Bitcoin Pullback Levels | DGD Token Analysis

Bitcoin Fundamentals Buying and selling Movies (Extremely advisable):


► Charting for Bitcoin/Altcoins –

► 1Q1XtTUxow2ZnmD8PFkW2Abqn3nDRy4pAB

► 0xa3FB102ed228896606e5b66FcA6A67e49dBABA73

***Including to MyEtherWallet***

► 0x1142F8e419014BFad10015E22CE65498DbE93B5E
► Decimal: eight
► Ticker Image: SPT

Complete provide: 250,000,000 SPT (factors) – ERC20 Good Token

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  1. Guys, this is the program that I use (Yes its a ref link – but it helps both of us)

    Also please keep in mind – no one can predict 100% into the future for any asset. So keep in mind that this is for educational purposes only. I'm only showing my perspective and thought process! Good luck trading today.

  2. Kyle, buddy. Whats your opinion on EOS?

  3. So sick of bitcoin. It's the worst coin yet it brings all others down.

  4. Don't sell your bitcoin, double it, it will hit $50,000 soon, i remembered when bitcoin was $18,0000, everybody was regretting they didn’t buy when it was $11,300, not its down to $11,300 instead of them to invest theirs or buy more, they are saying its crashing, i had 3.5 btc which was $64,000 which dropped to $36,000. i was mad and started looking for solution to multiply it , I was skeptical at first, the first week we made 12btc with 3.5btc, Give A try, you have total control of your bitcoin, Mail ( For More Info.

  5. I have a question. How do think it will be possible for btc to even survive? Now when the mining industry is growing so fast? Right now its over 50% done by just 2 companies and their revenue is growing extremely fast meaning more money every day leaves the market. This also makes it more and more centralized and potential 51% attacks increases. Also the gpu development is ahead of the difficulty increases and this means the block times is getting shorter every day. I dont see how it would be possible for btc to remain a high value or even survive!? In one year the block times would be seconds and not minutes and extreme amounts of fiat would leave the market every day. It feels like btc is just being used as a mining revenue/bot manipulation coin now and it will continues to do so until its a non profit for the top revenue companies and the chain dies. The only solution i see is a hardfork to pos similar as ethereums plan, but this will most likely remove all credibility from it.

  6. Kyle I like your videos bro but you’re looking at this all wrong. Not gunna aggressively troll you as I enjoy your videos and I’m not a douche bag but this upward price action cannot be sustained with volume at the levels that it is and you can clearly see price and volume diverge at an alarming rate. Whilst crypto is a new asset class it’s not exempt from any other asset like this and you see it time and again – price increases that are not supported by continuous volume cannot last. It’s very similar to current situation with London/San Francisco property prices. It’s quite clear this is a double top rather than a pull back.

  7. Dude change your hair bro not a good look…by the way im bald lol 😉

  8. Could you look into WELL coin (medical) please , public sale is on 15th of May , tokens until 15th april.

  9. Substratum or Tron please!

  10. hey kyle, quick tip when you select something in coinigy. a rectangle line or anything else. The top and bottom are given in the price tabel. The 2 blue prices. only when you selected something. Hope this helps:) keep up the good work!

  11. RIP kumo twist dreams Q_Q
    Gonna keep pushing EDG even though its so new :3

  12. Dgd is awesome….mass adoption and we are all set.

  13. Tron please. (TRX on binance)

  14. I would like to know how you calculate investors trend as you do. Technical analysis in stock makes more sense, investors needs at least some knowledge to invest. In crypto anyone can invest. How do measure investors will follow all the same trend to make those predictions? best ! keep it up!

  15. CLOAKCOIN or DASH for TA

  16. Man that green screen is on point!

  17. Would be great if u can review XEM ( NEM). Cheers!

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  19. From my beginner TA, I’m seeing a rising wedge (bearish pattern) atm on BTC. Also the MACD seems to be showing us a downward crossover. We might see BTC to around the $8K level? Since the break down in price action must be the same height as the original formation of the rising wedge. Thoughts?

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  22. Thanks for the overviews. How about reviewing EOS?