Bitcoin Rejected! Buy Zones, Psychological Mistakes Traders Make, PetroDollar, Traveling – Ep149

The resistance proved an excessive amount of for Bitcoin as we watch it pull again to the earlier stage. At present we’re speaking about the place to purchase again in, psychological errors merchants make in occasions like this, vetting info you discover on-line and the PetroDollar ICO scenario.


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  1. My man!! I love the channel !

  2. Can you provide more data on OPEN Platform. They have experienced immense Telegram activity in the past weeks.

  3. As someone who travels regularly overseas, this customs rumor is untrue or the very least exaggerated! It doesn't make any sense because if it's true, you'll have to declare all your monetary assets, such as money in bank when you carry debit cards, credit cards. How about if you wear expensive jewelry or expensive watch? Do you have to declare them? Some people simply love to be drama kings and queens!

  4. YOLO bids hahaha i love it

  5. My brothers girlfriends uncles mate, that he went to school with back in 1972, told him via text to a mate of his and then posted via social media to the uncle, that a government official has said.. ah shit I forgot. Well the point is.. whatever it was, must of been the truth.

  6. looks like a rising wedge that broke to downside

  7. Your part of my daily diet of crypto info.

  8. Solid consistent content. Keep up the awesome work ??

  9. Hello from Australia, Perth. You are very good at this. Congrats.

  10. I really appreciate your videos Carter! I don't know anything about Technical analysis who do you recommend I check out to learn from? Can you do a video on an intro into Trading View and how to set up the charts and navigate the tools?

  11. Another fantastic video! I appreciate the quick mouse size adjustments you do when it's hovering over a crucial section of information in the material you are covering.

  12. CNY was last week, people are getting back to business this week.

  13. If people ain't buying XLM right now oooooh man, I feel bad for you. Great video Señor!

  14. Skin in the Game = Yes!
    I love Nassim. Thank you for sharing.
    I do not listen to people who do not have some skin in the game.

  15. I am gonna say it: I am in big loss guys. Even though I bought in 5000€
    Good for tax season I guess 😉

  16. Dude 🙂 I found you too late… I lost a lot of money last day 😀 then I saw your prediction video… all what you say was spot on and right, that why I'm here today!

  17. Great show.. Been into it for a couple months now. Listening daily. It is still my opinion, however, that literally no one knows what's going to happen in crypto. No one. All these price prediction videos, and "to the moon" youtubers are a waste of time to watch. Carter is the only one I'm interested in so far.

  18. Excellent video thanks. Quick question, whats the best way to learn to trade? Do u need to spend years at college or can u teach yourself? What would be the best way do you think? Thank you

  19. Clearly explained B itcoin charting – many thanks, keep up the good work.

  20. I'm getting interested in TA myself after listening to these videos! Keep it up – really interesting stuff!

  21. came here recommended by Ivan on Tech

  22. Everything is just going down wtf

  23. best crypto channel, never negative and gives solid advice even in a bear, rather than dooom dooom dooom as others do

  24. carter can you give a lesson on candles?

  25. I sold my LTC around 239 D lolzzz. Waiting for 168 to buy back, I think too that we will touch this support line.

  26. Thank you for all the updates! Great content as always!

  27. Great life advice as usual. The stuff about skin in the game and guys doing ta on YouTube for status made me think of tone vayes, I enjoy him but everything is very emotional and ego driven with him.

  28. Love your videos super informative,very helpful, I always buy the dip , I crave the knowledge of candles ,charts, Trends etc

  29. Cater,

    I would appreciate if you released your Tradingview account username to the public so we can see your charts! This would be helpful because your technical analysis is much more simple than some of the other people on Tradingview, also it would be beneficial to follow along with you while watching.

    Very respectfully,

  30. “Trying to get the calls right, but forgetting they gotta put money where their mouth is.” That was a great comment.

  31. Are they going to take a look to all the smartphones that arrived at the country thats Bull!!!!

  32. Petro is a Scam if you buy you are going to contribute to a Dictatorial Goverment

  33. Hi, you will soon have 1mio subscriber! with best regards from Kirgisistan

  34. Sounds like you'd rather wait until we drop inside the "golden ratio" as opposed to starting to ladder inside the 50% zone..? Even if it mean that you do not add to your position at all in the mid-term? Or would you get in at a higher price – say over $12k – if the trend gets more bullish over the next week or so?

  35. this was def the #1 article I freaked out about today
    thanks for the head check

  36. Hey, have you heard about Nautics yet?

  37. Flipping awesome, bro! Love ur stuff!

  38. With stepped up regulation it would make sense to buy into decentralized projects like ZRX, AST, KNC and maybe even NANO (XRB).

  39. great vid bud! KUCOIN exchange is great btw.. but you have no RESENT mention of TELCOIN ??? whats up with that buddy? :).. less then 2 months old and the biggest unvalued pre-binance listed coin there is….. please look into TELCOIN as they dont push out fake media hype….. I did watch your a vid awhile ago when u were talking about a use case that TELCOIN solves …..we all value your opinion but i think alot of people are sleeping on what this team is doing ….. they dont market and promote they just crack on and build there company.. people should understand they are currently testing there poof of concept with big major mobile phone Telco companies, Telcoin have NDAs with the telcos so they can't announce there partnerships until later in Q2..
    The TELCOIN team is about to list new exchanges in march.. (as per road map) and were invited to present there coin at the latest world telco GSMA summit…. GO TELCOIN 🙂 CHECK THEM OUT

  40. Insightful and educational … thank you