GPU Mining Is Dead? – Ethereum ASICs Coming Soon!

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Ethereum mining has been the new crypto of selection for a lot of mining operations due to it is nice worth, comparatively easy mining setup, and good community behind it. However now ASICs might be dropping inside the subsequent three months & completely obliterate the whole lot that miners have been working in the direction of. What do you all suppose tho?

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  1. I sold my last gtx 1070 for 600$ 4 weeks ago (stopped minig also from then), now for that money I can pick up gtx 1080 ti, but I am like "meh – I want gtx 1080 ti for 400$, I guess I will wait another 4 weeks". thx to other miners who continue to "believe in technology" 😀 and did hold and lost like 40% of their gpu price and about to lose even more. I bet most of those hold ETH from time it was 1000$ and still waiting for that bounce back 😀

  2. So many adds could barely watch the video

  3. ethereum is going POS not ASIC! Get it right boy!

  4. this dude talks like the John Green of tech

  5. FUCK miners…FUCK em to death

  6. Change your name to FUD tech.

  7. "ASIC Resistant" != "ASIC Proof" I don't know why people are so surprised…

  8. ETH is probably forking to avoid the ASICS

  9. This is BAD! Cryptocurrency getting lower and lower!

  10. GPU mining is not dead… ETH community will creat ASIC resistance Fork.

  11. Based on Vitalik's April Fools Day message, I think ETH will fork and hopefully take a queue from Monero.

  12. The Bitmain E3 still only makes $2.5/day, not a huge deal as of yet.

  13. ACSI / Centralization wars are going to make things interesting, that much is for sure.

  14. I'd love to buy an Asic but NO for 3 reasons, (1) it costs do damn much, i might not be able to get a ROI,(2) I don't want the sound of a Jet Airplane 24/7 in my house, smh, and (3) the voltage on those things, using 220 volt sockets, it's a No for me

  15. si senor yo soy de rancho errrr

  16. i so glad its dead now ,maybe i can buy a video card under 1300 dollars

  17. Ethereum is around 75% off its bubble highs in late 2017. These ASICs are likely to have been in development for at least six months, probably more, so the demand for them is likely to be tepid compared to the balls all-in days of late 2017. Good luck, Bitmain.

  18. I hope your right dude. It would be great to buy a new 1080 for around $700 (Canadian). Maybe this summer ?

  19. it's called smoking crack!

  20. yeah dude u talk way too, ooooooo much, relax, take a DEEEP <<<<< DEEEP< EEP EP brake or Breath

  21. If ppl think they will let ASICs mine Ethereum then you are stupid.

  22. There are plenty of GPU friendly algorithms that are equally profitable. It's no only ETH.

  23. sorry, i'm a gamer and I want lower gpu prices back as a thing…maybe u guys could move to cpu mining and run those prices up instead 🙂

  24. Maybe Donald Trump will save AMD with his tariffs on Chinese goods?

  25. You look like you are forced to do this video – stooped watching after 1min

  26. No one will buy asics that can be forked away or rendered useless when eth goes pos. Long live gpu mining.. Gamers get with it or gtfo. Money > games

  27. For first time in many months now stores have high end GPUs in store like the GTX1080ti and no one is bying the exstremely overprices graphics cards anymore. GPU mining has finally crashed and soon prices of graphics cards will drop and market will also be flooded with dirt cheep used high end graphics cards. ROI on gpu mining is now 2-3 YEARS instead of 3 months and profit has gone down slowly and steadily for many months now.

  28. YAY I can finally get a gtx 670 for £50 XD

  29. Etherium is just another pyramidsceme.

  30. yeah the price is now $1800 for 180 Mhz ??? it was only $800 last week

  31. They better not do any FORKS, forks ruin currencies. 10 years down the road we might have Quantum Computing which will dominate everything imaginable today. By maybe 1000x. Yes 1000x more powerful than ASIC.

  32. It doesn't make any sense… Dagger algo utilizes VRAM, which means alot of Silicon. These ASIC's would cost insane amount of many because Silicon and working with it is very difficult and expensive. Trust me, ETH GPU mining isn't going anywhere.

  33. He literally looks completely stressed out about this lol

  34. GPU mining is very much alive. Ethereum mining was planning on going PoS anyway. The Casper protocol will soon come into effect with the hybrid PoS PoW system. Not sure how PoS will do considering it starts at 1,500 Ethereum I hear, which is over a million USD and climbing.

    In any case if a GPU miner wants Ether, we can just get it the same way we do for BTC or anything else we don't mine.

    Also, Monero already gave Bitmain the brush, and we have other options in mining and still get our Ethereum.

    GPU'S are indeed in stock, thanks to the big crypto market sale that just passed. A lot of miners simply bought crypto as a better investment while our rigs are still chugging away. My local retail is now offering to sell us as many GPU as we want as sales are slow. Will GPU prices go down ? Not sure, but if it did I would inhale a dozen 1080ti with a side of RX on a H110 BTC+ and get some more Ethereum before Moving onto zcash or Monero, some UBIQ or maybe EthereumC. GPU mining won't go away anytime soon.

    However. If it really does get ugly……. Then as miners we'll have 2 choices. Leave mining, or get the ASIC and enjoy lower operating costs at speeds that'll make us giddy, then mining difficulty turns into Bitcoin levels.

  35. i dont even care if ethereum drops anymore as long as multicoinbank is still active and they still pay me double of my ethereum i invest after 7 days, i know i will be so rich before the end of 2018. i know how much i have gotten as profit from multicoinbank with 2 months that i have been investing with them and i will keep investing till i have the most ethereum in the world

  36. hi, im thinking in buying and investing on a poweful pc for mining, but i have a question, how long do you think this whole mining thing will last and if its still worth it as today may 16, 2018? i just dont wanna lose my invrsting money jeje, thanks in advance!

  37. Sad news for gamers still. The global mining sector is growing still today. Look it up. Gamers to the ground. Mining to the sky. Forget market prices. This is the new decentralized money. No middle man. No banks to say declined debit card even though you have over $1,000 in funds.

    Hate it.

  38. We got another 1-2 months with ETH gpu mining and that's all . I already started selling my RX 470 then I will keep my gtx 1080Ti because they are most profitable right now. ( 55MH/s )

  39. Do not forget , Do not sell yor ETH for lower than 600USD.

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