The Next Big Move in Bitcoin is Setting Up Now

Bitcoin has began a possible main wave after it has accomplished a probable wave four correction. So what Now? We reveal in the video.

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  1. I loved that video but couldn't seem to register can u please help me with that issue

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  3. Thx for your infos! can you make a video about the next bullrun ? in wich period approx ? greetings from germany

  4. Love that Content, keep up the great work!

  5. Alessio, thanks for your video! Really enjoy your content and for you sharing your knowledge. I've really gotten excited about trading now more than ever.

  6. well, you called it, it was oversold and today it fell below 10k

  7. Alessio i swear of my kids i use youtube for years and I have never comment any one but this is my first comment and its becouse of you.
    your technical analysis are so right that I wait for your videos now before to invest. So from now on today you are my favorite youtuber and any fiat currency comes to me I first look what is your advise and than I go and put that money in crypto

  8. The problem with Crypto is you cannot say when is smart or dumb buying. The market cap could keep going into the trillions or it may drop at any time. For example, a few days ago everyone thought we had hit the bottom and it was time to smart buy. However, the market dropped more. It then went up for 2 days and then dropped again lower than before.

    To cut a long story short, you cannot predict this market and trying to do so is quite misleading. We can only predict if we know how many people are about to invest or if governments etc., are going to adopt it. My advice is to purchase strong coins such as, Cardano, EOS, Substratum, Quantstamp, Ethos, Litecoin, Ripple and SONM, then just hold for the long-term. These coins still have a long way to grow and have technology that will advance the blockchain much more than BTC can do at this stage. Crypto is the future and the coins I mentioned will be some of the only ones remaining when most of them fail.

  9. Hi, what software or website that you use for this bitcoin chart? Im using poloniex and and get different candlestick and very different level of MA200 (6 feb 2018 show MA200 at 7.800 btc/usdt not 6.000 level).
    Can somebody help me?

  10. What you told us on your webinar (22.02.2018)…. how the banks are trading with that software is a kind of criminal, I really hope you are not in that team of traders (whales)…
    Unfortunately after your webinar I will do my own research how this works, or will never ever trade again
    You are Genius in what you are doing, I do not want to change my opinion… Great webinar as always

  11. mate , you weren't so bullish few month ago comparing bitcoin to that flower.. mm wich one was that..

  12. Aaand that pullback really did happened as you predicted, brought the price down to $9580. now it's rising again, so we're on the way to the wave 5?

    I've been watching your videos since two months ago, and thank you for your insight Alessio. Finally a youtuber with real meat packed in their videos backed with real experience. This channel deserves much more subscribers. We have too many clown youtubers that knows nothing about crypto talks about crypto!

  13. Are we going to drop back down?

  14. Thanks Alessio. I have learned a lot from you. Please keep up a good work !!

  15. elliot wave hindisght retardation: choose whatever peaks and bottoms you want!

  16. So true. I personally don't use Elliot waves or other technical analyis as tools for trading, only for analysis and for determining where we are right now in the market. I'm favorizing Warren Buffet's "buy and hold" strategy, what means that I will be holding for 3-5 years from now. Videos like this one help a lot though to stay calm when everybody around is freaking out because of natural market movments.

  17. u were right about bitcoin going to crash. its funny i was thinking no way. but i didnt realize that even though the technology can be promising there is a chance that it would crash. i was skeptical but turns out you were right! i still believe in the crypto markets but i have to be wary about future promising technology being hyped and over bought.

  18. It seems Elliott theory (wave 2) is happening… nice call Alessio.

  19. The bitcoin momentum is going down v , down, down. Bitcoin price today is 49% below it's dec. 17, 2017 high price! It's game over for bitcoin and 95% of the flooded crypto crap market!


  21. Great analysis, I have been following your work for awhile now and everything you said is spot on.

  22. Hi Alessio, trying to subscribe on your website but the confirmation email is not coming through, kindly assist.
    my email is

  23. You're charting BitCoin like it's a stock or an index that's driven by more than just public interest. It isn't. There's nothing more than curiosity, interest, and a chance to make a buck driving the chart. The wise choice would be to follow a solid, public company or an index that's backed by something. With the market bouncing around the way it has been, a smart trader can make a buck in a much more predictable environment.

  24. Alessio, what’s your current update on Bitcoin? Love your videos and knowledge bombs.

  25. Hi Alessio, big fan of your stuff. There's a lot of rumours that another recession is coming and i have seen you think its coming too. I am curious as to your position on cryptocurrency being a safe asset during the coming recession.

  26. Hey Alessio, what is your stance now? BTC is below 9500 USD? You still saying it will go up? Seems like no it wont.
    13,915 BTC GDAX 24 hour trading volume I have never seen this low volume What does this low volume mean?

  27. Wave 3 just started! You’re spot on as always!

  28. What site do you use for these charts? Trying to figure out how to use this chart to know the RSI index to get a little ahead of the game.

  29. pseudoscience in my opinion… show me some proof that 'smart money' is buying in… the only reason smart money would buy in now is to manipulate the market.. I liked your bubble vids, but we shall soon see how your current predictions pan out…

  30. Humm, It seems like looking back on the history of cryptocurrency (say bitcoin), the 5 & 3 wave pattern doesn't always apply. Can you explain when and during what circumstances this rule apply? cuz sometimes it's in the kill zone, like right now it's really flat

  31. Thanks for your analysis, you have my utmost respect

  32. this dude is a genius…very clever little drawings..charming but pure imagination. absolutely no grounding in reality though.