Elon Musk’s Opinion On Bitcoin (+ Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Bill Gates & James Altucher)

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  1. bit coin is play money. it has no value. Some say it is like gold, true but only gold is real, bit coin is imaginary. In short, the problem is bitcoin is being promoted/built as a currency, while treating/trading it like a commodity like gold. You can using commodity as a currency in a basic barter system, not the other way around. Because it is silly to have a currency to be used as commodity to buy commodity. TO be more straight forward.. the primary purpose of currency is to facilitate exchange commodity and services. To make it happen, the currency needs to have a relatively stable value over a reasonable period of time. Bit coin is not a currency, it is a commodity like gold, only fake/imaginary. To create a online currency, it needs to be backed up with something real like gold. Only then will it succeed, if not its value is determined by demand and has no value as a intermediary representation for goods and services.

  2. Pricing it off the dollar? The dollar isn't the only currency. People in Japan don't give a shit about the dollar. It's truly an international currency.

  3. Wanna know what jack ma thinks about bitcoin ………… he actually doesn’t know jack haha. Watch the interview basically says he doesn’t know too much

  4. Funny, the last guy in the video is objectively wrong. He doesn't understand how bitcoin works. 🙂

  5. Warren has no idea how it goes up or down, I thought wst he did 8 years ago but it goes up not from oil or comodady change it goes up and down dew to buy and selling and need and non need biases.

  6. SO COOL…US HELP US ALL…..always……much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO….[the band]

  7. Just look at that last man (old af) being super afraid of technology xD

  8. This guy is so intelligent, he can't even translate his mindblowing thoughts to words.

  9. Buffet's logic makes pretty much no sense…. I mean how many other world economies base their value on the dollar? And where exactly does the dollar get its value from?? Right, it's a fiat currency that derives it's value from the people using it, just the same as Bitcoin would. Ridiculous. Governments and banks and those with a vested interest in the dollar's stability are afraid of it, because if people started to trust it and allow for it to stabilize, then yes, we would not need a dollar. Bitcoin is regulated by the dollar and the people in the market. If it was the standard currency though, it would be regulated by the price of the goods it could be used to purchase, simple economics. That prospect and possibility is terrifying for specific people who really would not like that.

  10. This bul is on a whole another level in terms of an visionary. Elon Musk, has become an culture icon after the death of steve jobs. Think! just imagine if steve jobs was alive, teaming up with Elon Musk the things that these two men would of accomplished with their level-of intelligence.

  11. Tbh I don't trust bitcoin, it's too risky for the average person and pretty pointless for billionaires. My thoughts have only been reinforced recently what with the whole bitconnect scam.

  12. Hodl yo bitcoin if you want to go on Mars with elon musk

  13. Of course he doesn't like Bitcoin, his main client and biggest funder has been the State, he has 0 interest seeing the current model of debt based currency being replaced. People have to stop looking at him like he is some sort of wise figure.

  14. Who wants the gov involved with Bitcoin

  15. what happens if an AI created bitcoin ?

  16. Elon sounds like he is reading from the the script the banks have him. Elon is seemingly stupid and inept in the interview and can not even get any thoughts out because he has none. He claims to only own .25 Bitcoin. After this interview I was convinced that either Elon is a stupendous moron or a crook of the highest order.

  17. Crypto currencies are pyramid scheme LOL

  18. Elon Musk just showed us he is either a retard or a liar.

  19. Dude, Buffett nailed it

  20. This is the video that highlights the crook that Elon Musk is. Criminals use fiat. Elon is a liar who needs to wear a wig. Bitcoin will take a dump on you Elon and you will be forgotten.