Bitcoin Ignored $10k Resistance, What about $11k?

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  4. Hey Tony you do realise that resistance is an assumption of price behaviour x time of the period is less than a year then its seen as week.. Bitcoin does not have the same market dynamics

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  7. market isn't open on monday

  8. While we are talking market, is it me or is btc dom like off the chart? Seriously, as a rookie trader, should we buy the snot out of alt RIGHT NOW with this ratio, or will it be counterproductive. Come on experts, help a rook out. Go Bulls!

  9. You always said in the past to only use localbitcoins. Morgan got busted for LB transaction.
    Coinbase is a safer choice in that regard.

  10. how can you "predict" the market when a lot of beginners are investing too?

  11. If you ever wanna sell your btc at blockchain rate.Hit

  12. Made a video about a cloud mining website check it now

  13. More quick videos please Tone!! 🙂

  14. Send .0001 btc to: 1NpQWbAkL1kkvJgyX7TT7Cxv4QeBE3Dcsa
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  15. Tone nailed that 11300 call. The highest quality bitcoin price info here.