Bitcoin “Bloodbath” Coming Because of Tether?

WILL TETHER CRASH BITCOIN? | Is Tether a Mastermind Pump and Dump?

Will Tether crash Bitcoin? Lately there have been quite a bit of reviews claiming that tether is simply “Printing” tether cash out of skinny air and that these cash are NOT linked or tethered to precise US ! There was concern that As these tether cash which are supposedly linked to pour into the crypto market, it artificially inflates the worth of bitcoin.

SO IS TETHER A HUGE SCAM to pump and dump all the crypto market?

The reality is, there actually is not any means for us to search out out except tether releases an actual audit. And there’s no strategy to know if that can occur. Moreover, if tether is a rip-off, additionally it is unimaginable to find out how for much longer it has earlier than it implodes or will get shut down by the US gvmt. Bitfinex/Tether is a US firm.
All we are able to know for certain is that Tether has been rising the speed at which they print they tokens. Which may solely imply that:
1. Thousands and thousands of a day are being poured into tether,
2. They’re printing cash with nothing to again them to artificially pump up the crypto area.

zero:03 Tether Rip-off

zero:04 Tether Pump And Dump

zero:05 Bitcoin Value Artificially Inflated

zero:07 Bitcoin Massacre

zero:09 Tether Bitcoin Massacre

zero:11 Tether Bitcoin Crash

zero:13 Tether Crypto Crash

zero:15 Bitfinex Rip-off

zero:17 Bitfinex’ed Tether

zero:19 Tether Rip-off Uncovered

zero:21 Tether Prints Faux Cash

zero:23 Bitfinex Pump and DUmp

zero:25 Bitfinex Tether Rip-off

zero:27 Bitfinex Pump and Dump

zero:29 Tether Audit

zero:31 Bitcoin Crash 80%

zero:33 Bitcoin Tether Crash 80%

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