Will Bitcoin Keep Crashing? 51% Attack – Programmer explains

Bitcoin and the entire crypto market is crashing. FUD is spreading! Let’s discuss it and focus on what the 51% assault is!


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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

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  1. Hi everybody I am beginer, could you send me some Bitcoin at 38PMGJWT5dvsVRjnFG1YZwxS12MGRhkB8C Thx Rachel

  2. how to earn bitcon? how it works?

  3. Engineer : "im good with numbers and markets are about numbers, lets invest BOYS"
    Wallstreet : "Welcome to the game !"
    Engineer "wait, where did my money go?"

  4. 5 to 10 year perspective. Exactly said early in the video. He almost discounts TA. Fabulous. Know what bitcoin is, understand the technology, and the social implications. Buy, hold for 5 years. Thank Ivan in 5, 10, or 20 years.

  5. everybody dying now, you not see there is blood on the street.

  6. China has 80% of the mining power

  7. Hi Ivan! I want to join Academy. Can you extend the discount plz, the code has expired ;(

  8. 6700 is in the cards but we already came close enuf to it, BTC to test 10987 after superbowl

  9. One BTC will be around 50k at the End of December 2018.

  10. Watch out for the "Pump and Dump" groups playing their tricks on you folks….  the crypto market is going down…  careful.

  11. What are you talking about.. the price on coin market cap for alt coins is the usd price not the bitcoin conversion. Are you dumb.. get off youtube amd unsubscribe

  12. Hey Ivan is that lion drawing behind you supposed to be you??

  13. I heard the whole video, nothing important! just repeating what others said and hit the like button so I can cash few bux from youtube.

    the so called cryptocurrency is a pure scheme or 200% scheme, to suck illegal money by the banks and nobody pays for that!!! because the so called Japanese inventor is a character from banksters cartoon.

    yes you can make money in this whole mess, if you already have some money to invest…but it is like gambling…similar shit can be done thru stock market. which gives a clear idea, the whole shit invented by the same shit that controls stock market.

    there are many unanswered questions but whoever benefited from the rising of bitcoin, is not interested to know the most important questions….like why the blockchain pay the miners with the cryptocurrency??? why bitcoins left by satoshi whatever his crappy name is, so he can fund the blockchain, for an AI or an artificial intelligence use??

    it is one of the biggest scheme we live in…
    I advice all average people to leave this shit alone while they can…before they get addicted to this shit and find no way to get out.
    smart people, I know for sure you can make something somehow from gambling in this bullshit.

    you are all slaves working free for an AI to grow and later slave you.
    this game won't be stopped by anybody…it's like drugs, once it started, humanity never was able to stop it.

  14. So now we all know you use Tinder 😛

    Love the short videos, I do enjoy the long ones with plenty of information but don't always have hours a day to spare to watch long videos.

  15. can anyone payit forward your course? i Love your channel. leanring alot, just dont have funds to invest into your course. I would right now 🙁

  16. bro im friends with YOU on FB Ivan

    How is Bergen?

    his accent is so western Norsk

  17. Who cares if Bitcoin crashes…..Banksters will insure that Ripple survives…so jump into the Ripple lifeboat

  18. Hahahahaha….it is now $7,000. Straight fall from $9,000 in one day! Imagine most idiots jumped into this “tulip bubble” when it was $10,000 or higher!! Imagine the idiots who bought bitcoin when it was $13,000 or even $16,000…..

  19. 6,865.01$ currently , feeling bad

  20. What can you buy with some of these coins ??? I know with Bitcoin there
    are merchants that will sell you merchandise for Bitcoin. A Fiat currency and
    Cripto currency are really the same – they are a "representative" of value.

    So my question is this – if you invest in a new type of coin, how can you
    convert it to your country's cash ?? If you cannot, how can you buy anything
    with it ??? Does anybody know ???

    If you can't buy food, an automobile, get your car fixed, and buy multitudes of
    goods and services with a Cripto currency, then what value does it have ? I'd
    say virtually nothing. There are some vendors that will take Bitcoin, but what
    about these other coins your suggesting ??? – how do you get "value" out of
    them ??? Are these exchanges set up to exchange your Crypto currencies into
    Fiat currency ( UR Country's money) — or do they just exchange Bitcoin ???Does
    anybody know ???

  21. Digibyte works better than most

  22. Is it going to be possible to get a get-around the regulations of China and some banks in the USA, or can they really kill the cripto

  23. It's 6300USD…not 9000

  24. Why this happens is that, many Governments are threatening the public not to involve in crypto trading, they create much fear among the people, so it is slow down, but it is not a CRASH.

  25. Clicked the Like button for Ivan on Tinder.

  26. ''As you do when your a noob'' I can relate to that! I remember my mistakes. thanks for the laugh!

  27. can you do a review on any coin from coinmarketcap regarding jobs and recruiting?

  28. very solid Video. you should check Skyledger! and Skycoin.netthey are creating a new POW/POS "Mix" they get rid of the bad parts of both. They really build this up from the bottom:ObeliskBlockchain 3.0Skyledger3000+ TXPs (Infinitive Scaleable when Meshnet up)4 Coins build on CX allready:MetalicoinSunBankersMDL.LifeSpo (Spaco)and the mother: SkyThis is not just a stupid altcoin

  29. I decided today to start learning bit-coin and market trading in-depths. I have no experience in that area what-so-ever:D. Altho.. I have been good in multiplayer marketing games, where I have no hesitation of choices since its not influencing my living.
    Tho I am confused, who are creating blocks? Are there exact number of people's computers needed to create single block(group)?
    Maybe though its easier to read about it beforehand going to youtube.
    Anywayz, good evening:)

  30. How can I contact you for promotions on your channel.

  31. Why is Youtube showing a warning (not safe site) when I click the academy link?

  32. Im sorry for the investors who are scared or selling their BTC because of the sudden fall.
    my manager Mr Chris Dunn TV ( chrisdunnstrategy@gmail,com) who makes me not less than 4500$ every week advised this is the best time to invest in BTC because it will shoot up to 30 thousand when it starts rising ..so dont be scared contact him to take a wise step as a wise investor dont be fooled

  33. 22.30 – 2040-th, but not hundreds of years 🙂

  34. Can you share your email. My company want to sponsor your channel.

  35. LOL people who think the SEC meeting was positive for crypto currencies, ignorant fools ! .. the whole meeting was basically saying .. the Fed just completely took control of Bitcoin & is going to crush it..

  36. Love your videos – please PM me for a partnership opportunity

  37. Trading cryptocurrencies without a strategy is gambling. FIRST MILLION ROAD always provide me right time signal to buy or sell. It's a great program for newbie trader. Also there is good option for trading.

  38. I was told you will help 14McWGJL4ZswERvhfPc6mwLx9PdB7M63wm