This is the Next Big Move in Bitcoin

Let’s have a look at what Elliott Wave Concept – the finest predictive technique for Bitcoin and markets – tells us about Bitcoin’s subsequent vital transfer.

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  1. Try to channel your idea. Use the MACD and you will see that there is chance for lower prices under 5.000,- $ befor a rally in a third wave starts.

  2. Thanks, can you do one on ETH?

  3. Bitcoin will eventually move higher if you ask me. Team HODL BUY ON THE DIPS!

  4. Let’s count how many times you said “very likely”

  5. Thanks or the great vid… long time no see compared to all the others on utube

  6. What an idiot. "Elliot waves" aren't consistent predictions at all for long term holders. In RANGING markets you will get crushed, especially with news consolidation. I traded Forex and Options for 3 years, and Elliot waves, harmonic patterns AB/CD patterns, were some of the first things I've traded. If you're looking to be profitable and you're still struggling, you need to look into 'Renko Brick charts" as they eliminate noise, and make trading easier for beginners, and if you're pro it's almost like a holy grail(especially if you're scalping).

  7. Why do people believe in this idiot? This is coming from a trader who finally managed to get successful in the market after years of dedication, and even though I still work a day job, I'm making a lot more income from day trading.

  8. This has 2k likes and 47 dislikes, and people are still gullible enough to follow this guy. The 2k people who liked this shitty video, are the same 90% people who lose money day trading.

  9. there is never any certainty with whether the btc will rise or fall neither are any of the other currencies very safe, that's why i prefer sticking to cloud mining contracts. at least the one i got from SimonKrypto earns me approx. 0.4 ether a week which feel is a decent ROI. you can contact him on simonthorupmgt@hotmail. com to get a space and start investing wisely

  10. What’s the possibility that you can make an analysis of the ripple charts?

  11. Thanks Alessio, learning allot from your vedios. hopfully soon I become a premium member at Leading Trader. can you please let me know how often do we get market analysis as a Premium Member?

  12. You are exceptionally good at explaining, combined with a pleasant voice and the right speed. Do you have any courses?

  13. Hi from Holland. You are t best Bitcoin TA on YouTube

  14. Alessio Rastani
    Where do you trade bitcoin? Coinbase is a rip-off.

  15. When you say: "100 moving average", are you referring to 100 day, hours, or minutes moving average? Its not clear from your terms that you use.

  16. Your videos have been really informative thanks, just one question. Where do you recommend is the best place to trade CFD's with the tightest spreads that are reliable for withdraws as I am currently trading between about 5 different companies because I dont trust any of them!

  17. Finding you here on youtube is a gift from the Crypto Gods. Dont stop Rastani!

  18. hi alessio – a small mention of your channel and appreciation in my new video – hope you like it …
    appreciate your contribution to crypto community …. not trying to generate traffic for my content here.. 🙂

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  22. the first impulse wave from 6k is now in a abc correction. we are not in the second impulse wave yet most likely. there will be another small correction wave before second impulse


  24. Do you think with bitcoin losing value so quickly this was a classic pump and dump?