Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution | Full Documentary

Exploring the revolutionary Bitcoin digital foreign money. It would not want banks or to be printed. It may be transferred in a second to wherever on the planet. With international monetary instability within the headlines every day, increasingly persons are taking their cash away from the banks. Is Bitcoin the one manner ahead? Magic Cash paints a future the place management of our cash is taken away from international establishments and given again to us. Eye opening!

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  1. This is great for some young people and poor people in the states too who are in the same predicament. I know some people who have no id or account ect here

  2. This documentary is complete fiction and that is why people don't understand bitcoin. Bitcoin is a science fiction idea. Space ships going to other universes is comparable to bitcoin.  They are both interesting ideas and nothing more.  Most of this documentary is comprised of deceptions and lies with just a bit of truth to keep the viewer interested. For example, when you create a private key and use it, just like emails, there are copies all over the world now of your private key. Encryption will not secure your private key, but they will tell you different.  The NSA has admitted they have everyone's private key and if you recall congress was not happy when the NSA admitted this a few years ago in congressional hearings. If a merchant takes your bitcoin and never ships you a product you ordered from them, there is no recourse. By now you ought to have a little better understanding of bitcoin. If you ever find out who created bitcoin, you will know who controls it. Bitcoin has more jargon to confuse on that topic too. Look into bitcoin; it is fascinating to say the least. We already have digital currency; it is called the dollar. Lastly, only central banks have the legal authority to issue a currency, a legal tender. Can you tell me what bitcoin is and how it works?


  4. I like how their fitst guess os that he was british

  5. Or if it was a group of ppl maybe one of them was white!

  6. what goods can you buy with bitcoin now? the value is very volatile. i get the point of the documentary though..

  7. Roger Ver is a scam. Bitcoin is the real Bitcoin

  8. Or block chain for personal transaction between digital debit cards

  9. the paper wallet at 24:20 is empty 🙁

  10. Only it wasn't so volatile and option to have charge backs. I don't want to pay for food that got me sick later on, you know.

  11. 1st minute… The revolution technology is not a bitcoin… It's blockchain….

  12. How are computers guessing at mathematical computation relative to its capable notation? Seems like a bunch of horse shit as to what the computation is for.

  13. "No amount of violence will solve a math problem." – Trace Mayer.

  14. 30% of credit card transactions from Africa are fraudulent? you'd need to think hard before 'sending' money to such an area in a transaction. Paedos, drug cartels and human sex traffickers will use this to fund their odious trades, directly, tax free.

  15. 1.Computers

    In the next 10 years or so, the Cryptocurrency Industry will be worth trillions of dollars

  16. You’re missing
    Not only monitor, but also vote, follow and share all your favourite crypto-assets and project!
    Very user friendly design.

  17. What if a man didnt create bitcoin. What if this is the rise of the machines and this is their first seemingly harmless act.

  18. Made serieus money in 2017 with HTMLcoin ! Today 16-5-2018 iT s starts increasing serious again, no idee Why , but im happy.. trader is bluetade. Good luck.

  19. please give me bitcoin whatever it can give ,,, thanks

  20. 24:18 " It've very important to note that your private key is something you really shouldn't be showing around everywhere" as he shows everyone his private key

  21. The Central Banking power structure
    will not give up the keys to the kingdom easily.

    Also government taxing authorities
    present a major problem.

    Other than that…you’re good to go.

  22. 33% of credit card fraud from Africa really?

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  24. thumbs down for the Shill Roger Ver

  25. BTC will eventually crash the value of gold… MOST of the intrinsic value of gold currently is the inherent value as a world reserve currency. That should eventually be wiped out. Then gold will be valued in terms of its usefulness in industry, as well as jewelry and decoration. Silver would also lose value but it currently trades below the mining cost so it could not really lose value. So I would guess silver stays relatively flat and gold comes down to somewhere under $100/oz based on current USD valuation

  26. Okay show of hands… how many of you tried to scan the private key shown at 24:40 ?