Big Banks BAN Purchasing Bitcoin! (Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup)

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I assume 2 of my banks banned me from buying Bitcoin. A bit of unusual huh? Bye Chase and BoA.


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Big banks ban bitcoin buying

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  1. IS BITCOIN DEAD? No. Bitcoin's doing just fine but it would like a coffee, thank you.

  2. I like the fsct that banks ban cryptos haha those guys dont deserve the benefits from BTC or other altcoins in my opinion

  3. How do you feel about credit unions?

  4. Misleading title. There's a stop on credit use, not purchasing. Investors shouldn't be investing money they don't have anyhow. Fake money is not good for the market. Regardless, this is an indefinite stop — or pause if you will — not a ban. The matter is open for review as the market develops.

  5. As soon as mike made exactly $999,999.99 he cut his hair and started wearing dress clothes.

  6. Bro u took a 180 on this channel. I have only little knowlegde of cryptos, but you seem wisened up. And it was nice to notice im not following you because of your content, but because of you. Keep it up. this is gonna be a huge channel some day.

  7. We bilionaires biiiiitch 🙂

  8. I paid my hookers with cryptos

  9. Invert all ur currency in cocaine, cut it and sell it in kilos

  10. Capitalism is a lie my brother the time of making money whit crypto is gone

  11. None of the steemit videos are working for your old drug videos, can't you just upload them to a second channel or put them all in a unlisted playlist

  12. Love the evolving content with all your channels bro, been watching for a while. Do a vid wearing the Louis Vuitton cape! Hahah I cracked up at that video!

  13. Did you know this US stock market crashed a little bit

  14. You the shittttt keep it up my man love the evolution! I was also laughing in uncontrollably at 4:40 at how on point your interpretation was ??

  15. you're right, every attempt to censor something that's clearly a better technology / idea hoping it will just go away ends up backfiring BAD. we gave them that power and they often forget, time to wake this motherfuckers up from their control delirium.

  16. I do blow every time you upload think about that

  17. Avi, thoughts on Verge v Monero and their use on DWM?

  18. Hey man why did you private your how to hide weed smell video that’s the video I subbed to you from wanted to watch it for old time sake love ya man

  19. Can I still buy them directly with my account? I use coinbase and I use my account directly not a credit card.

  20. We bad…. we the baaaanks
    We bad…. we the baaaanks
    We bad….. we suck. … we screw the world and can't get enough
    ….. There's no escape from our grasp 'less you join us, wassup? Cuz we bad…. we the baaaanks
    We suck… (we're gonna kill you!) we mean …. (we worship Satan) your drinking water it sure isnt clean (no blacks gonna push us around) …. if you step across the line it's your head cuz we suck…
    we bad (don't think)… we the baaaanks (do what you're tooold)
    we bad… (can't beat us 'less you kill us aaaallll) we the baaaanks
    WE BAD!!

    Now file your taxes !

  21. So if I can buy some bitcoin or another crypto..which ones??I can put like 100$.

  22. You cant buy any speculative ETF with credit cards either.

  23. What is with the Cajun accent, lol?

  24. will they close my account if i use debit card (chase) to buy crypto currency iin coinbase? or only credit cards? or it doesnt matter?