Balcony Conversations – Bitcoin Guy

Jimmy will get manner into bitcoin.

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Jimmy Tatro:
Christian Pierce:



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  1. Lol what the fuck happened to Season 5 jimmy? its been three months my guy

  2. When are the real bros of Simi valley coming back?

  3. Post more😫😫😫

  4. Is this guy still doing skits? I have comedy skits on my youtube channel that you might like if he's not doing skits anymore.

  5. Saw u on Lil dicky

  6. I guess he was in deep.and then mafia found him…where the fuck are his videos?i am waiting for them every week.still nonez

  7. bruh, that upload schedule. i miss you babe

  8. Everyone send your prayers Jimmy died in a tragic car accident

  9. lol that fucking ad in the beginning killer me XD

  10. You were good playing the main role in "Java Heat".

  11. I miss you please come back

  12. Upload PLLLLZZ your the only actually good channel!!!!

  13. Wtf jimmy, where the uploads ?

  14. are you guys ever gonna upload again??

  15. What happened to Mondays u fraud

  16. Why no upload for 3 month…. JIMMMMMMY YOU SCUM BAG

  17. Fuck Jimmy get of your fucking couch and make a new video

  18. He was on Modern Family it was hilarious

  19. Where is fucking jimmy..

  20. Videos EVERY monday 😉

  21. y'all talkin crazy bout pine cones what about pine nuts

  22. he was gonns sell balcony

  23. WTF Jimmy??? I subscribed like 3 months ago, and i am still waiting for you to post a new video!!!! What gives?? Is there even a reason to be subscribed to you??? SMH