it is now, we will likely seea minimum of a 20% increase in MSRP for the next gen cards, do not make it worse by buying those used cards.

  26. Only buy used gpus if they are half the price they were back in 2016. Otherwise they are ripping you off. My 1070 has seen only around 80 hours of mining, making 20$ back in the "good" days of this crap lol. Not worth mining at all. Luckily i got it for 500 euros before this crap happened, let them keep their cards for ruining the gpu market for 2+ years or make sure you buy them at a price that they will regret it.

  27. I hadn't looked at prices at all since i bought my 980ti about two years ago.
    I'm glad i bought it when i did and missed this drama entirely.

  28. Yeah, I have a TIP for all SCREW THEM, let them keep those cards and for all of the cash they made from them it's not like they are hurting for cash right. They were more than partly to blame for the extreme increase in prices that lead to a lot of gamers not being able to upgrade. Why should we help them make more cash by buying their used crap.

  29. 2:28 that post is old. I dont believe any of these companies offer lifetime-warranty on GPUs anymore, I know for a fact EVGA does not offer lifetime-warranties, they are 3year, nor has XFX offered lifetime with registration for many years now.

  30. ****************I AMA MINERER ***************As A miner, Most miner GPU are used at the factory stock config Because we need longevity to recoup the cost, maybe a slight overclocking but at most a high fan speed to keep temps down. Because overclockign to max and voltage does not keep our rigs up 24×7. U can also thank the middle man for markign up prices to take advantage of the mining craze. And they are still trying to cash in even though gpu mining craze is dead.

  31. 2 weeks in the future… So… Where's the crash? Oh right… There was no crash, like always… Hurt?

  32. Basically, miners are assholes and ruined the used card market for years to come. I wouldn't buy a used card for the next two to three years, I can't trust these people.

  33. One year old mining card is equivalent to 5 years old normal card worked at 100% for 5 hours(which is really overestimation) so how much you pay for an card which has been used for 5+ years. Choice is yours

  34. Ethereum crashes? jjajajajajaja. Besides, who mines ethereum anyway, there is plenty of other coins much but MUCH more profitable.

  35. pff i been dealing in bosnia with this shit since ethereum was not even a thing. Used card like 20 bucks cheaper then new

  36. I have an rx 580, will this last me a few year with most games recommend requirements?

  37. got a 1060 for $189 :v but after 1 day it returned to $300

  38. Get an overpriced card that’s been beaten to death or get scammed

  39. GUYS – DO NOT BUY USED GPUs unless it's $50 and 90 days return policy!

  40. Hey,

    I agree!

    I as many others are calling crypto currencies " a ponzi scheme".
    Solely imo not without some influence by the 3 main ram producers.
    Who are investigated, in like oh idk just now! for "Price fixing" again!

    How people mining can all expect to get something from nothing… logic fail right there someone is paying somewhere.
    The only way there would be real money, would be if the ram manufacturers were paying a premium off the top of the price gouging to self fund it.. spend 5% make 50% more – 50% longer.. I'm no expert in crypto currencies..

    Its seems like the same old scams rebranded.
    People who believe that they're to smart to get caught, they'll get in and out before the loss of the family home etc…
    Thus crypto mining is undoubtedly going to continue unless the crypto mining "scam / scheme" gets rebuked by the worlds financial markets.
    Until that time and most unfortunately the current status will allow these ram / gpu pricing trends to continue, right?

    However, there may be a saving grace. If a newer line of gpu are more suited for mining than for gaming.
    I'm of the understanding there are gpu out there that do this, however if these aren't price competitive, then the gamer will face these same issues with the new line of GPU's due for release.

    Game devs will face an awkward knock on affect as the crypto mining extends into more years, buying up the market share of next gen gpu – leaving lower % of gamers with the $ or willingness to get price gouged for new gpu products. Thus the value for fps will be in the somewhat dubious 2nd hand market or buying new off the shelf (where/ when available?).

    What this will do to the newer generation of cpu ? often required to get the most out of these new gen gpus. I cant say… Who knows higher end cpus prices might actually fal more regularly 😮 ? Lol dreams are free :p

    Peace o/

  41. Two months later and there is no "used GPU flood".

  42. eVGA is awesome. Getting an eVGA card that was a miner is as close as a safe bet as it can get. IF it fails (video cards are not cars that degrade with normal use… they degrade with abnormal use e.g. too high temps, too high voltage), eVGA will replace it no questions asked. Their warranty is transferable.

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