Bitcoin Morning Brief – Bitcoin Pulled Back Hard from $12k, What’s Next

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  1. Tone, first let me say thanks to you I have not lost money on my BTC trades past 10 days even in the harsh environments. Anyway yesterday on your brief you said " the mempool is empty that means no one is using bitcoin" which got me thinking, why can't you get a world bit coin day going? There is black friday and cyber Monday what about a bit coin spend day once a year maybe look at historically why day bit coin is trading real high maybe in the summer etc. Amazon built their legacy pushing cyber Monday why can't all of those who care about bitcoin organize a spend day? I mean geez there was that corny hands across america that sucked. I guess this is where Satoshi not being the 'Steve Jobs' of BTC kinda hurts the long term marketing plan of BTC. But "HEY" why can't we do something where we are all 'Satoshi Nakomoto". I will bet you a one day 'spend' would invite the Amazons to do a 'test' for that one day companies like Macy's would give it a go when its only one day no strings attached. ok Thanks man and keep up the good work.

  2. Please tell me Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah "Cream ICO" is not a Ponzi

  3. I pointed out the RSI divergence a few hours before the big pullback and everyone called me a fudtard. You can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink..

  4. Tone's autotune was glitching.

  5. 22:55 didn't know Tone was a Game of Thrones fan!

  6. Can you follow up on OPEN Platform!

  7. Your a great analyst but your photography skills suck! Put simply, learn how to make great videos. The basic error you consistently make is having bright lights in the background. THIS UNDER EXPOSES YOUR VIDEOS. Please, stop and never use bright lights (lights of daytime windows) in the background. Bright backgrounds wash out the foreground. It's much, much better to have a lite shining on you from either side. You'd be amazed in the video quality improvements following these basic concepts. Keep up the good work!?

  8. Spot on buddy . Nice call

  9. For anyone that is watching, the robot voice is fixed at 39:22 but still worth watching and pushing through the robot section.

  10. Audio goes bad at around 24 minutes

  11. Wow audio rekt.  Thanks for trying.

  12. 1:09 Headlines
    18:30 Weekly Chart (19:50 Double bottom Vs Double top)
    21:40 Daily Chart ~ bad audio starts 23:50
    24:31 Learn Trading
    25:02 Four Hour Chart
    37:17 12 Hour Chart
    37:55 Hourly Chart ~bad audio ends 39:15
    43:21 Yields 10 Year notes
    43:48 S&P 500
    45:00 Questions (When does the year chart become useful? 2021) (50:34 Willy Woo) (51:43 Aggressive 13 Vs 13) (53:47 ~ Differences of the count between exchanges ) (55:57 Indicator & the 5min chart) (59:31 what options strategies do you like)
    1:02:10 Four Hour Chart

  13. Your videos run long because you go off on tangents and repeat yourself. Just sayin'.

  14. Hi Tone:) don't aim for perfection, that's what makes people hideous, man. Shit, broken mic, or hair loss…, happens. You try forecast reality, not dreams. Am I wrong, about what you're doing?!

  15. Good video.. as all others.. :).. I was afraid that was a bull trap, thanks for your explanation.

  16. Venezuela is not poor. They were very wealthy but years of Embargo. Could crippled any countries economics.
    But they are coming back if the USA doesn’t put their noses in that country.

  17. Russia is helping Venezuela

  18. Petro is a much more ambitious project than other digital currencies. like the Digix (backed in gold) or the Tether (backed in currencies) that will have the door To the use of other assets as backup of the currency due to its condition of active Crypto issued by the state on its own platform, the instrument has Potential to be adopted massively, with more than 20 million users alone, in Venezuela, that is, the equivalent to 5 times the size of the global market of the Crypto coins. Petro will work with the technology of block chains, following the highest standards to guarantee integrity, transparency, auditability and governance. In addition, it has the backing provided by the privileged reserves of natural resources of Venezuela. This cryptoactive will generate confidence among international investors for having their bases firmly established in a context of clear rules and a solid connection with the real economy.
    Petro as it is the fact of being backed by the largest certified oil reserve on the face of the earth with 395,878 million barrels of oil 2 times higher than the reserves of Saudi Arabia and Dubay together, 11 thousand tons of gold in natural reserves , the 4th largest gas reserve on the planet, diamonds, coltan, and the world's largest Thorium reserve 2 times the size of the oil reserve, this mineral possesses 1,000 times the energy produced by the uranium in the nuclear bomb plus It is a powerful existing one that makes the figure that will support the Petro be "58,000 Billion Dollars", the equivalent of 40 times the gross domestic product of the US. and 4 times that of China.

  19. Lies, however repeated, do not become true.
    Venezuela a misapplied Socialism
    Look at
    Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Findland. They are the richest countries in the world. All Socialist.

    USA, the most criminal empire in history, has invaded 70 countries (1300 MILLION DEAD)
    The human cost of these US interventions has been enormous. Currently, 18 million people die, avoidably, every year in the developed world of the Earth Spacecraft, with the US at the helm. According to Canadian geographer Jules Dufour, "The US has established its control over 191 governments. The conquest, occupation and supervision of the different regions of the world are supported by a network of bases and military installations that cover the entire planet (continents, oceans and outer space). All this belongs to the operation of an extensive empire, whose exact dimensions are not always easily noticeable.
    The US operates and / or controls between 700 and 800 military bases throughout the world.
    The US has a total of 737 bases abroad. If we add to these military bases located in US territory, the total area occupied by US military bases, both inside and outside the country, is of the order of 2,202,735 hectares, which makes the Pentagon one of the Largest landowners in the world.

    I am an anarchist and I am in favor of Venezuela been a Sovereing country. Free of the imperial embargo.

  20. Tone if you are indeed an "educated and enlightened" human you will know that what I write below is worth pondering whether you agree with it or not, as only a fool does not listen to all things before making decisions.

    I'm sorry I like your analysis and charts but EDUCATE YOUR DUMB IGNORANT ASS! There are multiple times in this video that have clearly shown why you are self limiting. (Yeah I'm older, and I have no doubt happier in my life, so read on its advice not judgement).

    Socialism is NOT Communism and BOTH can exist inside versions of other forms of democratic societies.

    The UK, Canada, Australia, France and VENEZUELA are ALL SOCIALIST BASED NATIONS! So are most of the WESTERN world. The US is actually a capitalist system with a tiny socialist element but it is mostly a MILITARY based nation. This simply sounds "terrible" to the average citizen so America calls it "pure" capitalism.

    So please educate yourself before you embarrass yourself any further amongst any "global viewers".

    Point number 2 you might want to understand the GFC a little better. Just because you worked in Wall Street doesn't mean you understand it. You saw it from the WRONG SIDE. And by saying that I mean you saw it from the inside not the masses looking in.

    In simplified terms it was an over extension of fractional lending (which should be illegal imho anyway, any other business doing this would go to jail for fraud! But not a bank!) And TAXPAYER money was used to keep these banks alive! Why? Why not let them fall??? That's where the anger comes from. And incase you are not aware of this, the ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD now has Bail IN LAWS meaning they can use deposits, superannuation (401ks), stocks linked to your bank account, etc.. as a BAIL IN to save themselves by law. So please educate yourself there too instead of saying it was stupid people buying overpriced house's. There is a cause and effect, bit the outcome was handled by governments!

    And finally we move on to the good old Petro dollar vs the Sanctions around the world and the Venezuelan Petro token IS NOT A JOKE. Again you need to understand the USD = A MILITARY BASED NATION that is backed by A PETRO $. The US LITERALLY put sanctions on nations that don't comply with Washington policy, such as Venezuela, Russia, Iran, Philippines', and an endless list of nations. And use the SWIFT payment system as a blockade to stop banking and trade.

    The Petro token is simply another version of China's offer to buy oil in gold or yuan instead of the USD.

    IE. It is backed by the nation's wealth of oil reserves, gold and others SOLID commodities. Which is why it had a presale of nearly 1 billion $ to date.
    It will be a top 5 token on launch and probably number 1 within a year or 2 as it has REAL WORLD assets and daily liquidity trading and is backed by Russia and China, unless the US make up some excuse to invade the nation which nearly happened last year.

    So please put some education into your comments and then you might just get the following that Doug Polk or DataDash have because they worry less about how they look and more about content and accuracy.

    And I'm just being honest.
    (And who am I to tell you how to live, no one! We all judge ourselves, not others. But if it helps I did give away a very large part of my wealth to support others in another industry because Bitcoin was good to me. So I'm not just a random dickhead, I've been there and done that).

    Edit: and I'm calling $14-14,500 BTC end of March ?
    I'm out!

  21. Just add "Why I'm Bullish On Bitcoin In This Economy" or something with "Why the PRice of Bitcoin is Irrelevant" some shit like that in the title – it'll get the hits and views

    Thanks for the vid as always tone

  22. Lightening nodes is gonna render so many ICOs and altcoins useless …… no wonder why Tone thinks almost all altcoins useless…. shit i gotta get outta some of my altcoins lol and learn more about the lightning network

  23. who cares about your candles? Have a look at the facts! Litepay is gonna be launched. BTC will follow the LTC price. Wake up mate. Stop being trapped within your 4h, 2h or 5 minutes charts. Have a look at the bigger picture. You got a long way to go. I am convinced that sooner or later you will see.