BITCOIN Going to $3,500 SOON? | How Low Will Bitcoin Go?

BITCOIN Going to $three,500 SOON? | How Low Will Bitcoin Go?

The Bitcoin worth goes down! Will we see a 3500 greenback bitcoin this month? Many are saying it might drop under 4k. In at this time’s video, I would like to speak about what we must always do because the Bitcoin worth will get decrease. There are lots of issues we are able to do to make a revenue throughout these occasions. Dangle in there!

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  1. Ask yourself this question and divorce the bitcoin fugue – do you believe Blockchain is real and will become dominant? If you do, then forget the market, who cares. Crypto will breach $1trillion market cap, and then all your coins will be worth a fortune. Why is everyone so near sighted? I'm all in and I am not concerned


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  5. Why this clickbait? Btc won't go below 6k

  6. If I buy one Token for the price of 0.01 USD and after a few months it had value of 1 USD and then again in one month – that same token fall down to the walue of 0.50 USD….Did I lost my investment, did I lose my money?
    You need to bee one idiot to belive to the crash or apocalypse of BTC and other crypto……

  7. Sweet, i can get my video card at a price that is not 3 times higher?!

  8. This video is misleading. i will say this once invest today guys, invest now, there's no better time than now. if i took the advice of a friend years back, i would have been typing this from a yacht of my own. but my yacht isn't far away anymore thanks to the help of John and his advanced software, get in touch today, ( Verifiedbinarytrading@gmail. com )

  9. No problem if snowflakes who’s feeling is hurt so easily want to unsubscribe. Who needs their stupid comments after all. Mostly unsubstantiated BS pretend to be smart, knowing insightful etc..rude above all. Good ridens

  10. Did you find $3500 in your daily horoscopes?

  11. I don't understand. Google still allowing scammy binary options junk.

  12. Will google ban YouTube video as well???
    As YouTube is a part of google…
    If that happens then it will be very hard to communicate ☹️

  13. If it goes 500usd then I ll buy 1

  14. Well when they talk bad news they keep the price down

  15. relax and wait is not a strategy if you want to lose everything keep thinking like that… crypto is not a long term investment ! get out of there…

  16. You should not bring this up. Its un real. Unsubscribed now dude. Good luck. Soon this type of channels will get banned as well.

  17. “If he dies, he dies”

    — Ivan Drago (Rocky IV)

  18. with decreasing mining ROI miners should cartelise (stop competing on the same block validation), now this will be soon worse than good old banks…

  19. good video bro..keep it up.. we are all with you:)

  20. The uncertainty with Bitcoin (unlike a true currency) is that it can drop to zero in the blink of an eye.

  21. Paper money is also claim of nothing. Maybe only a claim of the more convenient ability to wipe your ass of.

  22. Well, you just know if Google is blocking Bitcoin advertisers, you know Bitcoin is a threat to the Banksters!!

  23. thank you for your honesty Jay. great video. Yeah, I think it will all be ok in the long run, it's just tough times now. I guess we need to do real life activities to enjoy life and take mind out of the market for a while to avoid being stressed or give it too much thought. This thing will explode , its just the beginning like you say .

  24. Wow…..from $20,000 down to $7,400….and falling! How much has been wiped out by idiots buying in above $10,000….you guys lost 30% already! Ready to lose more!!!

  25. Go ahead, tell idiots to buy into computer bits…which has ZERO monetary value!! I am an Electrical Engineer who is now retired. All I see are kids buying into hype and emotions with no knowledge!! You guys think you can overthrow the Government with this??? Hahahaha

  26. Even if Bitcoin drops that low, it would likely go back up very soon due to all the new people jumping in – and current players investing more – while the price is so low! I wouldn't worry at all. I'm just a newbie, but common sense says lows can sometimes be a good thing. Take for instance the stock market crash during the depression. While some were committing suicide when the market crashed, others were getting into the markets while prices were low, and subsequently became rich when they went back up.

  27. Also keep in mind the rumors of some big time players (Zuckerberg for one) considering getting into Bitcoin. When this happens the value will soar.

  28. Someone just recommended bitcoin master here few days ago. Thank you!!!!!!!! i cant keep calm.. He is the best hacker. All these indians parading themselves as hackers know nothing. This guy just sent me 2btc. I am rich… You can contact him too

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  30. Best Crypto Youtuber!!! Thanks for posting.

  31. gig9 tokens will be 10 times. Mark my words

  32. Can I get some of them bitcoins??

  33. My company needs $80k before the middle of this year . Mrs skrill helped me trade on her binary account for a 30% charge with an investment of $10k and to my surprise she made profit of $63,000 in 10days. Now she says i should put in £20k. what do you think ? also I traded with a man Mr ikko Port sometime in December. The cashout was good. I made about$15000. I also traded last month i got my $10000. I’m confused pls someone should help me out

  34. Bitcoin will not hit $3500 you dumb noobs lol clueless "experts"

  35. Trading crypto without a strategy is gambling. FIRST MILLION ROAD always provide me right time signal to buy or sell. It's a great program for newbie trader. Also there is good option for trading.

  36. OK stupid chicken I'll listen to you..

  37. Did not happen, not even close!!

  38. it can crash down to $100 for what i care… I would just buy more

  39. I think bitcoin is going 2000 to 800 this is a crash