This Amazing Chart Shows Bitcoin Investors Diversifying Into Gold & Silver – Mike Maloney

During the last 12 months we have seen a robust development develop at – increasingly bitcoin traders are diversifying into treasured metals by shopping for gold and silver with Bitcoin.. On this newest video, Mike Maloney explains why he feels that is taking place, and why it’s a good factor. In the event you loved watching this video, make sure to choose up a free copy of Mike’s bestselling ebook, Information to Investing in Gold & Silver:

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  1. I cashed out all my bitcoins at 14.000 and bought Silver and Gold from it.
    I have a bad feeling that this year we will have a bear market (if not a crash) in crypto.
    Also we have a very high number of bad actors currently in crypto (specially with Altcoins, Ponzi schemes such as Bitconnect) which will force goverments to act pretty soon, which then will also bring down the whole market.I will wait until the space is more safe and secure and maybe invest again.

  2. I bought an ounce of gold back when bitcoin = gold. I won't do that again.

  3. Winklevoss twins are selling their btc check it

  4. Yep i am heavily invested in cryptos but i have been putting a small chunk into silver every month since i know it cant be lost in an instant like many tokens are

  5. You make good points about gold,silver,and crypto's but what people forget is that crypto's are only backed by the peoples faith just like US dollar the only difference is that there is a limited supply of bitcoin but it is still just backed by the peoples faith that is why i am not invested to crypto's but i am invested in gold and silver as they have stood the test of time and will always be worth something.

  6. That is what I had planned but never had the nerve to buy cryptos. WTF is an Algorithm? What gives it value?

  7. Hi there Mike.
    I have just come across this article here in our local rural news regarding the Perth Mint in Western Australia.
    I thought it would be of interest to you.
    A Cryptocurrency backed by gold.

    Would be good to hear your thoughts!

  8. Dutch government AFM want to ban crypto s

  9. Right now we will see a Supernova in crypto / the down off already stop and we are in the current price.

    The Big guys should be prepared themselves to created the next wave …

  10. Mike, can you make an educational video about money for kids? I would love to start teaching my kids about all that I've learned in the secrets to money series of yours. I'm sure a lot of folks would enjoy it as well. Thanks for the consideration!

  11. I just hope people aren't trading crypto for plated tungsten and copper ingots.

  12. it's up to individual's judgement. I almost bought more gold after watching his video but decided to buy more crypto. with the profit I make from them, I will buy gold and siver

  13. Can I buy silver with Litecoin? Lol

  14. How much are the bankers paying for your credibility against Bitcoins? What currency are they giving you?

  15. I'm one of these investors.

    I first bought gold and silver. Then I sold them all to go into crypto. I have sold out just a fraction of my crypto, and my gold/silver stack is 10x what it was when I started. This crypto bubble is great, just make sure you set up clear goals and dont become greedy once they are hit. For example, if you said you would withdraw 20% of your crypto once it doubles, or tripples (or your X goal), just withdraw 20%. Don't become greedy and let it run. It would be a damn shame if it crashed.

  16. Cryptos = Beanie Babies, pet rocks.

  17. Nothing this guy says is of value. He's been babbling about this crap for almost decades. He was right in 2002 with his lucky call, and has been dead wrong about everything since gold & silver topped back in 2011.

  18. im 22 and making 6 figures from various methods of bitcoin trading its amazing

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