Why is Ethereum shedding steam in 2018? Ethereum is at present failing to get well on the identical charge as different cash and has been declining in market share for a few months now. Why is that? Will the Flippening ever occur?

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***Disclaimer: I’m not a monetary advisor and this isn’t to be taken as monetary recommendation. That is for leisure functions solely. I make movies to supply transparency about my strikes within the cryptocurrency marketplace for these which might be curious.

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  1. For all you traders, Ethereum is massively oversold. Literally, the RSI (Relative Strength Index) on the 1-day time interval is the lowest it has ever been. When ETH got this low in the past it pumped 30%-75% on average. Definitely a great swing trade!

  2. For them who had little cash and wanted much of them, they used street cred to get to the cash. These days, its internet coins..

  3. Have you calculate how many eth did eos sell? It seem the selling amount is too tiny amount to move eth. So what are other reason of the drop?

  4. its fucked..web assembly will eat its market cap with EOS

  5. Because Bitcoin is dropping the end

  6. Excellent and concise explanation of how ETH is used for ICOs and ERC20 tokens… thanks

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  8. ETHEREUM – a shitty platform plagued with software bugs n glitches that spawns all the 1000s of ICO shitcoins that pollute the ecosystem. People are waking up.

  9. So, will Ethereum price ever rise again?

  10. When Mt Gox got hacked the only people that got their crypto back were Ethereum holders! LOL Ethereum, like all other alt-coins is a scam.

  11. LOL Do people actually use ETH?

  12. Well, like 3D printing, unless it really starts to be adopted and used for something outside of theory, they are worth poop 💩

  13. Isn't there also a function in the ethereum source code that allows its developers to mint new coins? Could the limitless supply also affect the price?

  14. i hope all those crypto coins crash for good.

  15. this is a joke right ? lol

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  17. What has been innodated with mining rigs. I actually bought a 1060 at a reasonable price. Something is going on.

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    BTC wallet…
    Please help them and God help you

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  20. Hey Rhykker, this is folks. Oh sorry.. wrong person.

  21. Im just happy because now i can buy a gpu without paying 500 plus dollars

  22. 另類貨幣旅遊 great name. Idea is good, giving crypto currencies investors an amazing new name as able to face challenges like a Traveller! Well done

  23. Ethereum is tanking is because it can do Initial Coin Offerings, also called ICO. The ICOs were meant to be done by people that wanted capital for a business. However, many ICO were made by people who wanted to sell coin, then walk away. For all practical purposes, those people are impossible to prosecute. Further, there is nothing to impede future scams. The general public is wising up.

  24. watching so many people get taken by a ponzi scheme, sorta sad really. you are not going to get rich holding it

  25. Do you still got your 7500 wabi Coins?

  26. "Market Perception"??? There's nothing to percieve! It's all speculation!!!

  27. I hope it will collapse. Graphic cards for reasonable prices!

  28. as a PC gamer, this is good news!

  29. Yea I've been saying this the whole time. If crypto currencies are competing against each other then a good way to take out the competition is by accumulating their opponent's coins then dumping it to trigger a crash.

  30. I'm actually happy it crashed. It means I can soon upgrade my GPU for a reasonable price.

  31. There are a lot of new cryptos and invested money are limited for now . ETH will rise 2500-3000USD within 12-15 Monthjs I am nearly Sure , I can say that I am in crypto since 2010.

  32. ETH on it's way to 50 bucks… So now what !!

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