Bitcoin is “Crashing” Again… Why I’m Not Worried

Individuals appear to be nervous once more that bitcoin has began dropping. However we aren’t nervous, and neither must you be. Right here is why.

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  1. What books do you suggest to study?

  2. I remember watching you on the news from Sydney and you were saying that you were dreaming of another recession !

  3. Unfortunately alot of trading resistence till 20k. So getting past that is going to be very volatile.

  4. How much bitcoin do you own? How much skin in the game?

  5. You're not worried…? maybe cuz you sold and now waiting for a buy-back-in with a nice 2-for-1 sale LOL?

  6. "Not worried". Now where did I hear this speech before again…
    Hey hey hey! Whatsawhatsa up Bitcoiiinnnn!
    Hey Hey everybody my name is Bitcoin early adopter and let me tell you guys that I am so excited, I am so happy,
    I am really so thrilled to be right now sharing this amazing glorious opportunity with you right now.
    This is a revolution the world in not as we know it anymore no no no! This is a revolution that will change the world.
    What am I gonna do I have so much money now? I love BITCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOIN.

  7. A.. B.. C… wave… overbought…. reverse direction… fiboncacci… golden ratio… bounce…

    So what you're basically saying is: the market goes up, it goes down… and… yep, it goes up again. Good work Sherlock. lol

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  11. I bought in at $6,000 and we are close to being back there again. I might buy even more if we dip that low again.

  12. why is you 200 ma so way down there? and whateverhappened to the golden ratio?

  13. Subscribed. Make a new video! I heard you shouting about bitcoin is a bubble! why do you think around %70 correction was the bottom? Why don't you think bitcoin will retrace all the way back to 2k?

  14. HAHA yes warren is one of the richest. Shouldn't be to difficult if you are the one manipulating the market and knowing it's coming back tomorrow
    WHat does it mean , nothing and everything. Markets are not about technology , they are all manipulated from the nasdaq to gold. Just follow people like rockefella and warren because they are literary holding back the world

  15. Remember that Warren said that bit coin is going to end badly

  16. just look at the monthly chart.. it was always going down

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  18. they will never stop doing this , you know simpsons had predicted Tramp , why don't you go to them you don't need any mathematicians , you need jokes , because its a joke to have 2 opposite potencial market behavior charts , one is low, the other high , well its gonna be 1 out of those 2 in 99% . Good guess there . LEt me try it , bitconnect is going to remain dead , second one is , bitconnect is gonna raise from the dead , lets see if im correct .

  19. you are not worried because you are a scammer

  20. Well that is why LEDU coin will always be the number one coin and they are currently listing on and bibox, try it out on liveedu.

  21. made great money off wallstreet crtpto gordo

  22. its already well under 8200 ..

  23. Lol stupid elliott wave theory…its dumping even hard now you dont know shit

  24. Your a great man, I do subscribe in your channel, waiting for your btc update,I'm new to crypto, I don't trade because im afraid of getting hack, I just buy and hold that's why I'm just hoping for the technical analysis like what u are doing,hoping the bear is over..I know your a wealthy man, hope u can share some of your fortune for the sake of my fathers health..btc: 3EHXkvTfK4vX7TvVAtBNLn8HpnuPCVmBPd

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  27. So if I buy now it will fall again. What are you buying it's not a coin, is it so what are you buying crypto .
    You have to say it's not that bad . You need to believe because you invested money in btc .

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  30. Warren's without a doubt a genius trader. Can't wait till bitcoins bottoms out and starts going up again. Got out 100 points before it dropped. ?

  31. Enjoy your presentations as a newbie I'm getting a lot out of them. Question. What application is being used for the charts in this presentation?