Finally GOOD NEWS For Bitcoin! US Government SUPPORTS It?

At this time we’re going to speak concerning the current US Senate listening to on Bitcoin. The response to this has been overwhelming in the present day, making many cryptocurrency fanatics beam with optimism. The star of the present was CFTC Chariman Christopher Giancarlo, who really appears to imagine that blockchain know-how is one thing to be fostered, not hindered with extreme regulation. This was a welcomed piece of fine information amid robust occasions on the crypto markets, so let’s take a deep dive in and see precisely what went down.

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I’m not a monetary adviser, and nothing on this video constitutes monetary or authorized recommendation. Please make investments responsibly and do your analysis with due diligence.

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  3. Ah, go on!
    Doug Coin!! 🙂

  4. Thank you for lambasting Elizabeth Warren. You just went up 10 points in my book.

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  6. About the volatility, when governments do as if they wanna do something against cryptos, the prices drop, if they keep their mouth shut ( because you cant ban crypto, same as the internet) the volatility is only an upward trend. So the volatility of crypto is not very much, its the news that makes it extreme volatile. about cryptos that replace the us$, Libya and Venezuela tried in the past to replace oil$ into oileuros, that meant war and boycot. USA fights back, but cryptos are worldwide USA knows they will lose this battle so if you cant fight it join it, thats whats happening now. The speed of transactions: internet was slow too in the 90's, speed of transactions will go up in the future. BTW your suit jacket is not decentralised, its old world, centralised. For the rest the video is to long to watch. Bitcoin value is related to the number of humans on the planet, as long the number of humans grows, the bitcoin value is going up, in the old world you had buildings etc that have value, in cryptos it is the number of humans on the planet.
    All the guys in the video do not know a lot about crypto but they all have invested in it, just in case! Including me. lol.

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  24. Doug questioning the value of crypto is odd cause are not google and amazon just dots and zero.s whats the value in that isn.t it all based on trust?

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  31. Dam amazing video Doug.Good job! So much value, info and nuggets of wisdom.

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  33. Bitcoin terrifies Big Banks, because it threatens their centuries-long monopoly over the world. Because Bitcoin makes it possible for ANYONE, who has some brain and knows how to use the technology, to become rich and be part of the money elite. That is what terrifies them, because they DON'T want that. The Big Banks rather want us all to remain poor and in debt for the rest of our lives while they SUCK away everyone's money like BLOOD LEECHES . There is a war between them and us.

    We want to become well off and truly independent. They want to prevent us from becoming well off and independent , the elite want to stay in power so they can do their EVIL deeds , depopulation , vaccines , all the EVIL stuff . IT'S TIME FOR THE MIGHTY BITCOIN TO CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.

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