Bitcoin Is Now Preparing For A Major Move

After the drop in Bitcoin we noticed in March, what does this actually imply for the cryptocurrency? Is the rally over? Has the wave rely modified? We reveal the solutions.

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  1. Great video again but awesome comments and advices!

    BTW, how is your trip going on?

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  3. Monitor the psychology of most Crypto investors someone will milk the markets dry

  4. I'm pretty concerned about the latest news that the blockchain itself contains data which links to child abuse. This can be a serious problem since certain lawmakers could consider the blockchain itself to be illegal as a result of the data that is contained within. There was a company that did a data audit and found TONS of stuff hidden away.

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  6. How can you say Bitcoin looks great when its below the 50, 100 and 200 EMA, 4 hour and daily RSI are showing downwards momentum. Bearish bigtime.

  7. My biggest concern is how btc seems tied with stocks. I think stocks seem weak now.

  8. First time I've watch I really like it ! Thx

  9. GIG9 looks like true dream.

  10. How can I set up that LT Time Cluster indicator and market profile indicator? What does the Time Cluster actually show us?

  11. Gig9 seems to be the most exciting thing of 2018..!!

  12. Tired of the graphs. If anyone knew, they'd be rich

  13. Thanks for taking a break from your vacation for making this!

  14. what about the moving average death cross

  15. The 61.8% fibonacci retracement level was around 11,000 from 20,000 ath. It obviously didn't respect that level.

  16. I enjoy your content and an a avid learner of chart analysis. Quick question: what market is this chart data coming from?

    The reason I ask is that in my learning process I always look to recreate the chart analysis you do. Learning by copying and doing. Your daily candle wicks in the last week bottom out at about 7640 on the 15th march. In your cart the last candle is on the 21st march.

    I did an analyzed daily prices using the top volume btcusd markets (according to coinmarketcap) and got the recent low actually on the 18th March of 7200 (lowest low but also on the highest volume btcusd exchange, Bitfinex), and the other 4: Bitstamp, Binance and Bittrex (the last 2 using USDT) all had lows in the 7325 range. The unweighted average of these lows was 7295usd on the 18th. The 15th was not the low of the week.

    When I apply the fib retracement exactly as you did (feb 6 low to feb 20 high. On your chart looks like you take feb 19 high)
    Price action does not find support at the 61.8% retracement, but goes all the way through to the 78.6% retracement and bounces there.
    I would love to add in a screenshot in this comment but comments are only text based. (screenshot on my blog. Just search for Mastercore on steemit or

    I am also curious about the green indicator still below price action in btcusd 1d. I have 50,100 and 200sma on my charts and btcsud 1d has been below all of these since it went below the 200sma on the 14th march.
    There has been some chatter about the possibility of a death cross forming in btc (50sma crossing the 200sma downwards). Your indicators do not show this at all which also adds to my general question about your indicators.

    I would love to get a reply from you about my finding so that I can learn better where these differences come from and what I may be overlooking in my technical chart analysis.

    Hope you have a great vacation and looking forward to your next videos.

  17. ? you should follow your own advice and simply enjoy your holidays. Do what I say, not what I do. ?

    I've gone through your videos to see how your advice or predictions stack up
    Unfortunately if someone listened to your prediction late Dec 2017 Early Jan 2018
    We are talking at least a 70% loss


  19. My analytical data is showing that bitcoin will fall below 5k by the end October. We will see a bullrun around more speculated hyped news in December to reach a peak of $30k. OR! If facebook announced that will be using litecoin pay, bitcoin will die. Litecoin is better than bitcoin in all areas of cryptocurrency. Given that all major exchanges allow crypto/crypto trades, other cyprocurrencies have the ability to drive the USD price down as well when everyone freaks out and sells because of diminishing returns, which means no one will be buying it because of its lack of utility and enhancements.
    . Litecoin will be the coin of the future.

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  22. Hi I just so happen to watch your video by chance and it is improve my game Big Time thank you my brother"),

  23. Good content! You should get some more views though. It will help your videos rank better! I used SMZeus . com on my main channel, it helped me rank my videos on the first page! You will need to delete the spaces in the link as YouTube wouldn’t let me write it normally lol.

  24. Hi Alessio, hope you are having a good vacations. I will take the liberty to ask you in behalf of… I think a "lot of people". As I´m sure you already know, the US stock ended the week 5.2 percent lower, their worst performance since January 2016. It seems this was in response to the new imports tax from USA to China. What should someone with stocks do? It seem turbulent times are coming. What is your approach?. Thanks in advance for your kindly comment.

  25. I have sold some on the way up 13000 -18000,,,I am still holding very small portfolio ,,but I expect bitcoin testing 5000 dollars..
    Sounds like the mania is over…
    Compare last 10 years gold chart with bitcoin…It has identical price action

  26. Where is the volume and the buyers….. this market is dead now.

  27. Bitcoin is garbage, you rightfully compared it to tulips in a video, you were right, now you're wrong, it's bit-con and it's going to zero with the rest of the scams

  28. whre can i find this indicators for mt4?

  29. do people actually fall for this sort of claptrap..? is it possible people actually buy in this utterly ridiculous Fibonnaci stuff. I mean seriously…get a grip please

  30. what now nostradamus? you are so wrong so often…then sweetly revise your narrative to suit in future videos. gobshite…you called a market crash 4.5 years ago on prime time TV. gobshite.

  31. Alessio I love your videos! Thanks for them. I have a question about your statement: " If Bitcoin falls below the the golden ratio level then sellers could regain control and push bitcoin lower towards the February panic lows". My question is how does sellers regaining control cause panic lows? I am new to trading but I think of real estate and when it's a sellers market prices go higher. Isn't it a buyers market right now and during Decembers ATH it was a sellers market? Thanks!

  32. Alessio – What are the MA settings you have on your chart?

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  34. Technical Analysis matters a lot less in crypto because the market driving forces are different, when compared to the stock market. The crypto area is more vulnerable to huge amounts of money coming in and being removed for all sorts of reasons with little to no regulations against manipulations. I do think crypto is here to stay, but, only coins and services that actually provide real world value will eventually survive and thrive, specially when there are regulations put in place, which, inevitably they will be, at some point. At that time, the teams backing the coins, the services and value each of them provides, the history, the progress, all those things will matter and then, I think, technical analysis will make more sense.

  35. Can you do a video of technical analysis for the lifespan of bitcoin from as early as 2015 till now? I think that would give better indicators of its direction rather than sectioning off the latest rally. Right?