Tether Crashing Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency – US Government Subpoena Bitfinex and Tether

U.S. Regulators have Subpoena the favored Crypto Trade Bitfinex and Tether. This crackdown was certain to occur as many have suspected Tether and Bitfinex of problematic exercise. Are you holding or searching for shopping for alternatives?

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  1. The concern with Tether is that they may have been printing up Tethers with no USDT backing them, then using them in the market to buy Bitcoin with that money pumping up Bitcoins Price. https://twitter.com/Blockchain_Jay

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  4. Today I learned that crypto market has $10 billion inflow which created $500 billion market. Out of that $10 billion, $2billion were printed by Tether which means 20% of $500 billion is counterfeit (if tether is found to be a scam, which I think it'll be). Thus the market could tank to $400 billion.

  5. Honestly, on these dips, I'm gonna start going all in on NEO

  6. Nice update, so this is going to be a healthy pump next round.

  7. Retreeeaat to the wallet!

  8. Wooooow guys, check LYC coin on cryptopia! It got listed today and its mooning now. Lets get it to 40 SAT! Easily 1000% today and tomorrow!

  9. Can someone explain how the CFTC has jurisdiction over a company that is not based in the US and that does not service US customers?

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  11. Judging by the drastic drop in Views of your videos it seems that your subscribers are coming to the same conclusion I have … Jeff went from my favorite to watch to the least favorite. Same lame bitching about morons with even lamer advice. This channel is for 100 IQ and less.

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  14. Bitcoin is going all the way close to the bottom. But it's an opportunity for the rest of us.

  15. It's all BS tether is no where near BTC marketcap. It's all FUD. All month FUD with S. Korea then China again now Tether. It's all been false spoon fed media from this that pumped the market 300 billion then screamed bubble then they withdrew their money. It's all FUD.

  16. Trang giao dịch bitcoin nhanh chóng an toàn va uy tín nhất Việt Nam hiện nay.

  17. So should we invest in Tether?

  18. Hard to be buying when everyone is selling

  19. I had massive short position on Bitfinex. and they seem to have "LOCKED" my account. I can log in, but the screen freeze and chrome gives me an error message. Sama happens in every other PC I try. and no problem at all from all those same pcs when I try my sub-account that has a dozen dolloars in it. I had my friend who only has USD on bitfinex, and it works faster than ever.
    I think they are doing this intentionally cause they can't feed all the margin sells in this market crash.

  20. How could Tether's $2Bn affect BTC's $200Bn+ (at the time)? BS!

  21. Stop buying trx its a shit coin with stolen code. It's NEVER going anywhere wake up.

  22. Tether has made a deal with the FED, the FED is tether now

  23. Hello… i have an issue that's closer to home. BITFINEX is constantly UNRESPONSIVE when going to the Daily Chart. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  24. Tether is paid in advance by the exchange via any way tether and the exchange agree to. It is irrelevant if it is backed by USD, only that it is PEGGED. Same thing goes on with Yuan, and other Fiats WITHOUT backing!!!!! There is no gold in fort Knox so backing tether using USD has about the same force as FEDS printing it out of thin air anyway.

  25. It would have been shallow and irresponsible if Tether and Bitfinex didn't expect to be investigated regarding linking a cryptocurrency to the USD. I expect full cooperation and a continuance in operations for USDT. I think all will be fine.

  26. I just bought some bit and all coins through coinbase so should I get a cold storage wallet or cash out?

  27. bitfinex. You can not make mistakes. do not make mistakes. they also make mistakes. if someone makes a mistake and you want to reach a customer representative. forget it. You can not reach. Do not wait for us to do your job. try to get old if you wait in the hall. There is no BitFinex customer representative. but it does not exist. I have not seen it in six months. bitfinex.

  28. Thanks for the article!Traditional Markets Gearing Up For Strife Could Send Investors to Cryptocurrency

  29. It is clear that we are seeing the first signs of how bankers will be trying to choke digital coins Click here to see how: https://cryptolo.io/cryptoblog/index.php/monero-privacy-coins-and-the-dog-that-didnt-bark/