Are Insiders Secretly Loading Up on Bitcoin?

Are insiders quietly loading up on Bitcoin proper now? And what MISTAKES are folks making you can AVOID? I’ve revealed all on this new video.

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  1. Are you serious? You really believe you knew the market was overpriced? Bullshit. You didn’t know and you still don’t know. Don’t waste people’s time telling them you know or knew anything. Explain your ideas on investing but don’t sell bullshit trying to prove you knew anything ahead of anyone.

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  4. There are 160+ central Banks that can all create money from nothing and buy anything they want (or more specifically, anything that some fool will accept their worthless currency for). They buy gold, silver, stocks and bonds so why not buy crypto with it?

  5. Consider buying Dogecoin, Own five ?????million Doges ??????

  6. Oh man! Better read Passive Income by Emma Hayes on Amazon

  7. Hey Alessio,

    What's the setup for the blue and pink line ?!

  8. The car analogy is a pretty bad one. The mercedes is guaranteed to depreciate. The whole point of someone saying " why does it matter if I over pay a little?"  It's because they are trying to take a position on the coin because you never know if the coin will go way up and retract back down way higher than the price you paid. For a guy this intelligent to say this in a serious way without realizing this, is ridiculous. Not saying it's not better to buy low, but your analogy was rubbish.

  9. Does it makes any sense if the 200-day moving average is actually higher than the 100-day moving average? If so, what is your reading on that? Thanks

  10. Wow i found this video 1 week too late! Just discovered you! Massive fan of the content!

  11. Watch all your videos about bitcoin. So much good information. Feeling much more ready mentally

  12. You shouldn't compare bitcoin with regular markets.. regular markets, a side from regulated, are also far more rational. Eventually this bubble will collapse and with no intrinsic value whatsoever the price , or 200 day moving average, will go to zero.

  13. What parameters have you set for all 4 lines?

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  15. they already did. thats what caused the boom last xmas. look in the flow charts. you see it happen and you can watch when they pulled out.

  16. You nailed this call. Well done.

  17. This idiot knows nothing, he kept saying when dow was 16,000 that it is time that it crashed, full of BS. He has never made money, a fake

  18. Alessio you are just the best.

  19. one month later, it was so accurate, it is insane. thumb up

  20. Buy low, sell high, take less risk and more profit .good video…

  21. For every seller there has to be a buyer ….