This Is Why Bitcoin Crashed Today…

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► Charting for Bitcoin/Altcoins –

► 1Q1XtTUxow2ZnmD8PFkW2Abqn3nDRy4pAB

► 0xa3FB102ed228896606e5b66FcA6A67e49dBABA73

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► 0x1142F8e419014BFad10015E22CE65498DbE93B5E
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► Ticker Image: SPT

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  1. Kyle, I love your videos and you provide really great information and education but DUDE, you have GOT to stop wiggling your mouse all over the place when you talk. It makes me go crosseyed trying to follow it!

  2. Mr. BTCKYLE please do a TA on BCH the fans would love it

  3. People are swing trading the 10-12k

  4. Nice to get your perspective Kyle. Thanks for your time putting this video together. A perfect storm… what are the odds eh'

  5. Mt Gox guy driving BTC down….Still has 180K BTC….Once he is cleared, BTC price will skyrocket…

  6. Best invest Dogecoins…

  7. The Binance issue was a headwind, the Mt. Gox selloff was a headwind, then CNBC keeps piling on during weak moment with interviews of moronic people like the Harvard Professor who said Bitcoin has not use cases. At the same time, there are so many positives with government projects. All the FUD is turning people off from crypto's, but once the money starts flowing back in then the rising tides should help.

  8. Give us a smyle, Kyle! 🙂

  9. TA is confirmed useless. Mt. Gox is responsible for the recent crashes and still have around 150,000 BTC they want to sell to repay back creditors and they will be selling in the future when the market recovers and is in their favor.

  10. I wish Binance would just make a call to do away with API functionality; or clone their site and try both. If it worked out, regulators could make everyone do it and stop banksters being part of the new market that they have done nothing to help the adoption of, just hinder it and now corrupting it. god I hate banks so much, we all know MtGox was not hacked. Pay back the MtGOX users now I say; BitCoin core should get involved to repatriate the money stolen by these fuckers (I would say it was, the SEC "Steal your customers' money and collapse else we will throw you in jail for not being able to comply with our weekly regulation changes)

  11. that's when you know crypto is unpredictable, technical analysis can be applied in stocks, in crypto too many newbies and crazy people that it is in and out. TA does not apply to bitcoin.

  12. Hope it's not the start of a long bear market, who really knows right?

  13. Got a nice entry off the dip.

  14. Hey nice video! I recommend getting rid of the background shade on your fib's- makes the chart much cleaner to read!

  15. who thinks this going to crash to 3000?
    all coin base going down wow unreal
    bitcoin now at 8974.94
    bitcoin cash 996.37
    ethereum 668.85
    litecoin 168.43

  16. Dude!! 10,000 views?? deserved….

  17. This reminds me of the tech bubble srry people to risky

  18. Stfu u ugly fuck nerd

  19. Because it's one big scam.

  20. You might as well ask why BTC boomed at the end of last year. It is not a crash at all but a correction. Please study markets before scare mongering you disingenuous dullard!

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  22. Price was too close to rising about the cloud; whales had to knock it down!! What about a massive sell-off to cover CME futures contracts on the 29th as well?? Thanks for the video.