Bitcoin Crash : Crypto Crash Explained | DON’T PANIC

Bitcoin Crash! The complete crypto forex market is crashing! Why did this occur, what brought on this and what ought to we do? On this video, I give my opinion.

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  1. WE SHALL ALL HODL! This bitcoin crash shall pass, and soon, we will all be stoked that we HODLd or cryptocurrency 🙂

  2. share your little happiness to me

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  4. Hi, mr jay what news of crypto..?

  5. I was so close to buying Bitcoin or Monero these last few weeks because I thought this would be the year financial planners really started getting people to invest in crypto. Glad I waited.

  6. It will keep falling, so keep adveraging down losing your money . Get robinhood, ameritrade , charles schwab, learn to actually trade not be a trend

  7. lets say i buy 500$ worth of bitcoin and the price goes lower do i get back my 500$ worth whenever it goes back up or is my money all gone as soon as the price goes down?

  8. Wow UKCOIN is really going up on Coinexchange. Is that something to do with the UK Government mentioning it in the BBC broadcast this afternoon?

  9. Bitcoin Cash is going to 5k

  10. A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

  11. Bitcoin is zionist get power down all money paper and end petrol dollar is fall ix ix ix, you see bitcoin promotion is zionist rich in american, american try give management of reserves us bitcoin To isreal is fail
    China and world Will fight back ix ix ix..
    You see olny gold and silver tru money,
    papers money and electronic money fake money ok

  12. Someone could donate me some fractions of bitcoin, so I can invest in cryptographed coins, I am currently unable to buy, thank you.


  13. I hope all this cryptocurrency dies

  14. Stop trying to make yourself feel better. It could crash to $1000 nobody really knows.

  15. best invest right nw is carVertical (cV) ,you can buy it Kucoin site.I make money 30 000eur for 1 day

  16. Please crash im trying to get a graphics card

  17. I have never seen so much pumping there are more ads on YoutUbe for Crypto than anything else… the early adopters and Whales want to lure in Newbies so they can unload their billions of tokens of all kinds … Sell your pizza tokens before they become Worthless !!!

  18. I suggest to estimate the unique project under the name TokenGo. Here very much there is a lot of bounty jobs for everyone which execution is generously rewarded by developers, referral bonuses and many another. Na to this platform you can how to create own tokens, so and to launch the ICO without difficult manipulations, only using the built-in designer.

  19. Bitcoin is crashing big time right now!!!! Get out while you still can!!!!

  20. "Crashes are proportionate to the market cap". Lol. Of course they are! The relative swing of 10-20% is IN PERCENTAGE POINTS (aka proportion).

  21. Bitcoin crash then buy art the lower price buy buy buy

  22. I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info

  23. And you still holding mate ?

  24. Yup, China and Korea banned cryptomarkets.. THIS is why we are experiencing this but as you said, it will go back up in months (I think we'll bee fine during spring or summer time) I personally do not panic and mine even moore (mining about 500bucks a month now – even with crshd price)

  25. If you sold when btc was at the price in this video, people would be better off today

  26. Hi 6500! There is 4000k? Waiting with popcorn)

  27. LOL you're putting a lot of faith in a random article with big numbers from someone who probably guessed that bitcoin would go up and got lucky with it going up so much hahaha. Good Luck I'm happy i sold my BTC at 16k ea!!

  28. Bitcoin just bit the dust haha, stick to gold and silver my friends and in approx 85 years you will be happy you did I assure you and even though the likely hood of you being alive to reap the rewards will be slim to none this is a long term investment for your family and loved ones. Thank you, goodbye now.

  29. It’s finally on sale again, buy buy buy!

  30. Dumb money buys in highs n sells in the lows lol simple!

  31. i am going to buy Litecoin tokens

  32. Everyone is saying why's this happening. Ffs! It's obvious why it's happening. People are panicking, they're all selling and the price goes down, it's that simple. There's no faith in it. The price had spiked and now its going back to where it was before.


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    THANKS! 🙂

  34. I got 2 TH/son hash flare. do you think i made a mistake? my plan is to set the reinvest button grow my hash rate

  35. Sooooo February passed and march is on its way out. how is that bitcoin increase?

  36. Im Glad Im Not A Miner

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  38. The entire cryptocurrency market is going down. Big players made their money and have zero interest in it now.
    What's left is "forex" or trading platforms that love taking money from naive little people. Those platforms earn money no matter what.
    Think twice if you want to play in that market.
    Bitcoin was a great thing to buy for $1 and sell for $10k or more, that was a period to go rich. Today if you invest in bitcoin, you can get some small profit (maybe). The prize is not good enough or large enough to take a risk