Bitcoin Market Daily – High Volume Dumps – More Manipulation?

Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Dialogue speaking about Information and Updates within the crypto markets. Immediately some extra excessive quantity dumps for the value of Bitcoin inflicting and impact on all altcoins together with Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, NEO, Cardano, Bitcoin Money, Stellar, IOTA, Sprint. Manipulation available in the market? Who is aware of, different information mentioned at the moment together with one other massive donation from OmiseGo and Ethereum founders.




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  1. bitcoin futures will be a tool for artificial regulation of btc prices by people who have very little stake just like oil

  2. Venezuala.. digibyte.. John Hayes.

  3. Dude.. crypto isn't going away overnight.. otherwise it's going to be the biggest news day in finances for a long time.

    Media will say pooh.pooh.. we told you bubbles.. meh..

    Crypto world will go one of two ways..

    People will buy back into crypto in hopes another huuuuuuh whale comes to play… Or markets around the world.will either open up or crash to a halt.. in turn for another startup opportunity after crypto is known to work.

    Fed will be blamed.for crash and dollar will.lose mass amounts of volume as everyone gets into crypto to retry to pump value up..

    Failing that.. March to July will be slooooooow and then June/July will blow up due to tech being delivered out of beta stages and market will be come exciting again..

    Also.. this is a chance for shit coin investors to sell and move to other markets..

    And this is all while I don't look at a spreadsheet.

  4. PChain will easily do 200-300x by mid 2019. Looking forward for the review!

  5. Futures Contracts should be illegal. It has become the main tool of manipulation. "We'll tame Bitcoin". We never asked for your fkng help. These pieces of sh!t destroy everything they touch.

  6. What's up dbcrypto I am just chilling out in this summer… Crypto winter… I like your ICO reviews this is like a class… study and come next day

  7. G coin or Track G spot lol

    We just finished the 1st integration of 3 basic features:
    1)new incentive mechanism with native PCH token
    2)dynamic validator
    3validator rewarding with PCH.

    The MVP test run is stable to achieve consensus. And we will integrate our new high efficient consensus algorithm in the next round.

  9. Big money is doing everything in their power to manipulate crypto down in price if not destroy it completely in the long run.