Did We Hit Bottom? [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

Did We Hit Backside? [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News] – 2/three/2018 –

A take a look at what’s occurring with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin and different cryptocurrencies as we speak. Market bounced this morning, did we hit backside? Some thrilling information for logistics and provide chain firms.

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Full Disclaimer: I’m not a monetary advisor. Every thing I say is my very own opinion and you shouldn’t take my opinion as monetary recommendation.

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  1. Your thoughts about ICO Coinmetro guys, a company that hopes to bring simplicity to the process of acquiring cryptocurrency for both institutional and individual investors

  2. I'm absolutely loving this market. I have never spent a penny on any coin purchase. I built mining rigs before the prices went absolutely insane 🙂 I mine coins and trade for profit.

    Absolutely worst case scenario I go and make twenty epic gaming rigs for profit 🙂 Would be more but I barely got my stuff before the GPU prices went to absurd levels. My original plan was to spend profits in reinvesting in more rigs but currently it makes a lot more sense to use proceeds to invest in GOOD coins.

    Screw the long shots and day trading, I mine my money and use it to invest in coins I believe in when the market is favorable 🙂 This IS the time to get in. It's a short time the window is open though. Invest in good coins at Black Friday prices 😀

    And when I upgrade my GPUs to next gen stuff I'll simply make a couple dozen solid gaming PCs and make even more money since the GPU prices are already free since they've paid back their cost and then some 😀

  3. So much hate for CryptoCoinNewz smh!

  4. I seen that crypto coin guy last night too. Pissed me off he kept tell people to sell there NEO so he could buy it. I unsubscribed from his channel. Dude sucks balls!

  5. Man this is not good news . I got both Bank of America and Citigroup ! What should i do?

  6. Market is so good ,I can buy coins again on low price 🙂 I am happy coins going down …and also this happen because new crypto members will can buy coins in some normal price …

  7. ThnX George for your trans"parent" guidance…keep it up 🙂 Here's a little giggle time for you? https://youtu.be/K2ku1A5Ox8U

  8. How is the market going to recover and moon to 1trillion if coinmarketcap doesnt re add korea back into its algorythm???
    THE REAL REASON that the market crashed is because of that asshole Chez from Coinmarketcap removing Korea

  9. vibe goibg to the moon with superbowl comercial

  10. Is it a “good buy” or “goodbye” coin? Lol ???

  11. Thanks for the vid, I like your top buys list. For under 150m I would add a fee privacy coins such as DeepOnion and Cloak as I feel privacy coins will survive the coming regulations better than others. Both have solid development teams and working products.

  12. Bitch, why are you post this type fake news why r u spread fake analyze… In my opinion bitcoin again get good position

  13. George
    excellent video as always.
    looking at your clip from coindesk it seems that the transport alliance/JD.com join may not affect wabi, WTC or VEN in the way that we think. Skuchain seems to be the blockchain aspect of it. This is, i think, a private US based company that has been doing good pilot tests in australia and elsewhere with wheat and avocado supply chains.



    Thoughts, anyone?

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  15. Nope lol, this roller coaster sucks.

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  17. The crash today! Wish i had excess fiat to buyyy

  18. The sound of Peter Griffin hitting his knee for a week.

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  20. Binance is freaking out for me