Cryptocurrency Futures and Robinhood, Market Analysis, Bitcoin Futures, Blockchain 2018

Right now we dive into Futures and Robinhood’s Buying and selling App. We clarify how this can have an effect on the cryptocurrency markets and assets you may not find out about.


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  1. With Robinhood qtum to the moon

  2. Better than your initial vid Matt, kudos to you for the progression. I look forward to future vids 👍🏽

  3. much better, matt! look forward to more vids from you

  4. Agree and disagree because I was one of the first to trade via Robin Hood cuz I saw em on CNBC at startup and those FEES drew me over.
    I got there and it was like the lamest site I ever laid eyes on.
    So bad in fact, I decided not to bother and I don't know if that changed, but it's like comparing Polinex, and every junk exchange is my most current reference to describing it.

    I left Fee free limits on GDAX because it was a buggy piece of poo and they dropped BCC down on us without saying a word first and I lost BIG money, so I left for BINANCE.
    Fees are, in the end, worth paying here because their trading platform is like BAM compared to ANYONE else yet.
    (Haven't checked Ku yet..)

    With all this said, don't expect your socks to roll because your dazzled.
    Your paying nothing, sure.
    Simply to look at trading through an old black and white t.v. by comparison.

    I'll pay their cut at BINANCE and hold their coin cuz hell…'s the best yet guys.

    Just sayin

  5. Anyone looking for high risk high reward look at SugarExchange and has a low marketcap atm. It also has a modulus partnership which has clients such as JP Morgan.

  6. One problem with volume for Robinhood is that it's only available (Crypto trading) in 5 states currently. Mine isn't one of them!

  7. Mattador the crypto bull fighter. Good job buddy!

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  9. I found the article you were referring too at 6.30 in the video.
    Couldn’t find any mention of first bitcoin bit being added feb. did you mean first bitcoin as in the original bitcoin?? Please let me know before I invest in a shit btc knockoff lol

  10. Finally a channel with people who know how futures work.
    Been pulling my hair out listening to some of the other channels.
    They don't even know it's all cash settlement.

  11. Use this link if planning to use Robinhood and we'll both receive a free stock ranging in value from $2-200.

  12. I'm thinking Robinhood will get more folks looking at crypto's that aren't already.. but will also get crypto only investors on Robinhood possibly looking at stocks to work with. Pull and take action from both markets. A lot of new people here have never even heard of Robinhood and until crypto came into sights previously had no interest in stocks. I'm betting most Robinhood users are pretty aware of the options out there for investing in crypto markets.

  13. I think Robinhood is going to make the market explode!

  14. Guys those of us in Wyoming are unable to purchase crypto.. been this way for two years. Please share this group as they are trying to change this situation. More buyers more prospects!

  15. Robinhood will increase the volume of the crypto currency market but I wouldn't use them as a broker. They charge zero commissions because their orders don't get filled at the best price (market orders). In stock trading it's better to pay for routing fees than it is to risk getting filled at a bad price through commission free brokers.

  16. Matt's first video, I read a bunch of hate in these comments. I am happy everyone is complimentary now. I guess all it took was the incredible advice. I'm happy to be a little bit older when all this is happening, when I was just out of high school I didn't even give bitcoin a second thought. I would be really interested to see what Matt's top 10 positions (if he has that many) are. I wouldn't be surprised if he was all in on just a few coins that will all be around for the rest of our lives.

  17. very good real coin coming out register with this link as this will change your life. Partners with Arsenal Football Team.

  18. couldn't a large sum of money be pumped into bitcoin to drive the price up and just before the futures contracts run out those organization that propped the market up, pull their money out to drop the price so that they make money on both ends of this…(selling their bitcoin while the price is high, which would drop the market)? This of course would be the same company that are buying futures contracts.

  19. This sounds like Steve inhaled a helium balloon.

  20. Good news! Thanks for the video. Keep up the good work

  21. I dont get your cboe story, cant find what youre looking at

  22. If anybody needs a referral to Robinhood, we both get a free stock if you sign up!

  23. Matt, your videos are Gold…..or I say BITCOIN…LOVE UR WORK.

  24. Nice video matt! To the point and well presented! I like your style!

  25. You talk about Robinhood coming online as if the Millennials buying stocks there are a totally separate group than the Millennials buying crypto…
    That said, Robinhood made buying stocks pretty easy and approachable, if they do the same for crypto?? That'll be huge. My Coinbase experience has been crap compared to mine with Robinhood for stocks.
    (Good video Matt 👍)

  26. join for some solid crypto info and make some money while you're at it

  27. thank you robinhood… applauding*

  28. Nice one. The app is great, but good orientation should be giving like Mr. Benjamin gave me when i started investing in cryptocurrencies few weeks back. feel free to contact him bengavin30@

  29. Matt is a great addition to Altcoin Buzz! Helpful, well organized videos! More please! Thank you!

  30. keep that work Matt !!! great job!!

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