Keiser Report: Bitcoin Battle (E1197)

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On this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy talk about confronting the reality and lies about bitcoin. Additionally they take a look at the tip of the low volatility regime. Within the second half, Max continues his interview with Mitch Feierstein of about manipulation of the volatility index and the collapse of a few of its related spinoff merchandise. Additionally they take a look at the general state of the markets.

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  1. Dimon was successful in the sense that he got BTC to dip enough for his eurotraders to pile on and make millions. The Binance hack turns out not to be a hack and the tokens are getting returned, the Mt Gox group has sold 400M of their BTC and CNBC keeps rolling out their trolls of propoganda against Bitcoin. We just need to survive another week to get past this FUD.

  2. MAX!!! Enough with the Bitcoins please.

  3. Interesting how Max hates share buybacks because the money is not going into making a corporation bigger and then bashes Amazon for doing just that. Why in the world would a corporation want to get larger just so anti monopoly chatter ramps up? Best streamline your business just under that threshold and get as much as you can without legal action. You can be big but not too big so might as well pay yourself more.

  4. Keiser is a huge con man. He is also a Jewish tool of the establishment who pitches the climate change scam.

  5. Thanks for all both you and Stacy do in trying to wake amerika up and report real and USEFUL information which is very rare these days. It cracks me up every time I see the little message under RT you tube videos saying that "RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government". The power obsessed elites in amerika have to try and control the way everyone thinks and behaves. I trust the Russian gov more than our fascist regime in amerika. This officially began under the Act of 1871.

  6. The bankers are the biggest whales in crypto dont be fooled folks everything going according to plan.

  7. Stacey, how can you tie this into the global warming theory? Or is that science settled and unquestionable? Your dinosaur theories need to adapt!

  8. Bitcoin is a wrecking ball. I love it.

  9. JP Morgan/Jamie Diamon I'm sure are comfortably invested in Bitcoin at this time…they pretended to stall or put out the all of a sudden it's a risk? They are all jumping in for them and their investors

  10. Bitcoin is here to stay wether the big chiefs like it or not?

  11. Max needs to run for the 3rd option for president! Abolish the IRS and the Dollar. We all use Bitcoin and crypto to live in the world. We can all kumbaya together in perfect harmony!

  12. Time for BITshitmanipCOIN to die. Fuck the whales. Plenty of useful projects that could rise if it wasn't for the central skansters manipulations and the communities inability to let "The First Mover" relegate itself to a museum. Thank you for your service bitcoin, but fuck off with the whales that made us your bitch.

  13. Trump already backtracked again on guns. And he zigs, and he zags, and round and round he goes and eventually his head will fall off…

  14. LMFAO! If that story is true about fiddy and snoop with the paper wallet…. RIP their brain(z) – if they have any left at all in there…

  15. The entire community is watching Jamie. You are being made a fool of by Bitcoin et al Jamie.

  16. My gosh that women talks shit

  17. Have either of you read the book, "More Guns, Less Crime"? Gun control is people control. The first thing all dictators do is go for the guns. We need guns for crime control and government control. The last check on a tyrannical government is an armed citizenry.

  18. MUST SEE , How to invest in Bitcoin and become a Billionaire

  19. Who is this "Repeal the Second Amendment" Psychopath in the Comments Section? I Reported his Ass for Hate Speech, the Bill of Rights is my Birthright as an American & he wants to shit on it. I'm an Offended Snowflake that needs a Safe Space where my rights aren't Attacked by Ravenous Idiots.

  20. Hold your nose and buy the lows.

  21. Somehow, dont know why, but his voice reminds me of Chris Rock,….when he’s drunk ?

  22. Max Keiser the CONSUMATE LIAR!!! Bitcoin charges more fees than any of the bank fees he listed by the banks!!! It costs $100 to send $10 with BTC, Bitcoin!!! Max the liar! Fraud!!!

  23. I always knew Keiser was an android


  25. 5:22 Max, BTC does NOT eliminate costs for things like withdrawals. All exchanges, ATMs etc charge a shitload to deposit/withdraw BTC.

  26. If you see Max on the streets club his ass.