I Sold All Of My Bitcoins [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

I Sold All Of My Bitcoins [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News] – 2/1/2018 –

A have a look at what’s taking place with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Litecoin and different cryptocurrencies at this time. I bought all of my Bitcoins, why would I do this?

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Full Disclaimer: I am not a monetary advisor. All the pieces I say is my very own opinion and you shouldn’t take my opinion as monetary recommendation.

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  1. Lol ? he should go into comedy…

  2. i think you may be able to get a deal on dentacoin…lol

  3. Dude you sound so much like the current Lakers Coach – Luke Walton!!! Bizarre…

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  5. i sell all btc on 8000e and btc is safety now fuck u. u are DOG DOG DOG ZERO SOC imbecil

  6. I am so sorry to hear this. I really feel terrible for this story. I am in the same boat – but i only had 6K invested which is a lot for me.

  7. http://legtn.me/285373 This is a new coin. They have a good roadmap. if you register with my ref you will recive 5 of this coin (legitcoin). This coin will rise to 70$ in march….do not worry, they will only ask you for the email

  8. 10 seconds in I know this is a joke … if not, I'll be playing dad again …

  9. Bro 24hours after you did this video ethereum lost more than 15%,STOP making videos please

  10. he got me for a few seconds
    until he said he put his house on sale LOL

  11. a safe haven in crypto in a total charade. bonds etc low volatility is a safe asset class. no crypto asset is anywhere near a safe haven. gets annoying hearing this.
    other than that, not a bad vid

  12. Ethereum not strong but because people are escaping from sinking boat called "Bitcoin" to Ethereum then after that Ethereum will sink also

  13. Hallo an alle, hat jemand schon von diesem Projekt gehört…. kommt aus Deutschland und startet den Coin Verkauf am 9.Februar… vielleicht hat ja jemand schon Erfahrungen: http://50Dollar.de
    Hello at all, have anybody heard something about that… it is a new German Coin and it will start the Main Buy at 9.February.2018… maybe someone have experience with that: http://50Dollar.de

  14. Haha you had me, was about to jump on the comments and say I knew you were too bullish in the past and it killed you

  15. I look at my phone every five minutes to get free Satoshis with Captchas with my Ethereum & Bitcoin faucets! 🙂

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    Moreover that you
    Can Vote for your crypto currency and get your coin ????!

  17. i got out at $9,500 a month ago. I'll go back in when it hits $250

  18. The market is trying to deceive you!!! BUY MORE!! HODL GANG!!

  19. I use to look forward to listening to you but I now realize that you are more of a reporter than any kind of a financial guru in Crypto. I think you violate a true investors philosophy meaning you fall in love with your picks and you can't admit to yourself that maybe your in a bad trade. I believe in the genius of CRYPTO i JUST BELIEVE THAT THE VALUATIONS OF THESE INSTRUMENTS ARE WAY OVER VALUED AND YOU LIKE OTHER TALKING HEADS CAN'T WRAP YOUR HEAD AROUND THIS AND YOU ARE DOOMED TO KEEP ON LOOSING MONEY. BY NOT INVESTING IN SOMETHING ELSE IS WASTING YOUR TIME IN CRYPTO RIGHT NOW. COME BACK WHEN IT'S MORE ACCEPTED MONEY CAN BE MADE IN THIS ANYTIME. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE IN EARLY AS SO MANY OF THESE KNUCKLEHEADS EXPOUSE.

  20. which central bank will let this currency survive which will not within their control?

  21. which central bank will let this currency survive which will not within their control?

  22. I've always felt bitcoin was only a nostalgia coin. Kinda like storing your data on floppy disc.

  23. Always great to see a tremendous sarcasm. Most need a great laugh during this downtime. Thanks George

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  25. This was one of your best so far! Thanks for the great videos!

  26. Bitcoin is what ppl know and the name is burnt in ppls brains now thats why bitcoin will be always at the top like you said sure it might not be used for transactions but its like crypto gold

  27. Ppl buy alts just to make more % gains or swing trade thats the truth

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