Why I Buy Bitcoin During Crashes Despite Calling it a Bubble

Bitcoin has continued to say no since my final video, solely only recently leaping again as much as the mid $8k’s on the time of scripting this. For a lot of first-time buyers, that is possible a painful expertise and exhibits the cruel realities of investing (that there’s threat concerned, particularly for cryptocurrencies).

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Lots of people are confused as to why I nonetheless purchase into Bitcoin regardless of calling it a bubble. It is because one is a wager on notion (when I purchase Bitcoin) whereas one is a wager on actuality (when I name Bitcoin a bubble).

Bitcoin adoption has been sluggish, with roughly 1% of transactions or much less getting used for precise commerce (I severely doubt Bitcoin will get most of its worth from the ‘digital gold’ argument both given it simply misplaced 60% of its worth in a month and a half). Many buyers on this market are very emotionally pushed and there may be a lot of mob-like mentality and parroting of key opinion leaders. Virtually at all times, conduct like this results in bubbles. Whereas we regularly cite the dot-com bubble, there have been many different mini-bubbles the place individuals’s perceptions disconnect from actuality (e.g: 3D printer shares).

That is exceptionally frequent in tech on account of lack of know-how by buyers, and that is much more excessive in cryptocurrencies on account of its low regulatory nature and political ideologies skewing it towards a youthful, extra risky demographic.

I proceed to purchase Bitcoin as a result of, as said in my earlier description, I suspect that many individuals missed out on the meteoric rise of Bitcoin within the 2H17 and will not miss out on one other pump if it happens. That is based mostly solely on notion, not actuality.

Lastly, on the extra sensible facet, I am maintaining a tally of many altcoins within the occasion that their Satoshi ranges come right down to extra enticing buys.

How are you taking part in this market and what are your ideas shifting ahead? Thanks for watching / studying!

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  1. What a crazy night – who knows what is in store for us over the next 24 hours, but figured I'd make a video for an update now. As usual, if you'd like to interact with me, make sure to check out Steem: steemit.com/bitcoin/@cryptovestor/why-i-buy-bitcoin-during-crashes-despite-calling-it-a-bubble. I also post live updates on Twitter when I can, so come follow me: twitter.com/Truth_Investor.

  2. By the time I comment, Bitcoin is already at around 7100 USD. I have to say that NO PAIN NO GAIN. All analysts are just theoretical. No offense dude. After all the thinks, the talks, the debates, it is up to you to decide. If something can go up, it can go down. I respect your decision buying Bitcoin although it is on the edge. Bans from India, China and others are making a hard time for Bitcoin. However, if you guys split your money into smaller cryptos, you still have chance to gain back even if you lose everything on Bitcoin. Many alternative coins are there. You just need to do some research and get in. You have to lose some money to earn valuable experience, right? My choice is DeepOnion, a great privacy coin. What are yours?

  3. Most others will see these drops as bubble (even though the prices are still much higher than just 2 or 3 months ago), a few see this see as an opportunity to fill the bag and they are the people who win in long race. I too just bought some of my favorites including some larger caps Bitcoins, Litecoins, and Ethereum, and some smaller caps DeepOnion, Moin, Dotcoin, and also a little bit of Stronghands. Let see what happens

  4. No one said that HODL would be easy. It'll wear out many, some will not be able to take the heat (because they invested more than they can afford to lose).

    I have invested in small caps over the last days, little by little. Looks like today is the day where crypto slowly bounces back, my blockfolio is painted green. Biggest winners in my portfolio: ICX (+61%) DeepOnion (+53%), Dragonchain (+48%). Looks like a good day

  5. Thanks for another great video +Crypto Investor
    As you teach me some videos ago, I had set a price for buying Bitcoin and Ethereum in my mind (and in GDax as well) and after few days I filled that orders. You were so right!
    Moreover I invested also in NavCoin, as you said, and also in DeepOnion coin because if Nav has good potential, in my opinion DeepOnion has GREAT potential.
    They are anonymous like Nav but they use also Tor network and OBFS4 protocol, making work the wallet also in countries like China.
    What do you think about it?

  6. Man this was crazy.. I feel I have stress even now after it went up again. But I am proud of myself cause i didnt panic sell anything. I am mostly in altcoins and I know the risk. But I cannot explain how much I belive in crypto, it is out of reasoning at moments but I really do. I even bought some at the crash, Request Network, ICON and Deeponion are my top 3 assests for 2018. All now 50-60% in gain.  After new China ban on crypto Chineese cannot even open crypto website. Deeponion released new wallet super annonymous with TOR + Obfs4 and MEEK which allows them to enjoy freedom after the ban…You could make video about which cryptos are safe using in China now cause…this is all history in the making, we are the first line in the battle

  7. It's a free market, it can go up as well as going down, speaking of BTC, as you said many inexperienced investors did enter the market, adding more volatility to the market and more swing in BTC prices. It's a good time to buy BTC but I'll stick to the coins that have good technologies and can get through governments regulations like DeepOnion. This coin's TOR protocol with OBFS4 and Meek integration in the latest wallet update has allowed perfect wallet synchronization in China and should benefit a lot more countries facing such limitations.

  8. VEN/NANO stay strong. Crypto investor continues to be the contra indicator.

  9. Dude have you been kidnapped LOL?

  10. wthhhhhhhhhh man there is good material to be comment about

  11. Whens the next video?!?! Can't wait!!

  12. 4 coins to look at in the next couple of months:
    HelloGold (HGT)
    Coinfi (COFI)
    Covesting (COV)
    Selfkey (KEY)

  13. What you've said in this video is very honest, not the average crypto madness that can be found in other channels. I think that is a good idea invest in coins with airdrops or any form of interest (POS, DPOS, masternode) and cash out the inital investment once it reach 2x. I mean coin like Neo, Dash, Ark, DeepOnion, NavCoin, PIVX.

  14. hey man, where did you disappear, love your videos.

  15. Looks like Novice Crypto Investor was a bubble and he popped.He may not come back to deliver more videos, sorry guys.

  16. Aeon is a fork of Monero and its got a smaller coin supply than BTC ETH & LTC. Aeon is worth $2.90 a coin and i believe a huge pump will happen soon.

  17. This guy is a pessimistic piece of shit

  18. I want to slap the shit out of this faggot

  19. Don’t listen to this fucking idiot. Everyone UNSUB!

  20. Forgive my ignorance (futures traded for 7 years, new to the coin asset w the new contract). I’ve been trading $XBT (cme’s paper) once it came out and it’s been on my book since. I trade 90% intraday emini SP’s and 30 yr basket. Most of my trades on XBT, have been from short side, as it has been the game as of late. This week, I accumulated 4 contracts on the buy side. Two questions, on these coin exchanges, can you coin traders sell to open (short sell) and do you notice our contract front running the coin exchanges or the contract chasing the coin exchanges? I took the long position based on a few technical factors just eyeballing the chart. my cost basis on the g8 contract is 7887.5. I’m targeting a reversal to 9480 and then 15280 based on fibs from when we fell off this last leg down. Also, market profile suggests these will be congestion areas upon a reversal. Any input on my question would be appreciated

  21. that was a time of great SALE, all coins with HUGE discounts! BTC, ETH and all major coins are still still with discounts! Any coins, privacy coins like PIVX or DeepOnion 40-50% discounts, masternode coins – CRC, VIVO – 50-70% discounts and more and more, just choose what you like, buy and hold!


  23. I think i was left holding the Tron and Ripple bag. Pumped and dumped and my dumb butt is still holding the bag. Smh

    Lesson learned.

  24. That everything said, and following all the recommendations, it's still not easy to stay patient. Now I understand how can so many people do the wrong thing, I'm hoping I'll be able to avoid it this time. 😉 Good luck to all!

  25. I am new to the crypto space. Finding a balanced, intelligent , experienced and well articulated commentary regarding crypto s is a challenge in itself. Thank you for the show. Please provide more and more.

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  27. Look guys I lost over 12000 in crypto i really believed in this in December but now you guys are just gambling. Does anybody really know if this will go up or down ? It has not moved ? It just goes down. Guys be careful please put in what you can lose.

  28. cryptocurrencies is very interesting in my own opinion and I know most traders would agree to that. See FIRST MILLION ROAD . I am using this product since 3 weeks and i am getting good profit.

  29. You lost me when you said you are continuing to buy in at 8k. But, you think BTC could normalize at 1k?