What Is The Death Cross, And Will It DOOM Bitcoin?

On this video I will discuss concerning the impending dying cross dealing with Bitcoin. I even have a… shock ready for you on the finish of the video.
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  1. I feel like this video was all over the place, sorry guys!

    Join The Discord! https://discord.gg/59jGjJy

  2. Rick Astley is that really you ?? LOL

  3. Thanks Jebb! Everyone can learn something here

  4. Death cross is peudo bullshit

  5. Question: What is this chart that everyone uses and the one you are currently using?

  6. Very insightful, thank you 🙂

  7. Iron hands 🙂 Buy hold and enjoy. Crypto is like the BEST television show for me. The more I own the more fun it is to watch. Long as you are just buying with money you don't NEED this is all very enjoyable.

  8. Hello, please make a video on "DietBitCoin" any of your personal opinons on it! Robert Escobar

  9. At any time in the forseeable future (6months to a year) will BTC reach below 5000 or is it gonna just hover around 6800 and up from here on out?

  10. One huge Flag Ie getting ready to " Bull" measure dip from 11,200 down to 8.700 +2,500 point drop to 11,200+2,500=13,700 Target 6 months.

  11. You lose Value if you keep holding. I completely disagree with holding while a market is falling. Sell out and buy back cheaper.

  12. The video is good. The title is stupid and uncalled for clickbate! Cheers

  13. do you snort coke? coz I really dont know why you need to talk so fast

  14. Just wait I till it hits $20K again..they’ll be interested