Don’t HODL Bitcoin because

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Don’t HODL Bitcoin because. The Bitcoin market is crashing. Ricegum “Bitcoin” official with lyrics. On this episode, I’ll speak about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, hodling bitcoin and why it could be in your finest curiosity to carry bitcoin via this bear market. Be a part of us…

To appease money-hungry attorneys and irresponsible folks, it needs to be recognized that I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR and THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. I’m merely educating and entertaining. What you do with your personal cash is your personal duty. Search the counsel of an clever monetary advisor (good luck discovering one) earlier than investing yours or anybody else’s cash.

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  1. Bitcoin is now trading close to what it costs to mine. What does this mean? It means it can't go much lower. New coin entering the market comes from the miners. That is the supply. The reason the price can't drop is because if were to do that, the miners would just hodl their coins instead of cashing them in. They won't want to sell because that would cause them to sell at a loss. Thus the supply would drop which supports the price. Hence, the cost of mining actually prevents the price from dropping.

  2. Just for the fire … you get my vote ! HODL !

  3. you got one more subscriber LOL

  4. It’s okay to admit that you messed up. If you were holding bitcoin to 19k or whatever and didn’t liquidate any of it, you totally fucked up. That’s a failure to recognise the shifting market cycle.
    If you were smart, you’d buy back in at these lower levels.
    But you live and learn. I certainly don’t tell the HODL detractors they’re wrong; I mean, look at the chart. If you’re a hardcore HODLer, you’re getting rekt.
    I should’ve sold. Period. But I certainly ain’t selling now. That’s a dumb ass move. Just gotta ride the storm now.

  5. Freaking snake oil salesmen!! If you can’t even be honest with your cheap fake background, how can you peddle bitcoin? Or perhaps the products are for idiots millennials?

  6. Please help
    Already 2 accounts were banned…I want some help…. please Just consider once….I beg please help

  7. Holding is only for those who are too dumb to be traders

  8. Good luck calling the bottom/top – HODL 'til your happy, or keep on HODLing happily.

  9. Is that a green screen in back of you…..? Busted….

  10. Why HODL bitcoin when 2nd gen cryptos are probably going to overtake it?

  11. I knew it was coming. YES, it is awesome 😉 Big backers, faking it, government know they want it, the whales want to suck us all in later on for their sell offs, repeat..Its going up people, up and up and up….Prepare.

  12. Dude, what's with the disappearing hand trick?

  13. I earn about 0.003 Bitcoins every day.
    Collect bonuses, mine at home, invest in reliable projects!

  14. Hhhhey wassup baghodlers?

  15. bitcoin will drop to 2496$ , sell and buy in the deep you will increase your holding