“All of us have a crypto-friend who seems like this man. Gold again in 698BC was no totally different…”

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Written & Directed by Carl J. Sorheim
Produced by Julian Vincent Costanzo
Starring David Gannon, Troy Larkin & Nathan Strauss

Cinematography by Jaque Fisher
Sound Recordist – Adam Affif

Modifying and Color grading by Thanassi Panagiotaras
Audio Publish Manufacturing by Bang Bang Studios

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  1. Litegold cash laughing my ass off, too funny

  2. OMG)))) That's so fucking funny!)

  3. Jajajaja lol lol lol this so funny. Thats how everything starts taking value, by others lessening and pass it around.

  4. Goof acting, Good acting~! Hahah cool

  5. This is brilliant! Great pacing and production value, too.

  6. when do you have CH substitle, sir?

  7. Brilliant Bring more of them on

  8. Did he say 'hodl your horses'?

  9. The shopkeeper is right. Gold only has value because everybody agrees on it. People acceptgold or dollar bills only because they know for sure that other people also accept it, and that the value will not suddenly collapse. He was right in telling to come back jn the future.

  10. It's funny because this actually explains bitcoin very well, but it doesn't explain gold at all. Nobody had to be convinced that gold had value – everybody knew it was valuable because it was both extremely useful and hard to come by. All around the world. Throughout most of recorded history. If gold was truly useful for nothing in the world except transacting, it would have definitely needed a slick salesman like in this video. This is a good skit to tell bitcoin's story, but it misses the mark with gold. That's not how it went.

  11. this is gold and silver not bitcoin

  12. why the heck this video is not viral

  13. He looks like Ally Law now that I think about it.

    6:30 PM

  14. top notch videos, keep going!

  15. brilliant! keep em coming mates!

  16. This video earn you a subscribe and a like keep making great videos ill keep watching

  17. Only that which we say has value, will be valuable.