How Dangerous Is Bitcoin?

It began the cryptocurrency revolution and affords us a glimpse of the long run – however is bitcoin the marvel cash individuals suppose it’s?

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  1. The Irony of banks complaining about it destabilizing things is hilarious I guess they don't like it upsetting their racket

  2. When you are a youtuber who lost a lot of money by investing into cryptocurrencies at the wrong time, you be like…

  3. This guy obviously has no idea what he is talking about and spent like 5 minutes on Google and decided to make a YouTube video.

  4. 3BN5gUdJLy8u4ECX6yQB7wWGWeJGmrbbsB please someone donate small amnt of BTC please… struggling lot and lost lot…. just consider once… please help us……. please someone donate btc please

  5. Bitcoin trading is NOT banned in India. But yes banks have decided not to support recently. Same happened in Thailand before they taxed & legalised it. Also the bank ban has been challenged in court of law.

  6. CEO of JP Morgan called Bitcoin a fraud? is this guy for real 🙂

  7. A lot of your vids are great but you should learn WAY more about crypto and blockchain before making a video on it – it's actually pretty easy to predict what will happen when the 21millionth BTC is mined, and it's so basic it's funny to say that when it's mined the price will likely crash.. Basic economics would've been a good place to start before making this vid

  8. Listen this guy talking against cryptos is totally brainwashed stay with the government I live a good life trading cryptos I am my own boss

  9. If you wanna learn about Bitcoin, subscribe to my channel.

  10. A.I and Bitcoin will take over the government

  11. Bitcoin/Crypto is the biggest scam. Invest in Stocks or Forex. Crypto is Gambling not Trading…..,,,

  12. I had to turn this off about half way through. The reporter either does not understand bitcoin or is trying to mislead people intentionally. Either way, lots of misinformation.

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  14. better learn what bitcoin and crypto is. its sad to see how big guns are scared and scaring normal people off. so they can control it. btw JP Morgan has opened a special deskfor bitcoin trading. criminal are running away from bitcoin cause it can be tracked. they perfer cash.

  15. Who sponsored this video?

  16. SEC has too much power. Is not a good 'bedfellow'. We don't need them to regulate us. They are not our friends, but rather enemies aligned in sinc with the Banks ….
    We, the people, can do fine without them.
    All they are doing is squelching our Crypto investments and degrading them. We, the investors, loose much money because of them.
    They must Sued for harassing the crypto investors. The investors are just minding their own business and do not want the so-called 'help' of the SEC.

  17. Caution about the statements in this Video. In at least one case it is poorly investigated and contains wrong or misleading information: I AM SWISS: Go to Minute 6.12… a) the Swiss council only has seven – not eight – members. All four male "presidents" were not in Office at the time of publishing this statement. it was at or before BitCoin was released and was just worth a few cents – means in or before 2010. For this reason, I handle this Video with care!

  18. Bitcoins primary use is the laundring of money, second use is the evasion of tax, thirdly the payment to corrupt individuals, lastly a secure way to move funds.

  19. wait….what? how is less of a supply and more of a demand going to cause it to crash??? that's not how microeconomics works, that's not how any of this works….

  20. Soon to be exposed as an ingenious Ponzie scheme.

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