The Truth: Reason For The Recent Bitcoin “Crash” / SEC Regulating Exchanges / Binance API Trouble

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  1. Can someone post time stamps for this video? much love guys

  2. Buy the dips! HODL that shit… like hold on for dear life… seriously! The people who make it through the next couple years holding their coins will be set for life, everyone with weak hands and stomachs will be telling that sad ass story about how they almost got rich. Bitcoin and block chain are unstoppable, the only thing the SEC and the coordinated fud attacks are doing is buying the banks time so they can buy in.
    Sooooo buy the dip ✌️??

  3. Lovely work man. Stay cryptic!

  4. When will ppl realize gov is just here to extort wealth created by others

  5. I just now traded btc for ltc on Binance. I guess I thought that would be okay, but now I cannot get my ltc onto my Ledger Nano S because litecoin wallet is under maintenance. Hmmmmm.

  6. You’re on the precipice of 100k subscribers! Congrats!!!

  7. Cryptic means mysterious or obscure, crypto means cryptography

  8. these mofos dumped btc and had their buddies short the market.. man even the wolf of wallstreet went to prison for such insider trading shit.. someone should beat these assholes to a pulp.

  9. Yeah well you know that the NY Stock Exchange is a major shareholder in Coinbase (ref: Crunchbase) and now Circle (Goldman Sachs, IDG Capital Partners, Breyer Capital, Accel Partners, General Catalyst Partners, Baidu, CICC Alpha, EverBright, WangXiang and CreditEase) has bought Poloniex so go figure!!

  10. I just posted that very comment about short selling on Boxmining so yup agree 100% without a doubt! Thanks for bringing it up!!

  11. Just curious; what is the name of the hat company you are wearing on your head?

  12. Wear a bigger hat! Screw those haters 🙂 thanks for the info brotha. Good day to scoop!

  13. so on binance the hackers sold off peoples alts for btc and then bought VIA with their BTC.. they then sold via (including margin positions) on other exchanges to make a hefty profit, so although nothing was really withdrawl on binance, the binance apis were for sure hacked some how, and i doubt it was jjust phishing

  14. Actually the SEC bloke said that all SECURITIES traded must have registered users. So that means nothing but FUD. Because cryptos are not securities legally speaking. Always remember they break rules to make new rules. Fight back people, comment, post, protest, petition. Fuck the establishment

  15. beard looking TIIIIGHT!!! …jelly

  16. are you African or Indian? What is your official DNA test results? your blood type? social security number?

  17. Wait, 5:15 you said POLONIEX was exempt of registering as a securities exchange with SEC, where did you get this information? link?
    POLONIEX doesn't appear in this list:

  18. "da hat i got for christmas is to beeg"

  19. local bitcoin is it good ?f.k gdax f.k gouverments…i dont need third party to tell me where can I and where cant invest. ICO rules

  20. Binance said that users' credentials had been stolen and APIs clandestinely activated by the hackers to be simultaneously used in the attack. The bot theory seems to have been a false lead. Binance also prevented the loot from being withdrawn and refunded some of the victims. I'd say they couldn't have handled this better. The fault lies with the users' recklessness, as well as obviously the attackers.

  21. Crypto, tell bogdanov to start printing that extra tether.

  22. Love your stuff Crypto! Can you shed some backstory on the Mt Gox bit in your next vid? I know about the Mt Gox hack, but who are these trustees? Are they anonymous? Why do they have so many bitcoin… wasn't it hacked? Is it theirs, or was it the deposits? Are they using the $ raised to pay the ppl who were hacked– but if so, why not just repay them with the bitcoin?

  23. Can you see a Ban coming, just like in poker?

  24. , I'll be going down with the ship with you brother

  25. How do I cook chicken?

  26. so who is dumping their Cryptos at 8 am the last 2 days and more importantly who is buying the dump at 9 am each day?

  27. are you Lt. Dan of the link marines?

  28. Omar .. Bitcoin Not Bombs

  29. I'd love to know what exchange they sold these coins on..

  30. The BTC sold off was used to stabilize the alt markets. Notice all the satoshi drift into alts and loss of BTC dominance? The alts aren't shit show nerd money now. Sometimes "manipulation" is just pros and market action.

  31. Hi any chance on talking about #graph please and when are they launching it cheers and like always I enjoy your channel, keep up the news your very good.

  32. Yes you are directly on point with the margin trading leveraging on their short before they sell big guys are making serious money from this. I thought about that today.

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