Bitcoin Shoreline Farming Guide – Escape from Tarkov

This information is aimed for gamers of EFT to have the ability to loot the Shoreline for Bitcoins effectively in a speedy method and discover all of the keys wanted to open the locked rooms on this run inside the resort.

Right here is the timeline hyperlinks for the Bitcoin run in Shoreline video:

Bitcoin run:
Resort East Wing: 1:49
Resort West Wing: three:42
Cottage: four:40
Fuel Station 6:30
Pier 7:00

Key areas:
W 321 Protected: eight:42
E 226: eight:55
E 222: 9:15
W 220: 9:38
E 205: 9:46
E206: 10:06
Cottage Key: 10:15
Cottage Protected Key: 10:25
E 310: 10:40

All information on this video is updated with patch zero.7.eight.1039

Intro Music – Avenged Sevenfold – Unholy Confessions

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Twitch – www.twitch.television/thisispestily

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  1. I tried to go to the cottage at level 3 and got lost and 1 shot by a scav

  2. How is the ui for his inventory so small? Just resolution?

  3. wow one of the best guides ive seen so far!! Nice Work

  4. Cooles Video.Spiele auch EFT.Werde bei dir weiter schauen.Wenn du Lust hast komm doch mal bei mir rum und schau dir mein Video an.Würde mich freuen.Abo hast du!??

  5. For those watching this right now, they nerfed the safes so ignore the cottage.

  6. Approx 1/7? I haven’t got a single Bitcoin to my name and I’ve looted hundreds of safes. I almost exclusively get cash.

  7. Just to add. East wing room 229 can spawn a bitcoin on the table next to the window. I haven't found key 229 but you can access from the adjacent room with key 228

  8. Good video ,Subbed 🙂 Can i ask what you're running in the top right of your screen with fps , packet info ?

  9. they nerfed the houses i think

  10. I've only found 8 bitcoins all dam week

  11. Keep up the good work lil pesty. Owen

  12. I made it to a 36 last whype and played shoreline the most and never found a bitcoin . Idk if I'm overlooking it or what . It's frustrating. I've made it to an 18 so far this whype . Using your guides I'm so much faster at ranking up and finding keys now !

  13. So many bitcoins in 10.6 its easy money, but interchange has far more…. Also i found 7 condensed milk in one raid in interchange… Keep up the great videos ?

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  15. Thank you Pestily, very cool!

  16. Always meds on scav Island

  17. That brightness at the beginning was intense

  18. I appreciate the A7X at the start nice!