Bitcoin Price Predicted to 2021

Right now I take a stroll by means of my value predictions for Bitcoin – not simply by means of 2018, however extending all over to 2021. I additionally give my predictions on the cryptocurrency area as a complete. Make certain to let me know your ideas and YOUR predictions within the feedback beneath. Oh, and should you’re from the longer term – how’d I do?

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  1. I hope your right and wrong lol

  2. We will fly to the Moon !

  3. I really like you. Great vids, good energy. I've learned a lot in the last year and a half from you. I feel the same. Nothing for a while. More down and sideways, then in a few years, kaboom

  4. Are you the only person living in Canada? It;s so empty there!

  5. Good job! Gives me more time to buy more!!

  6. If bitcoin hits 300-400K some time in 2021, I won't care how it gets there. I'll just sit here and hodl.

  7. That gorgeous blue, chemtrail-free Alberta sky may mirror the flash of clarity you had to make such predictions, which in the end, may come true to a large extent. We shall see. In the meantime, buy and hold bitcoin.

  8. Like your video dude.
    It's always informative and educative

  9. every youtuber is simply shitting around no one knows what will happen in the coming days or years

  10. Have no idea what the price of Bitcoin will be in 2021, however I do believe that Litecoin will be significantly higher and closer to Bitcoin on the TOP 10.

  11. Not sure you are right but it makes sense. Awesome video!

  12. You reasoning is spot on. Only time will tell if you are correct. Focus on the tech and price will follow.

  13. If ur predictions are correct mr mcafee will cut off his own penis and eat it… should be entertaining either way

  14. Didn't know Vanilla ice is into crypto.

  15. It's going down. Bitcoin has already crashed. You're gonna lose everything. There's about a dozen things wrong with this phony currency. Vector analysis is bullshit. Bitcoin is just a phony version of US dollars and when people realize this it's gonna crash. You're investing in a bubble and you can't win. Everything about the price is about manipulators, propaganda and suckers.

  16. I enjoyed your opinion today, I am building a little cripto as i can. I hope your right as I will have time to get something worth while. I'm BTC drop like a stone at the moment and I thought it would have gone back better this year. Your History lesson also good. so the end of the end is the up trend pattern period….

  17. hmm….I would kind of like it to hit 3000…that way I can invest more into buying more coins and hold onto them. I really love your videos..any plans on creating a website ? I think your subscribers would love it! And what if some douche took it beforehand and do stupid stuff with it, I see its not yet registered.

  18. Good bird's eye view practical analysis actually.

  19. GONNA HIT $$4,000 THEN DA MOON!!

  20. But you must take into account the institutional money that is entering the market and until the next having a lot of regulation attempt and laws will be in place for big investors to come in. Not sure we will have the same huge multi year bear market because of this. I do agree that with the halving we will see another big run up but the ATH will be broken before that event.

  21. Hello Ben, when will we see your first video about Vertcoin? I love Vertcoin. There is actually something going on with the new Lit Box. But I still couldnt figure out what Lit Box is made for.

  22. Its Time to kick the big maffia of their thrones ( Governments ) they are the biggest criminals and they need to be prosecuted because of their scam of hiding real history , creating money out of thin air , killing people around the globe with FIAT money , moneylaundery by banks that work for governments ( saw the story of a insider of those askinazi jew banks ) Are we sooo weak that we need to be governed ? no we have to take back our power and rights and freedom that we let them take from us … IT'S TIME FOR THE MIGHTY BITCOIN TO REIGN SUPREME .

  23. u make sure to make some ppl sell and lose money when u was saying btc sill going to 1k. .. btc will never go less then 6-7k there will be allways some one to buy at that prices…

  24. Hey Ben, I'm loving your channel. So now is the time to buy bitcoins? Thanks

  25. I think you're way off the mark but time will tell thanks for the video.

  26. Awesome EZ-FUN "powerful entertaining" EDUCATIONAL. Love your SPEED rock, roll, and flow on BLOCKCHAIN ??? + CRYPTO TECHNOLOGY. `???`
    THANK YOU "fantastic work" helping to orbit GLOBAL crypto awareness, and helping to BETTER life everywhere !! The Jetsons watching Star Trek. ?
    ??? THANK YOU ? Really REALLY "valuable" summary-of-wisdom-&-perspective!
    `W`I`S`D`O`M“`O`F“`T`H`E“`H`U`G` ` __ please enjoy `poem of ` ___With kindness““….
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    ““Born to be Heroes of the HEART SPACE our Mastercraft is co-creation with a super natural RESPECT for the energy of LOVE, the order of truth, the balance of WISDOM, and the TRUTH that all abundance is given in fullness to all life living in divine alignment with the HIGHEST good for all concerned.`
    ““With `ĠŖÄȚÏȚŮĐË` each breath is a new beginning as we become who we really are to self-express our best `ŮŅĊȞÄÏŅËĐ` and without prejudice…`
    ““`Wisdom`Of`The`Hug: When love Loves LOVE UP FRONT a resonance is created and form begins to take shape… Being believed in even just once changes EVERYTHING from the bottom of our truly topless hearts to a world where our dreams can FLY AWAKE in the LIGHT™.`
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    ` `

  27. BTC is here to stay ETH also they might reach higher prices 40 K and 1400 depending how fast they are being acquired. I think the cryptos will replace paper money World Wide! ?