Interview with Dan Larimer – EOS, Cardano, Ethereum, DPoS, Steemit, Crypto Bubble, Future of Crypto

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  1. Dan Larimer is talking BS. Don't trust him. His code is so hard to follow, it's like spaghetti, nothing elegant about it. IMHO Steemit, EOS are scams.

  2. EOS Warning :
    Dan Larimer is no
    big deal, … actually
    he’s a liability; further,
    … his partners will most
    likely be indicted for child
    trafficking – how can the
    EOS brand survive that?

    Ripple, Tether & EOS Are
    (deep state) Trojan horses.

    Will EOS get another 10X
    before the shit hits the fan?
    Maybe, but who cares?

    If focused on the correct
    tokens, you can expect
    a 50X to 200X over the
    very same timeframe.

    I am a former supporter of
    EOS; I changed my opinion
    when my research dictated
    that I immediately do so 🖖🏼

  3. Just got my payment of 2k dollars, all I can say is that ExpertOption has been really helpful

  4. Still doubling down on a Trojan horse : EOS … built for centralization (and outside infiltration), by a man with a short/ irrelevant resume… backed by child-trafficking money and deep state pedophilia… connected to shadow-fraud at Tether & Ripple — not a casual accusation: future will prove past, (as the EOS Cult goes down with the ship)….

  5. In 1 year, Dan will leave this project to start another one 😂😂😂

  6. I liked this video because of Dan Larimer

  7. I liked this video because of Dan Larimer

  8. Steemit is very cool for good quality content creators…if you're not – or even if you're mediocre then it's not for you. Further, whales keep upvoting family and friends and mint more money – this is really bad.

  9. Those defending IOTA are probably the same ones who swore allegiance to Bitconnect. IOTA in its current state is garbage…it’s not even a long term project based on the current technicals it does/doesn’t do.

  10. As Barbara from Shark Tank would say-"there is something about you I just don't trust. I'm out"

  11. Kind of an arrogant little snot. Trash talking his opponents is not endearing.


  13. EOS all comes down to the constitution which Dan recognizes correctly as the starting point for creating a lasting revolution.

  14. Dan, will you kindly send back all the ETH credits to everyone? Why not.

  15. Dan Larimer is a true genius who will one day be a global household name. I wouldnt be suprised if he is Satoshi himself because he would certainly have had the vision to use a fake name and to see the risks associated with coming forward. I love this dude. He literally blows my mind with his insights whenever he speaks. I don't think anybody understands blockchains better from developers point of view.

  16. These are all completely useless coins that mean NOTHING, worth NOTHING, but hey, well, at least Dan Larimer keeps selling you his serial projects.

    I can't believe that you as a "programmer" are actually endorsing this experimental snake oil.
    It's a joke, Ivan.

  17. how can I be or someone else be a proxy voter?

  18. Someone rattling coins annoys the shit out of me

  19. Great interview . Proved dan and his companies are scams

  20. He is 35 years old. Now you know what is the best to teach your children at a very young age…

  21. EOS is such a disaster, RIP

  22. now, is every node running everything or not?

  23. And its still falling what happens whan yellow stone blows then what will you all do ???

  24. i dont know why but i dont trust this guy.
    i will watch and see what happens.

  25. eos has 5% inflation and bitfinex makes money on eos already doing nothing just by owning a lot of eos .. this is the same thing again: rich get richer and plebs pay the price by holding it

  26. What is dan doing shuffling poker chips?

  27. SMART GUY dan NICE BODY OF WORK behind him Bit shares platform open ledger just keeps getting better steam and Eos i think thats The MOVE c++ dapps you gonna get the best and attract ex microsoft or other top devs in C++ just hopping on banging Top stuff out I think EOS can be the the the most heavily used public blockchain for biz and such in four or five years tell you what for bad times it holds volume and without a pairng on a exchange

  28. Apex Network is building it’s own infrastructure for exactly what is described at 1h16min and 57 seconds – check them out on Twitter and Telegram!!

  29. Hey Ivan, I think this is one of the most important videos you have ever produced. Thank you so much. I learned a lot.

  30. well this guy is quite good at giving the impression that EOS is the only thing that won't come crumbling down in the next few years

  31. ‘It’s actually not possible to flood the network’. Lol

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