The Reasons Bitcoin Is Crashing And Lowering Prices

going over a number of the causes which have led us up so far of low costs. and why some thinks have to occur to ensure that the value to move again on up.

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  1. Are those the Bitcoin they stole???

  2. The math on Digibyte  DGB  is 1000: 1 BTC = 6500/1000= $6.50 !!!!!  trading for $.015!!!!!!,Plus its an actual minable  coin not token , and cliff high has approved ! … plus the name is cool

  3. Too many weak, anti-social, anti-government losers got into this thinking they can make a living without actually contributing to society. Get a real job 😂

  4. I think I'll cut my 50% loss and get out with something while I still can.. 50% is better than nothing I guess : / RIP crypto

  5. So true in regard to sending/losing money. It makes no sense. If all wallets are available on a public ledger at the VERY LEAST a transfer mechanism should be able to query the network for its existence. I mean FFS! That's like programming 101 practically. "Check if the action is allowed/valid" FFS I SAY! I know privacy maximalists may not want any identifier, but some "username" should be part of the wallet or private key to do a further check.

  6. (15:28) how many times do wallets allow you to try different private key attempts generally? lol

  7. How do people fall for giving .1 LTC to receive 10 LTC!

  8. Why would you enter a wallet address manually? Copy and paste and verify.

  9. Seems that 2018 will remain a bearish and painful year 😩

  10. newegg now accepts bitcoin, so that's a start i guess. totally agree with you about wallet's my ledger nano scares the crap out of me. thank you for another great vid, you and your channel to the moon i say.

  11. In Japan many places accept bitcoin as well as in Georgia (the country, not the state)
    But yeah, it's still in the very early stage

  12. I will stay away from bitcoin for now. Most of the investors investing on bitcoins are traders and there is no real use for it if you look at the transaction history. Once the binance and bittrex introduce USD pairs, all will be trading with USD instead of Bitcoins and the real value of Bitcoin will drop even further. Invest on a real alt coins with faster transaction rate, better technology, more security (Quantum Resistant) if you ask me.

  13. Ponzi's over or THEY are preparing for another pump and dump run. That's all. No other possibilities.

  14. Please litecoin come down a little more so i can buy more…

  15. Good video I subscribed. His point on "grandma proof" is Spot on! I am older, educated, but the terminology is confusing. After reading blogs for MONTHS, I sort of know what a wallet is, but not really in depth. I think some exchanges have their own, and some is hot and some is cold and some is paper…. I don;t have a clue about privacy keys and exchanges don't help educate, because most exchanges are skimming and scamming, they are not in it to educate. Tech nerds love their own language and it doesn't work when trying to MARKET a commodity or currency to the masses. If I buy a television, I want to watch television, not learn how it works. Computer companies took forever to understand this simple concept. Of course another problem, tether(not talked about), Bitfinex pumped up the market by printing tether it's as simple as that. tBitfinex's offices move more than a homeless person, and they are the leading exchange in volume. That is insane. ALL these exchanges are shady, in Malta or Russia with fake sounding owners names. Please give me a BREAK! I would LOVE to invest, I Tried, it's a nightmare to sign up, takes forever, the price is all over the place while waiting. Probably the biggest issue is the worlds governments. They do commerce in their own currency, it's how governments measure success and failure. Do you think they are willingly going to let a bunch of kids wanting "freedom"" break free from national currency? Don't be naive. There is a reason there is only one lone exchange in the states, big government, huge government will not let their lifeblood currency be devalued. So Crypto has problems built in. Sorry it's true.

  16. There is no more greater fools.

  17. Amazon is not the biggest company in the world. AliExpress is monster HUGE. Bigger than Amazon and eBay put together.

  18. For the next bear market, it is smart to move your money to gdax and have it in USD instead of tether, that way its actually backed up and you can just re-enter the market when coins are 60-85% off. You can also short the market and make money there as well ​

  19. If LTC actually goes to 60 it wont be there for long. BTC would need to be less than 5K at point which I don't see happening.

  20. We don't need regulation. We need people to use their brain and not be gullible.

  21. because is a FUCKING BUBBLE!!!!!

  22. Why every crypto "guru" on youtube looks like they still living with their parents?

  23. What crash? My BTC still worth over 12 x what I paid for them. Be patient.

  24. money hungry bastards get a real job.

  25. Blockchain technology doesn't work. Here are 3 reasons: First, anyone who has access to a bitcoin password (or private key) has the authority to spend the bitcoins it unlocks; loss of the password means loss of all of the associated bitcoins, with no recourse. Second, linear growth in the chain of blocks that make up bitcoin is resulting in exponential growth in the computation necessary to process and verify transactions: Transactions that used to take 10 minutes now take hours. Third, with bitcoin transaction fees hovering above $25, a $5 payment now costs $30. This obviously is not a workable digital currency.

  26. Y E S …burn baby burn, you said, sell, sell, sell before it's to late 🙂

  27. The only reason Bitcoin is still holding some value is because people are holding on it hoping it will hit that high again. Bit coin has no value on its own. something scare has value but unfortunately there are hundreds of other crypto currency. Only 0.05 % of the population engaged in bitcoin actually believe on its future as a substitute for paper currency. Rest all engage just because they can buy it now and sell it at a higher price later. Bitcoin reached 17k at one point due to its hype and nothing else. I lost $500 but I am glad I got out of it before I could lose more..

  28. Or .. i mean … it could be a bubble. Its kinda textbook. It didn't shoot up because big ass retail mogul started accepting it. It went up because it was bought up. Its by far the most pure bubble ever. A BTC worth $250 without factoring in additional blocks that was created during the high. I am not touching it till it goes below 200. Though i feel like overestimating its fiat value. It would not surprise me if it was worth absolutely nothing by the end of 2018.

    As for adoption, nobody in its right mind would adopt a currency which shot up 20 times its value in less than a year by pure market speculation. And what goes up must come down, it'll fall just as fast, and that could destroy entire nations, not just companies. So, nope. We'll see how it handles the next bubble in 5-10 years from now if it survives till then.I bdout, it's by far the shitiest trade instrument in history.

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