When Will Bitcoin Go Back UP? | BULLISH BOUNCE IMMINENT!

When Will Bitcoin Go Back UP? | BULLISH BOUNCE IMMINENT!

BITCOIN IS GOING TO GO BACK UP SOON! Nonetheless, we’ve got been slowly bleeding out all day. That is unlucky, Nonetheless, proper now what I want to see proper now’s a sort of a ache dip. And we’re not actually seeing that. We’ve sort of skilled a gradual grueling experience down in value with no sudden panic flush. What comes subsequent?

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zero:03 When Will Bitcoin Go Back UP

zero:05 Bitcoin Rebound

zero:07 Bitcoin 2018 Prediction

zero:09 Is Bitcoin Useless

zero:11 Zcash Mining

zero:13 Mine Zcash

zero:15 Bitcoin Crash

zero:17 Ought to I Purchase Bitcoin Now

zero:19 Bitcoin February 2018

zero:21 Bitcoin Worth February 2018

zero:23 Bitcoin Restoration

zero:25 When Will Bitcoin Recuperate

zero:27 Bitcoin

zero:29 Crypto Crash

zero:31 Crypto Market Rebound

zero:33 When Will Crypto Rebound

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  1. Do you agree with me or disagree? Make sure to say why!

  2. But he's just a redditor only for 3 weeks lol

  3. The market is a means by which wealth is transferred from the impatient to the patient – Warren Buffet
    BE PATIENT EVERYONE. Just go do something else with your lives and come back in 3-6 months.

  4. Bitcoin will go back up when the demand exceeds supply, this isn't complicated.

  5. It's over for Bitcoin…Long live Ripple

  6. mark my words, bitcion will be 4-5k within this two weeks

  7. Everyone should just redistribute their ALT COINS to BITCOIN and stabilize the market.

  8. You guys got screwed. Keep your head up.

  9. If there were no stupid people scammers would not survive. Bitcoin is a gambling between stupids and scammers.

  10. Why do you say ZCash is the best? For every 100 ZCash you mine you are sending 20% to the developers (Dev tax). BitcoinZ uses the same protocol, has Android wallet and ZERO Dev tax. Whatever you mine is yours.

  11. Bitcoin is dead. Pump and dump on nothing. Next support is $5k but thats not even that strong. $1k is where all the support is. Dec 18 bitcoin went in the futures market. Hello? Since dec 18 it got dumped! It will go to $1k and stay there then in time $0

  12. fools everything cant be analyzed by charts or history ! its about the current situation in the world. china korea india banning exchanges and bitcoin. its more like spreading the whole world. thats the reason its down to the hell …..

  13. “Trust me, I drew a line on a graph!!”

  14. What your video has that sets it apart from other crypteos (video+crypto=crypteo…thought I'd try) is that you offer evidence to substantiate your claims. The bit about the guy who held through all the crashes has really sold me. I bought in at 8,200 (shouldve waited) and felt like it was a mistake because the herd mentality part of me to go to something safer. I will not. Thank you for shoring up my concerns! Also, do you have any videos explaining in detail what blockchain tech is and also, what mining is? Thank you for your time!

  15. Bitcoin is dead. Long live Bitcoin.

  16. Btc back up by the end of the year!!

  17. well seem i just sell my gpu just in time 35% profit take less than 3 days 😉

  18. Be QuiET AND stop Pumping Crypto. Stop Promoting GARBAGE

  19. This is the end to Crypto, going to zero, I only gone to loose 2000 $.

  20. So what if btc goes down to 1000 dolars or less. I couldnt buy btc, cuz it was too much…now I can hardly wait to buy it cheap.

  21. still profitable sha-256 hashflare, over bitcoin drop

  22. Those who can not see the future of bitcoin are people unable to think on their own and slavery of financial institutions.

  23. Stay away from hashflare. Raised maintenance fees to 40 percent without notice.. change purchase contracts prices without notice.. froze wallets for a month without notice… anything they remotely promise is BS. And the payouts dont match the difficulty. Stay away. trezor got security issues.


  25. Enjoying your channel! I just had a fleeting thought. Is it possible that Bitcoin is being manipulated, and strangled, like Gold, and Silver?

  26. Bitcoin flash 1 Satoshi = 1 $

  27. LOVE YOUR VIDEO! I'm a fan! however, everyone can hold at level they buy in only; if I bought in at 1 btc x15,000.. it's easier to sell off and buy back at 2btc x6500 than hold your breath. Unless you are RICH then you can HOLD and buy more at $6500 … your example based on someone who bought BTC at $1 in 2011 .. he can HOLD ALL RIGHT

  28. You have to understand WHY this is happening, and then you see there still is a long way down for ALL cryptos before we are going back up…

  29. I agree…lol…..because it already happened.

  30. Read Passive Income by Emma Hayes on Amazon first!

  31. LOL zcash the kids coin for children with some gpus, id rather invest into somewthing that last 20+ years and has stake of proof

  32. I sell Bitcoin at an affordable price, hit me up if you re interested WhatsApp/Viber +16318578537

  33. I have been in the Bitcoin space since 2010. It has been pronounced dead so many times. It also has crashed many times. One thing I know however, regardless of where it goes in price, it has TOO MANY USE CASES to disappear. It is far safer than the paper dollar, and it can make over printing and banks useless. Why people want to hate something that free's them from the slavery of a dollar that is printed at will by a corporate entity and devalued and debased 98 percent since 1913 is beyond me. People in this country vote to enslave themselves because even when they say they don't listen or watch the news, I hear the latest new cast verbatim from their mouths. Today's people are slaves not free thinkers. Bitcoin will fall and fail but it always prevails. It has done so since 2009.

  34. It's really funny money jay..laugh it off..we will rebound

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  36. I recovered my bitcoins back after i lost it to scammers with the help of expeditehackers@gmail