Balcony Conversations – Bitcoin Guy

Jimmy will get manner into bitcoin.

Video by:
Jimmy Tatro:
Christian Pierce:



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  1. Lol what the fuck happened to Season 5 jimmy? its been three months my guy

  2. When are the real bros of Simi valley coming back?

  3. Is this guy still doing skits? I have comedy skits on my youtube channel that you might like if he's not doing skits anymore.

  4. Saw u on Lil dicky

  5. I guess he was in deep.and then mafia found him…where the fuck are his videos?i am waiting for them every week.still nonez

  6. bruh, that upload schedule. i miss you babe

  7. Everyone send your prayers Jimmy died in a tragic car accident

  8. lol that fucking ad in the beginning killer me XD

  9. You were good playing the main role in "Java Heat".

  10. I miss you please come back

  11. Upload PLLLLZZ your the only actually good channel!!!!

  12. Wtf jimmy, where the uploads ?

  13. are you guys ever gonna upload again??

  14. What happened to Mondays u fraud

  15. Why no upload for 3 month…. JIMMMMMMY YOU SCUM BAG

  16. Fuck Jimmy get of your fucking couch and make a new video

  17. He was on Modern Family it was hilarious

  18. Where is fucking jimmy..

  19. y'all talkin crazy bout pine cones what about pine nuts

  20. he was gonns sell balcony

  21. WTF Jimmy??? I subscribed like 3 months ago, and i am still waiting for you to post a new video!!!! What gives?? Is there even a reason to be subscribed to you??? SMH